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SO – IL:​Common Thread 蜿蜒穿过一座 19 世纪的修道院,院内植物葱郁,清雅幽静,设计通过一个身临其境的纺织品装置,展现了一个过去不曾被公众所知的空间。

SO – IL:Winding through the lush, secluded courtyard of a 19th-century monastery, Common Thread reveals a space previously hidden from the public through an immersive textile installation.


© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan



A wandering wave-like structure activates the historic space, connecting it with the streets of present-day Bruges and creating an urban conduit between districts. An unassuming entryway invites visitors to meander through playfully spiraling tunnels, ejecting them into the sunlit courtyard before guiding them to pivot and continue their journey. Once a hidden retreat, the monastery’s garden is transformed into a playground for serendipitous encounters and exploration.


© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan


受这座城市纺织业遗产的启发,该装置向拥有数百年历史的蕾丝制作工艺以及布鲁日妇女世代相传的技艺知识致敬。布鲁日的商店和古老的 Béguinage 仍保留着著名的梭芯花边传统,这激发了我们利用现代技术在不同规模上重新再现这一复杂工艺的灵感。我们与代尔夫特理工大学的 Mariana Popescu 博士和她的助手 Anass Kariouh 合作(并得到一台可编程 3D 针织机的帮助),开始探索创新编织技术所带来的几何可能性。由此产生的织物以不同的比例编织而成,其单根纱线最终组合成令人惊叹的千变万化的图案,整体形态让人联想到葛饰北斋的《神奈川冲浪里》。

Inspired by the city’s textile legacy, our installation pays homage to a centuries-old history of lace-making, and the embedded knowledge passed down by the women of Bruges through generations. The celebrated tradition of bobbin lace, still maintained in the city’s shops and ancient béguinage, inspired us to reimagine this intricate process on a different scale using modern technologies. Collaborating with Dr. Mariana Popescu and her assistant Anass Kariouh at TU Delft (and aided by a programmable 3D knitting machine) we embarked upon an exploration of the geometric possibilities unleashed by innovative fabrication techniques. The resulting fabric is knit into varying ratios, its individual threads combining and diverging into surprising, ever-changing patterns whose character is reminiscent of Hokusai’s “The Great Wave.”


© SO – IL
© Iwan Baan


布鲁日的工艺遗产与我们公司的历史交相辉映,Common Thread 也是我们在结构研究领域的最新成果。我们与 Summum 工程公司一起,对计算模拟和材料样本进行了评估,为形式和结构框架提供了指导。动态设计以前期的探索为基础,继续尝试在标准化材料中寻找弯曲、弹力、弹性和柔韧性。

Interlaced with the craft heritage of Bruges is our firm’s own history, this being the latest in a lineage of pursuits in structural research. Alongside collaborators at Summum Engineering, we evaluated computational simulations and material samples, guiding form and structural framework. The dynamic design builds upon previous explorations, continuing to experiment with finding the bend, play, elasticity, and pliability in standardized materials.


© SO – IL


通过图案制作的永恒之美,Common Thread 将过去的传统与未来的可能性联系在一起。通过将一种普通的工艺放大到创造一个独特的建筑作品,一个复杂的过程变成了历史、技术和发现之间的空间和可探索的交汇点。

Common Thread ties the traditions of the past to the possibilities of the future via the timeless beauty of pattern-making. By scaling up a common craft to create a singular piece of architecture, an intricate process becomes a spatial and explorable intersection between history, technology, and discovery.


▽设计图纸 Design drawing

© SO – IL
© SO – IL




项目名称:Common Thread
地点:比利时 布鲁日
膜表面积:300 m2

设计团队:Jing Liu, Florian Idenburg, Fabian Puller
薄膜设计与生产:Dr. Mariana Popescu, Anass Kariouh
工程:Diederik Veenendaal, Alessio Vigorito, Anand Shah
捐款:Nick Gereels, Valentin Lorenzen da Silva, Jade Verlinde, Frieder Ringel, Robin Oval
照片:Iwan Baan

Project Name: Common Thread
Location: Bruges, Belgium
Courtyard area: 1300 m2
Membrane surface area: 300 m2
Covered area: 100 m2
Number of arcs: 180
Key words: installation, recycled, 3Dknitting, digital fabrication, adaptive reuse

Architects: SO-IL
Design Team: Jing Liu, Florian Idenburg, Fabian Puller
Membrane design & production: Dr. Mariana Popescu, Anass Kariouh
Engineering: Diederik Veenendaal, Alessio Vigorito, Anand Shah
Assembly contributions: Nick Gereels, Valentin Lorenzen da Silva, Jade Verlinde, Frieder Ringel, Robin Oval
Photographs: Iwan Baan




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