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Parallect Design+Suzhou University: As the concept of child-friendly communities has been put into practice one after another, building child-friendly communities has become one of the effective ways to enhance the healthy growing environment for children. This case is a demonstration design for the construction of a child-friendly community, laying the foundation for the practice of child-friendly renovation in several communities in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou. As a model for building a child-friendly city in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, these designs transform the public areas of the original community into a creative children’s playground as well as comprehensive facilities, embodying the concept of community construction that gradually pays attention to the healthy growing environment of children, and the design aims to unify the building with the surrounding community environment, to The design aims to harmonize the building with the surrounding community environment and create a friendly community atmosphere.


▽儿童活动区改造后鸟瞰Promotion of leisure corridors



As a demonstration area for the construction of a child-friendly community in Sangcheng District, the site has three main renovation plots, including a children’s playground built around a child-friendly theme, and a community-based public space built around the community’s residents. Not only children but also different types of residents in the community find their own fun in this space.


▽项目区位 Project Area


设计策略 Design Strategy



Linking lives with landscapes for all ages, young and old.

The construction of the child-friendly Xing community is a transformation of the existing community, and the design team needs to examine the current situation of the community in terms of transportation, nodes, functions and other aspects. Aiming at the three major groups of children and four age groups of children, combined with psychological as well as behavioral analysis, the original site was transformed to integrate children’s recreational facilities and public gathering space to create a highly creative space.




The renovation of Caohu community involves an area of 3,000 square meters, including child-friendly, resident’s play and party building activities and other kinetic renewal and renovation.


▽社区入口标牌Community entrance signage




The primary site for the renovation was a dilapidated recreational field that had originally consisted of only lounge seating and fitness equipment, and was rarely used for activities. The entire community lacked an attractive place for children to play, and this was chosen as the main children’s activity area.

The status quo site is single-function, chaotic traffic, with only a broken plastic field dotted with scattered trees, providing only a place for residents to exercise and rest, lacking in interesting richness, and even more lacking in child-friendly elements.


▽儿童活动区改造前航拍Aerial photo of the children’s activity area before remodeling



Children are attracted by the rich colorful elements and interesting play facilities. More and more children have a place of their own after the completion of the building.


▽平面图Promotion of leisure corridors

▽轴测图Promotion of leisure corridors

▽儿童活动区改造后平面效果Promotion of leisure corridors




The children’s play ring brings together a variety of play elements in a circular and open space structure that is ideal for the traffic flow of the site.


▽场地效果Promotion of leisure corridors

▽有趣的转盘设施Promotion of leisure corridors



The designers took into account the important elements of children’s design and chamfered most of the folded corners of the venue, putting safety first.


▽ 滑梯效果Promotion of leisure corridors



A feature-rich event venue doesn’t just provide a rich entertainment program, it also becomes a place for partners to bond in groups.


▽孩子们在设施上游戏Promotion of leisure corridors

▽摇摇马Promotion of leisure corridors

▽跷跷板Promotion of leisure corridors



The kids scrambled to get involved.


▽具有创意的玩具Promotion of leisure corridors




Creative recreational facilities are more likely to capture the attention of children.

Kid-friendly should not only be considered for one age group, but should target three major groups of children and four age groups of children. Even younger children will be able to find their own fun in the premises.


▽滑梯局部效果Promotion of leisure corridors

▽玩耍的儿童Promotion of leisure corridors



In addition to the well-designed facilities, the empty and safe plastic is a fun place to play. Parents can feel free to let their children play on it!


▽学车的儿童Promotion of leisure corridors

▽设计细节Promotion of leisure corridors




There are many elements to consider when doing a child-friendly remodel, not just for children as a group, but for a multi-age group of people who should be able to enjoy all ages, young and old alike.

We have added a number of functional facilities to the site, taking into full consideration the demands of everyone. Parents can rest and exchange family routines around the children’s activity area while protecting their children, and the elderly need to find their own recreational activities in the community again, such as playing chess and dancing for fitness.


▽休息的坐凳Promotion of leisure corridors



We have additionally set up a new venue for the elderly in the community. This venue is centered on activities for the elderly and contains mainly fitness, leisure and newspaper reading activities to meet the needs of the main population in the community.


▽场地现状航拍 Promotion of leisure corridors

▽宣传休闲长廊 Promotion of leisure corridors

▽场地细部 Site details




The community in which children play every day is an outgrowth of extracurricular life and a link to healthy growth. Caring for children is a need of society and the development of human civilization. A child-friendly community with humanistic care can slow down childhood and make the memories of living here grow along with it, becoming a treasure deep inside.

Party building is also one of the themes of the community’s activities, and we have fought to remodel the existing gallery to create a party building promenade that integrates party building promotion and recreation.


▽长廊改造前照片Photos of the promenade before remodeling

▽长廊图纸Drawings of the promenade

▽长廊正面效果Front view of the promenade





Project Name: Child Friendly Community Transformation in Caohu Second District , Xiangcheng District
Area: 3000 square meters
Location: Caohu Second, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou
Design Company: Parallect Design
Design time: 2022
Completion: 2023
Design Team: Cao Kaiyuan, Jing Wanqian,Xiao Xiangdong,
Project Address: Xiangcheng Suzhou



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