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承迹景观: 在诗意的自然中松弛生活,沉浸于美好,并疗愈心灵,是我们对于未来社区景观的期盼。疫情时代过后的“愈合”,让我们在设计中更注重城市中人的生活实感。尤其对于上海这样的超级都市来讲,繁华璀璨,楼宇耸立,快速高效,但宁静、自然和慢生活反而更加稀缺。在本案中,我们再一次结合土地特性,实践自然随性、纯真朴实的现代生活美学。

Change Studio: Relaxing in poetic nature, immersing and healing ourselves in beauty are the expectations for the future of community landscapes. The healing stage after the epidemic has led us to focus on the realities of urban life in our designs. A slow life of tranquility and naturalism is even more valuable, especially for a mega-city like Shanghai, with numerous high buildings, hustle and fast-paced life here. In this project, we have once again combined the land characteristics and practiced the aesthetics of modern life which is natural and casual, pure and simple.






The project is located in the north of the ecological green belt of Zoumatang, Baoshan District, Shanghai. It is surrounded by rich commercial and TOD resources, within the midst of prosperity and nature, this piece of land from the beginning of the planning carries the expectation of the area’s development. The 130,000 square meters of green belt resources in Zoumatang is the core point of landscape design, we extended the perspective to the urban scale and took the area as a green park, putting forward a ‘1km Home-returning Route along the Waterfront’ in the pre-planning stage, with 9 street corner gardens linkage Zoumatang landscape belt to form a continuous super green boundary in the city. We hope to weave the greenery into the city texture carefully, linking the community and nature into a harmonious and stable green community with the design strategy of “point, line and surface”.

Edith Södergran wrote in A Wish Poem: “Of all our sunny world, I wish only for a garden sofa where a cat is sunning itself.” This coincides with the attitude of most of us towards life today. Parks are the softest life force for the city, they are more like an oasis in the desert where the body and soul can return to their habitat, especially in a bustle mega-city like Shanghai. We hope to renew the area continually under the support of the healing power of nature and attach importance to the role of nature in life. Based on new development ideas through close collaboration with the developer – CR Land, took “relaxed living in nature” as a penetrating design philosophy, and put forward the concept of “Houses in the Park” to make the park an important part of life.


▽城市中的微度假 Micro-vacation in the City



踏入森林的门户 Stepping into the Forest Portal


Turning into the site from Qilianshan Road, several tall existing trees stand in sight and witness the changing of the seasons, forming a welcoming forest in ritual order on the waterfront. The gently rolling micro-terrain creates the natural skeleton, and the large stretching trees on the left and right sides of the road junction form a natural green “portal” to warmly greet the people passing by. On the south side, a nearly 100-meter continuous feature wall forms a stable and safe boundary reminder, from the near to the distant, from the bottom to the top, the natural and human intervention of the forest portal interacts with each other, stretching the spatial sense of the portal to the utmost.



▽克制的门户和边界,亲自然,轻设计 Portals and boundaries, a naturalism and less-intervention restrained design



展望松弛的辽原 Looking to the Relaxed Field



The greatest value of the landscape is to guide our behavior to a certain extent. Starting from the ‘1km Waterfront’, we have tried to build up a relaxing life scene above nature and within the park. Above this natural field, there is not too much landscape intervention. Sorting out the current messy ground covers and organizing the lawn. Shaping the natural smooth terrain to form a space skeleton with flat grounds nearby and the hills in the distance, the space seems to leave a blank but brings more possibilities for perceiving nature in the site. With no fixed rules is the basic principle of our design, which is also correspond to the lifestyle that the new generation of Shanghai advocates.

We invite the neighboring communities to come and spend their leisure time together. The fresh breeze, the morning sunshine, the soil after the rain, the lush trees, and the gurgling streams will warmly welcome every visitor who will receive the healing energy from nature here. The smooth grassy slopes become a wild place for children to chase and play, colorful frisbees, jumping puppies, and larks darting through the air, which add the last touch of vivid and strong colors to this blank-leaving natural wilderness.




静谧的滩涂花园 Tranquil Mudflat Garden


Wandering through the green field, a few thriving existing metasequoia trees stood in the center of the view, as if we were closer to the river. The fluffy ground cover wraps around the undulating micro-mound, forming a street corner rest garden appropriately. The water from the mudflat and the tweet of the lark passes through the tree shadows and the green mounds, where the footsteps of man and nature stay and rest. We put some lightweight resting facilities at the garden’s border, the forest and green mounds give us a peaceful resting place. Stay in this wet and tranquil green mudflat, every restless heart starts to wait for the sunset to dip the tops of the trees in colorful red.


▽多个植物主题的街区花园 Multiple plant-themed neighborhood gardens


▽街区花园包裹了所有市政功能 Neighborhood gardens wrap all municipal functions



栖居深谷的庭院 A Courtyard Perched in the Deep


From the neighborhood park to the community courtyard, the space turns from public to private, and the 4m depth space becomes a favorable condition for shaping the valley space. The sunken courtyard is inspired by the running stream. Based on the characteristics of multi-layered space, the “landscape” is introduced from the external park, and the impressions of the waterfront such as blue ponds, cascading waterfalls, floating bridges, flowing islands, and streams are formed through nature, to integrate the natural scenery into the exquisite life. Natural elements such as water, stones, trees, light and shadow are utilized to convey the oriental aesthetics conception. Taking the heart of the waterfront as the core, the fitness, swimming pool, club and other living functions are arranged on the side of the waterfront, making a poetic journey of park life happen here. There are 48 pieces of shaped rocks selected in the courtyard, all of which are found in the mountains of Qufu, Shandong Province. It preserves the texture of the natural old stone and hanging on the cliff of the waterfall after selecting and arranging them. The rocks, the flowing water, the sunlight, the steam, and the shadow of the trees are intertwined to form a natural vivid scroll under the impact of the waterfall. Rosemary and iris thrive from the bottom of the gap between the rocks, slender birch stands on the layered green island, the vertical greenery is jumped into the sight through each window.


▽公园的自然元素“浸入”社区生活 The natural elements of the park are immersed in community life


▽于立体空间中刻画水岸流淌的印记 Depicting the flowing impression of waterfront in three-dimensional space


▽生活的日常,与自然为伴,与时光共生,与家人友邻共享 A daily life that accompanied by nature and coexisted with time, to enjoy with families, friends and neighbors


▽一山一水,一坚实一温润,东方美学下的场景新生 The solid mountain and soft water, a new scene under oriental aesthetics


▽庭院为绿心,室内外的功能与视线渗透 The courtyard is the green core, with interior and exterior functions and visual penetration



向自然借用材料 The Materials from Nature


Nature is the greatest creator, but also the most generous giver. We borrow material from nature, to find unique seedlings, such as River Birch, Quercus Nuttallii, Taxodium Distichum, Camphor trees from the deep forests of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are here to be carefully cared for. The selective natural yellow rust stone injected into the warm and thick power to the site, every inch of the stone skin as if with the rustic mountain nature to start a conversation across time and space.





We all aspire to create a lively landscape, but in practice, we are always faced with multiple challenges due to issues such as the timing of development. All need to be carefully considered at the beginning of the design such as the subsequent growth of plants, the site maintenance, and the use of the site’s space, the short-term stunning effects are not enough to satisfy our quest for natural vitality. Just as in this practiced project: we reserved enough growing space for each plant to help them absorb sunlight and grow, the park is covered with a green carpet in all seasons, and returned some places to the residents by leaving a blank space. Children run around barefoot on the soft grass, play in the corner garden, and time for living remains in a natural healing field in the city.



▽总平面图 Master Plan




项目名称:华润置地 上海中環置地中心・润府

Project Name: CR Land Shanghai Central Land Center · Runfu
Location: Baoshan District, Shanghai
Project Area: 3ha
Design Time: 2023
Built: 2024
Client: CR Land Shanghai Company
Client’s Team: Residential Design Group of the Design Management Department, CR Land Shanghai Company
Landscape Design: Change Studio
Landscape Construction Drawing Design: WEIMAR
Landscape Construction: Bargreen Landscape Architecture Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: gad
Interior Design: Dejoy International Architects
Curtain Wall Design: Zhongjia Design
Lighting Design: RDI
Photography: Wang Ning




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