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种地设计璞园也是家园“一个有园林的家”。Puyuan is also a home, a home with gardens.


ZD Design:Let the city return to nature and people return to freedom. The purpose of gardens is not to create a garden, but to make nature your own and allow for repeated journeys… Therefore, we are more focused on making nature your own.


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居-则安,游-则野。The living environment is stable, while the playing environment is natural.


Returning everything to the most simple state, when people walk into the garden, they feel close and comfortable with nature.



愚公移山 The mountain gate looms faintly


Traditional Chinese culture has always been reserved and introverted, and the entrance is often adorned with a screen wall pattern to block out the hustle and bustle, creating a peaceful and tranquil inner courtyard. We combine the stones of Taihang Mountain with the pine trees of Taihang Mountain in a contemporary way, so that these pine trees and rocks grow in the state of crevices in the rocks, as we saw in the mountains before.



深宅大院 Imposing dwellings and spacious courtyards


Taking the most typical quadrangle courtyard in regional culture as the overall layout, a stable inner courtyard surrounded by four sides is formed by tall courtyard walls. The courtyard is no longer bustling, with beautiful trees and thick shade blocking the sun. Walking through it, the swaying tree shadows reflect on the clean wall, using the wall as paper and light as painting, creating a dynamic and graceful natural painting.



移花接木 Graft and transplant

把周边的花木、松、林,以自然的手法和人的情感将建筑消失于自然之间,自然而然。 于林间小憩,猿声鸟啼依约在耳,恍然出世于山林之外。

Using natural techniques and human emotions, the surrounding flowers, trees, pine trees, and forests will disappear into the natural world. Resting in the forest, the sound of apes and birds chirping in my ears, I suddenly appeared outside the mountains and forests.



横看成岭侧成峰 Walk Clean around the Hill



Build a mountain, high in the west and low in the east, with ups and downs, inside and outside. The mountain is covered with pine forests.

“You don’t know the true face of Mount Lu, only because you are in this mountain.”



容膝一亭 Rongxi pavilion



“Only this pavilion has nothing, sitting and observing the panoramic view of the sky.”

Although gardens are small, they have great expectations. A pavilion stands suspended in the forest, with people sitting in it. Although it is empty, it can blend the boundless scenery of heaven and earth into one’s mind.



松荫飞瀑 Pine Shadow Waterfall


With mountains and forests, one can gather a pool of water, surrounded by flowing light and shadows, gazing up at the sky and earth, smelling waterfalls and listening to springs.




The gardens of the East are never seen from the outside, but are something that people can immerse themselves in. They are feasible, desirable, livable, and enjoyable, creating a complete, lively, and flowing world of life.




With mountains and forests, there will naturally be ups and downs, and with the height difference, springs and streams will naturally emerge.



西林壁谷 Xilinbi Valley


Gardens learn from nature and create it. From the perspective of the architectural hall, gardens create an infinite natural mountain and forest experience within a short distance. There are not only flat and open waterfalls, riverbanks, and water surfaces, but also profound streams and gullies, winding and gentle, which deeply immerse people. As the saying goes in the poem, “When viewed horizontally, peaks form on the sides of the mountain, with different heights and distances.”




There is a valley sandwiched between the mountain streams, where you can quietly listen to the clear sound of the falling waterfall landscape.




Continuing along the stream, you can climb up the cliff and enter the mountains. The mountain roads are winding and gradually deepening. At the beginning, one is extremely narrow, only then can one understand others. Taking dozens of steps again, it suddenly became clear.



大石洞天 Stone cave


Drill a hole in the sky and find a spoonful of spring. The cave is nestled in a clear stream, where the light of the stream takes a photo. Within the cave, the sound of the spring water tinkling incessantly can be heard, either crisp and pleasant, or heavy and roaring, or gentle and murmuring, or gurgling and resting. The natural sound converges here, as the saying goes, “The Eight Sounds of Spring Water”. Although there is no silk, bamboo, or wind music in the countryside, one can still enjoy the beauty of the clear sound of mountains and rivers.




What we hope to bring to people is not the scenery we see, but the pure sound of the scenery we hear and feel, immersed in it,




The depths of the cave are like a peach blossom paradise, with small openings in the mountains as if there were light. In autumn afternoons, the sunlight would pass through the mountains and directly reach the dark cave. Cold springs would seep into the ripples of the pool water, and light would dance along, bringing unexpected entanglement to the cave.



荷风烟雨 Lotus wind and misty rain



With the journey of the cave, it forms a courtyard of houses in and out of the mountains, in the forests outside the mountains, and on the flat land.

The pattern is taken from the entrance of the royal palace, surrounded by high walls to form a concave entrance vestibule space. In the middle, a water platform is made of whole stones in the form of a grinding disc, forming the traditional culture of the gate sea. At the same time, the surface is carved with texture patterns from lotus flowers and leaves, with clear water flowing out of hibiscus as the theme.




Using a mirror shaped pool to introduce the sky and clouds into the water, surrounded by a handmade promenade, the resting platform is above the water surface, half facing the water and half leaning against the shore. The stream overflows between the scattered mountains and rocks, forming a garden like reception space that overlooks the sky and earth.





Looking back in the middle, one can also see the lush forests and distant hills intertwined with the sunset light and shadow on the water surface. At this moment, one can feel the infinite beauty of the mountains being quiet and the sun growing.

The central part is made of whole stones to create a washing inkstone platform. The so-called washing inkstone platform is derived from the four treasures of ancient study inkstones, which have both natural mountain and river shapes and exquisite craftsmanship produced by manual grinding. Clear springs gush out and flow out smoothly along the mountain and river shapes of the inkstone platform, showcasing the natural beauty of mountains and rivers.



璞园雪霁 Puyuan  clear up after snow


In the postscript to Shi Tao’s painting, he said, “It’s better to bite a ball of snow than to vomit blood ten times.”




The construction of gardens is also like this. Instead of constantly pursuing craftsmanship, it is better to gnaw on a ball of snow, swallow a ball of pure white snow, and cultivate a high and spacious spiritual soul. Good snowflakes, not falling elsewhere. A snowfall falls, and all things are pure. When the door opens, the snow covers the mountains, and the courtyard is filled with tranquility.




After the deep snow in the mountains, it was a vast expanse. After the snow, it cleared up for the first time, and the path was sparsely populated. The mountain snow drifted deep alone.




The snow fills the earth with verdant greenery, and in clear winter, distant peaks can be seen. White snow floats on the tall pine trees, and fragrant tea is tasted in the pavilion that covers the knees.




Winter is elegant, listening to snow brewing tea, misty clouds and ancient trees, and talking at night around the furnace.




The cold forest is clear and snowy, the jade pond turns into smoke, and the mountain mist faints, creating a serene and profound atmosphere.





The ultimate ideal of gardens is not to take photos and check in, but to use the natural beauty of mountains and waters to bring the poetic experience between mountains and rivers to everyone unconsciously, making people forget time during their travels. Only then can they truly live in your heart.




业主京东公司工程管理团队:马子剑 王绪双

Project name: CSCEC PU YUAN
Completion year:2023
Project area:8000㎡
Project’s venue: Chaoyang District, Beijing
Design firm name :ZD Design
Contact Email: zhongdijingguan@163.com
Chief designer:Zhu Hongbo
Design team: Jiang Juchang, Wang Yubao, Lei Qiongbo, Zhang Yan, Cheng Pei, Wang Jianyuan, Zhao Xi, Mao Yong, Tong Xin, Chen Jihong, Li Xiulong, Peng Lijiao, Zhao Rongyu
Owner’s Design Management Team:Wang Qiong, Fang Weibo,
Owner’s Engineering Management Team:Yang Jimin
Beijing Eastern Company Design Management Team:Ma Zhe
Beijing Eastern Company Engineering Management Team: Ma Zijian 、Wang Xushuang
Gardening guidance:ZD Design
landscape construction: STAR-RIVER LANDSCAPING
landscape photography: Moooy Photography & ArchRadial Images




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