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DDON: The art of nature is illustrated in the time. It is depicted in a clear narrative with memory and point to the future that looks forward to both nature and art.



01 基地感知 Site Perception


It was an afternoon when the design team came to the site. Standing in the field, we saw the light and shadow of the sunset casting on the weathered site. It is flat with an open surrounding. The shadows of trees, weeds, and the barren soil are impressive. The weathered site texture made us envision our future life here.


▼拉开荒芜,基地的斑驳带来了灵感 The barren texture inspires the design.

▼城市、公园、社区 – 对于未来生活的想象力是设计的源泉 City, park, community – imagination for future life is the source of the design.

▼充满未来生活感的迷你城市,呈现人们憧憬的生活方式 A mini-city that is full of vigorous future life presents people’s longing for a lifestyle.


02 灵感追溯 Inspiration Tracing


The mottled land texture is the inspiration for the design, slowly unfolding in the light, shadow, and art. The architecture responds to the functions, as a grown-up art. Nature, light and shadow, earth texture, and art pile together. There is no boundary between nature and art. There is no boundary between architecture and the environment. There is no boundary between interior and exterior. The design breaks all boundaries and points to the ” Art Museum of Natural Life “.



▼自然伫留的瞬间,艺术已然蔓延,在艺术馆里,在清风之中,静静地找到未来与自然的声音……At the moment when nature stays, art has spread. In the art museum, in the breeze, we quietly find the future and the voice of nature.


▼元素提取演绎 Element extraction and interpretation.


▼源于自然,指向未来 From nature, pointing to the future.


▼平面图 Master Plan.


03 城市界面 City Interface


The surrounding of the site is temporarily deserted. But the future city will slowly take place here. The interface is the thinking of the designer’s dialogue with the city. We don’t want to isolate the project from the city. At the same time, we don’t want it widely opened. We try to find an appropriate way to deal with the relationship between the city and the community. The spiraling cantilevered LOGO installation at the entrance blends into the beating of the music water fountain. We integrate the needs of function into natural art, blend different volumes into an integrated interface, and make the relationship between life and the city free, friendly, and touching.



▼艺术般地腾空而伸展,如雕塑一般的美感,充满亲和力,也极具未来感,与连绵而来的景观墙融为一体……It is artistically cantilevered and stretched out, with a sculptural beauty, full of affinity, and a sense of future, blending with the continuous landscape wall.


▼入口处腾空而起,映衬在水面之中,融入于音乐水幕的跳动里 The entrance rises into the sky, reflected in the water, blending into the beating of the musical water fountain.


04 公园剧场 Park Theater


The buildings are distributed on both sides of the site with different functions. The space layout is high on the sides and narrow in the middle to create an oppressive feeling. Bring in the texture and combining the elements of the growing glass building concept, we want the space and landscape of the square to be the continuation of the architecture to let it blend into the environment.



▼灵动的涌泉,流淌的水溪,跌下的水帘,悦耳、曼妙、空灵……The flowing spring and stream and the falling water are sweet, graceful, ethereal.



The backyard corridors perfectly echo the buildings on both sides. Green plants and white artistic light and shadow blend into one in the waterscape. The front space is a free park theater. People can relax and participate in it. The mottled texture formed the shape but also blurred in the space. The designers inspire the atmosphere of the square park as an art gallery to let the artistic function grow and flourish with the rhythm of the natural texture.



▼界面打开,艺术肌理引导着视线,一池镜水托起轻盈的建筑,将白色建筑自然地呈现于眼前 The interface opens, the artistic texture guides the line of sight, a pool of mirrored water holds up the light building, and the white building is naturally presented in front of the eyes.

© 傑意建筑摄影工作室


▼夜晚,灯光亮起,涌动的水源穿过漂浮的肌理,汇入水中 At night, when the lights are on, the surging water flows through the floating texture and merges into the water.

© 傑意建筑摄影工作室
© 傑意建筑摄影工作室
© 刘璇


▼白色条带层层递进,将视线的高潮蔓延至建筑,白、绿、黑相间,清新通透,趣味盎然 The layered white strips push the climax of sight to the building. White, green, and black, fresh and transparent, make the space full of fun.


05 艺术馆 Art Gallery


The iconization of sculpture art looks very wonderful. The art scene in life is even more vital. In the theater, architecture, nature, light, and shadow move with the people. Sculptures are spread in different theaters to serve as different functional scenarios.



▼一个个带入感强烈的雕塑,像一件件供观赏的艺术品。迎面而来的流动性的艺术跌水充满着亲和力 The immersive sculptures are like pieces of art. The fluidity of the waterscape is full of affinity.


06 生活社区 Living Community


The scene of life under the shadow of the tree. Living in nature is what we expect from the community. The designer allows the texture of the earth to penetrate the community. Space is created in the continuous beating of light and shadow. The shade is integrated with the lawn, and the corridor is integrated with the platform. People can naturally move from one space to another. As far as they can see, there is no superiority, front and back, and no distinction between interior and exterior. The grass grows and the warbler flies. It is a free lifestyle.



▼生长的廊架呼应着建筑的形态,拉开一体化的景观画面。延绵的景观元素很好地与建筑融合成一体 The growing corridor echoes the shape of the architecture and opens the integrated landscape. The continuous landscape elements are well integrated with the architecture.



In the intertwining of light and shadow, an encounter with time and nature is performed. The growing corridor and the autumn-season plants contrast with each other, showing the beauty of autumn.



▼白昼交替,静谧的庭院就是归心的港湾。孩子快乐地玩耍,与自然和艺术为伴…… The quiet courtyard is the harbor for home. Children play here happily, companied by nature and art.

© 刘璇


▼俯瞰邻里家园,俨然一片现代自然结构艺术,既能感受艺术的美感,又能体会自然的和谐……Overlooking the neighborhood and community, it is like a piece of modern natural structural art, which not only has the beauty of art but also appreciates the harmony of nature.


07 结语 Conclusion


The moment when nature stays, art has spread. It is an experimental living community with a vision for the future. The designer is trying to highly integrate nature and art to create a living art museum in a city park. We hope to let people know and experience a new era of art in more ways. The project opens our horizons and looks for the life of the future growth with time.





项目名称: 济南·中粮祥云售楼处景观设计
完成年份: 2020年08月
项目面积: 10000㎡
项目地点: 济南
景观设计: DDON笛东
公司网址: www.ddonplan.com
联系邮箱: ddon@ddonplan.com
主创设计师: 曾为民
设计团队: 刘璇,胡敏,李帅,冷遥环,田凯,王雪晶,杨芳,刘强,高楠,王培杰
客户/开发商: 济南大悦城产业发展有限公司
建筑设计: 上海骏地建筑设计事务所股份有限公司
摄影: 直译建筑摄影

Project name: COFCO·GRANDJOY
Completion year: August 2020
Project area: 10000㎡
Project location: Jinan, China
Landscape design: DDON
Company website: www.ddonplan.com
Contact email: ddon@ddonplan.com
Chief designer: Zeng Weimin
Design team: Liu Xuan, Hu Min, Li Shuai, Leng Yaohuan, Tian Kai, Wang Xuejing, Yang Fang, Liu Qiang, Gao Nan, Wang Peijie
Customer/Developer: Jinan Joy City Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Architectural design: Shanghai Jundi Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.
Photography: Archi -Translator


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