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MAXI Studio:城市进入TOD时代,高效的线路规划带来的是时间成本的最大节省。快节奏,是为了漫生活;时间变换,空间换乘,是一个时代正赋予的特质,智在云辰展示区展示了当下TOD生活真正丰富多彩的样子。

MAXI Studio:The city has entered the TOD era, and efficient route planning has brought the greatest savings in time and cost. Fast paces are for life; time change and space transfer are the characteristics that an era is endowed with. Zhizai Yunchen’s exhibition area shows the real and colorful life of TOD at the moment.


项目背景 Project Background

TOD:以公共交通为导向的发展模式(Transit-Oriented Development),TOD作为被世界众多先进城市普遍采用的发展模式,是解决城市人口膨胀、交通拥堵,缓解城市病的最佳方案。

成都是全国TOD开发最多的城市, 13个TOD项目陆续开工,2020迎来TOD建设的爆发。作为城市发展新模式,TOD项目更注重复合型和功能型,站城一体化。本次展示区作为成都首个TOD示范项目,景观更注重生活功能多样性与复合,销住一站式实景展示,将未来生活代表性功能空间展示给业主,并集合串联于一体。

TOD: Transit-Oriented Development. As a development model commonly adopted by many advanced cities in the world, TOD is the best solution to the increasing urban population, traffic congestion, and alleviation of urban diseases.

Chengdu is the city with the most TOD development in the country. Thirteen TOD projects have been started one after another, and 2020 will usher the explosion of TOD construction. As a new model of urban development, TOD projects pay more attention to composite and functional types, and the integration of stations and cities. As the first TOD demonstration project in Chengdu, this exhibition area pays more attention to the diversity and composite of life functions. It is a one-stop real-life display, showing the representative functional spaces of future life to the owners, and integrating them.



场地记录 Site record


The first site survey was in December 2019. From Xinjin Station on Metro Line 5, we got a bird’s eye view of the entire plot. Opposite the site was the elevated subway and expressway. The speeding subway and cars reflect the rapid development of this area. The green belt outside the property line was planted with disorderly plants and the municipal sidewalks were rugged. The street trees varied in size, and a power line hung over our heads.


There was an abandoned theme park on the hypotenuse of the triangle-shaped site. Nearby residents came for a walk, but there were no functional spaces to meet their needs.


The site adjacent to the subway station is about to lay the foundation for the first project in TOD mode, and a new lifestyle is about to start. We are going to activate the city and bring new life.



思考 Thinking


The goal of the project, the inventories and the living conditions of nearby residents make us ponder what changes can be brought to this city, this area, and this group of residents as a member of the social community.
We want to change the image of the entire city interface;
There should be a thematic public space here to solve the social needs of surrounding residents;
Children’s playground and family activities are also a concern;
At the same time, building high-quality infrastructure and creating a smart and healthy lifestyle is what Zhongnan has always insisted on product creation.


▼平面图 Master Plan


共融 Communion


Streets are the first step in urban image reorganization. We will work together with the government to hide the power line to underground and renovate and upgrade the messy greenery and sidewalks to improve the quality of travel for surrounding residents.



中心广场设置一块14m见方的互动水景,参数化的方格铺装从中心散开,黑白灰的色彩由中心向外侧渐变。 “fast”与“slow”正好是不同人不同状态下对时间的不同认知。

A 14m square interactive waterscape is designed in the central square. The parametric grid paving spreads out from the center, and the black, white, and gray colors gradually change from the center to the outside. “Fast” and “slow” are just different people’s different perceptions of time in different states.



▼中心广场互动水景 The interactive waterscape in central square


▼参数化的渐变铺装设计 The parametric grid paving.


▼与渐变铺装相呼应的绿化种植 The planting and parametric paving echo each other.


The fast-paced commercial atmosphere brought by the city has opened up a new state of going home and slowed down for life.


伊始 The beginning



The time of life is short to spend that shortness basely it would be too long ——William shakespeare british dramatist

The discussion of time is a permanent topic. Product creation hopes that people can touch time and be reminded of the time in the rebirth environment, to re-look at life and see the light and shadow of the four seasons.




The entrance axis realizes the “transfer” from the fast-paced commercial space to the slow-life style of residential space. The garden, the shade of the trees, the light and shadow of the stars, the reflections of springs and waters are all looking forward to returning home. Emotions return to a peaceful life, the brilliance of business is slowly stabilized, and finally, the brilliance and colorfulness of life come back.



静止 Stillness


Human wisdom holds three keys ,one opens numbers ,one opens letters ,and one Opens notes. Knowledge ,thoughts ,and fantasies are among them.——Hugo



坐在光影斑驳的树林里,听水落下的声音,水底一步一步的下沉台阶印刻着“numbers”,“letters”, “notes”,这或许就是这个小小生命的美好追求。

Sitting in the woods, listening to the sound of the waterfall, following the sunken steps under the water are engraved “numbers”, “letters”, “notes” step by step, people might find the beauty of life here.



循环 Circulation


Neither a picture frame nor art gallery, space must be stepping into life. The parent-child space arrangement is essential to the design.




Through the glass, parents can see the children playing, providing a comfortable semi-indoor place.



The glass wall is also a multi-dimensional barrier for the children’s space, like a dream box that collects sunlight. At different times and different angles, the light captured in the space has different forms.




We are not pursuing a pure children’s space, but starting from the basic human perception-vision, touch, and hearing, hoping to feel the charm of nature through small changes.




The wind chimes under the structure can perceive the sound of the wind, and people can also experience the pleasure of touching it in person.




There are more user-friendly details worth exploring, such as sinks, mosquito killers, lockers, sandpits after sand deposit processing, and mothers’ clubs with parental care areas…




In the rush of life, time is mentioned again and again to remind the efficient city rhythm and the attitude of slow life.





景观设计:MAXI Studio 美溪景观

Project Name: Chengdu Zhongnan· TOD TOWN
Clients: Zhongnan Land Chengyu Company
Client’s management team: Jiang Yi, Guo Xiaoyuan, Yang Shuting
Landscape design: MAXI Studio
Design guidance: Liu Chang, Li Zhao
Scheme design: Tang Ying, Liu Jun, Zheng Yu, Liao Wenchuan
Post-production design: Han Yongqiang, Li Yanping, Mou Yanting, Jiang Xia, Hu Zhangqin, Luo Fei, Lu Xingmei
Landscape construction: Chongqing Senlan Garden
Commercial building design: HZS Huizhangsi
Interactive Water Art Design and Construction: Shenzhen Wote Langning
Children’s equipment: Xi’an Lexing Lejian
Project location: Xinjin Station, Chengdu, Sichuan
Demonstration area completed: 2020.06
Demonstration area: 12,000 square meters
Photography: Xue Er Photography, Producer Luo Sheng, Tang Ying


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