Myk-d :皇冠天空花园坐落于芝加哥市中心,在这座23层的儿童医院里,它是病人、家庭、医生和行政人员的避难所。对这个空中花园的承诺建立在越来越多的科学研究的基础之上,这些研究把获得自然光和沉思的空间与减少病人恢复时间联系起来。这个再生项目为卫生保健设计提供了一个新的范例,将康复花园作为卫生保健团的一部分整合到这些机构环境中。

Myk-d :Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, the Crown Sky Garden is a sanctuary for patients, families, doctors and administrators within this 23 story Children’s Hospital. The commitment to this sky garden was built upon a growing body of scientific research which links access to natural light and contemplative spaces to reduced patient recovery time.  This regenerative project offers a new paradigm for healthcare design that integrates healing gardens as part of the health care regiment within these institutional environments.



“它是一个高耸的、充满阳光的疗养花园,肯定能以开阔的视野缓解医院引起的幽闭恐惧症。”这座花园由波士顿景观设计师米肯·金(Mikyoung Kim)设计,用弯曲的玻璃纤维墙、填满石头,再加上活灵活现的竹林,为花园增添了色彩和自然气息。——Blair Kamin,《芝加哥论坛报》建筑评论家。

“It’s a soaring, light-filled healing garden, sure to relieve hospital-induced claustrophobia with its expansive views. Framed by curving fiberglass walls, filled with stones and further enlivened by live bamboo trees, the garden itself, by Boston landscape architect Mikyoung Kim, brings color and nature to the space.” – Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune architecture critic.


       Photos by George Heinrich and Hedrich Blessing.

客户: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital

Project name: Crown Sky Garden
Location: Chicago, IL,USA
Client: Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital
Landscape: Myk-d


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