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VOYA Landscape:Located in the core area of Liangjiang New District, Yubei, Chongqing, the site is easily accessible with Jinzhou Avenue and Zongsan Road meeting nearby. Nestling against Zhaomu Mountain Forest Park, facing Chongguang Reservoir and surrounded by parks, it enjoys superior natural resources.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography



Yorkvilla, Chongqing is a large-scale residential community developed by Hongkong Land, and “Xi Yue” is the last phase in Yorkvilla South. It is ideally located nearby the Metro Station (Chongguang), the shopping mall (The Ring) and Jinke’s commerce, enjoying mature commercial atmosphere.


▼区位与资源优越 Advantages in location and resources

© VOYA Landscape


场地 Site conditions

优越的区位和收官之作的定位,大家对这个项目有着很高的期待。然而身处重庆这座奇幻山城,总是会遇到各式各样的挑战:1. 场地高差错落复杂是重庆标配,本项目也不例外;2. 园区被消防场地切割为多个异形空间,空间碎、狭窄且局限性大。

With the superior location and as the last phase, the project is highly expected. However, in the fantastic mountain city of Chongqing, you will always encounter various challenges: 1. The height difference and the complexity of the site; 2. The narrow and fragmented spaces divided by fire-fighting facilities.


▼结构分析 Structure analysis

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So how to transform these “disadvantages” into “features” has become the focus of our design. Finally, following the landform, we well arranged the functions and extended the space vertically to create a high-efficient space, 3D landscape and interesting experiences, which will allow the residents to lead a comfortable and pleasant life here.


▼总平面图 Master plan

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概念 Design Concept


In the mountainous city of Chongqing, people are accustomed to the undulating skyline and the life nearby water. The site features the landform that is typical of Chongqing City, so we hope to take advantage of it and build a vertical landscape, which will serve as a microcosm of mountain life.


© VOYA Landscape



The double-function space brings double surprises, which not only corresponds to the name of Chongqing City (“Chong” means “double” in Chinese), but also provides a colorful and high-efficient landscape space.


▼场地结构分析 Site structure analysis

© VOYA Landscape


双门厅 – 西入口 Double hallway – West entrance


The entrance to the commercial street reminds people of the bridges and caves of the mountain city; the welcoming water curtain allows people to feel the hotel-style nobility the moment they return home.


© XUEER Space Photography


南入口 South entrance


Nearby the urban road which is higher than the site, the south entrance is designed with scattered steps and water features to create an orderly and ceremonial space. The landscape wall, the green shades, the cascade and the seats form a vivid and elegant scene of homecoming.


© Holi Landscape Photography


▼流水、树影,在班驳光影中慢下来,回家即是度假 Surrounded by flowing water and tree shades, you can slow down in the light and shadow and enjoy holiday life just at home.

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双中庭空间 – 会客中庭 Double-atrium space: Reception atrium


The reception atrium is brimming with holiday atmosphere, the cascade is imprinted with stainless-steel flying butterflies, and the colorful mirrors create an exquisite atmosphere of homecoming. In the afternoon, bathed in warm sunshine and gentle breeze and surrounded by sculptures and flowers, you can drink tea and enjoy a happy holiday life with your friend.


© Holi Landscape Photography


▼繁花束束,蝴蝶翩翩,精致静谧的会客庭院 Elegant reception atrium with blooming flowers and flying butterflies

© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


核心中庭 Central atrium


Though located in the core area, the central atrium is not easy to design because of its special shape and uneven terrain.


▼场地分析概念图 Concept analysis

© VOYA Landscape



During the design, we have tried different solutions since conventional spatial solutions cannot highlight the characteristics of the space. At last, we took advantage of the height difference and the zigzag bridge, creating a “transformative” gallery space to well solve the problem. In this way, the distinctive scenes of mountain life unfold beautifully in the central atrium.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


▼重现山城穿林涉水,遇桥穿洞的生活场景 Reproduce the scenes of mountain life

© Holi Landscape Photography


▼夜晚灯光效果 Lighting effect

© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


▼日间光与影赋予的美感 Day light and shadow dress up the space in an artistic way

© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


▼绿树掩映,繁花入园 Green trees and blooming flowers

© Holi Landscape Photography


儿童活动空间 Gallery space



Situated at a corner and nearby the gable wall of the commercial street, the gallery space for children is not easy for design, either. Referring to the vertical atrium, we made use of the commercial roof and created a second-floor space. In addition, the gable wall was transformed into a painting of starry sky, presenting a wonderland for kids together with UFO and slide. The surrounding shady space allows parents to take care of their children and relax themselves at the same time.


© Holi Landscape Photography


▼星空是孩子们想要探索的神秘远方 The starry sky is the mysterious space children want to explore

© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


▼午后,蓝花楹给这片小天地投上一片绿荫,悠享惬意的亲子时光 In the afternooon, the jacaranda tree casts a shade in the space, allowing people to enjoy pleasant family time

© Holi Landscape Photography


▼星河、飞碟、云朵,奇趣童年的记忆符号 The galaxy, the UFO and the clouds remind people of the happy childhood

© Holi Landscape Photography


宅间花园 Homestead Garden


The park-like green space spread to every corner of the homestead and is connected with the empty ground floor to form different theme gardens, which allow residents to communicate with each other, do exercises, walk their pets and enjoy a cozy life.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography


结语 Conclusion


Different from other developments that only focus on model houses, “Xi Yue” is not only designed with beautiful scenes but also features unique vertical landscape. The park-like environment is modern and elegant, allowing residents to lead a comfortable life and providing more possibilities for future community life.




项目名称: 重庆香港置地 约克郡 · 禧悦(大区)
完成年份: 2019年12月
项目地点: 重庆市两江新区照母山怡和路与金州大道交叉口东南

景观设计: 重庆沃亚景观规划设计有限公司
联系邮箱: teamc@voyagroup.cn
主创设计师: 黄永辉

合作方: (建筑单位、施工单位等)
摄影师: Holi河狸景观摄影

Project name: Chongqing Hongkong land, Yorkshire · Xiyue (Residential area)
Year of completion: December 2019
Project area: about 19000㎡
Location: Southeast of the intersection of Yihe Road and Jinzhou Avenue, Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing City, China

Landscape design: VOYA Landscape
Contact email: teamc@voyagroup.cn
Chief designer: Huang Yonghui
Design team: Wei Hui, Peng renfang, Xi Wen, Zhao Lei, Xiang Xingyue, Yang Huawen, Shi Xiaowen, Li Jian, Liu Xiaoyuan, Pan Qiyu, He Jiaojiao

Client / Developer: Chongqing Yizhi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Architectural design: Mademake Shenzhen Architectural Design and Consultant Co. Ltd
Construction: Chongqing Jisheng Garden Landscape Co., Ltd.
Photography: Holi Landscape Photography



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