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卓时设计:“山阴道上行,如在镜中游。” – 王羲之

ZSD:”Moving up the mountain is like swimming in a mirror.” – Wang Xizhi



水 / 场相 Water / Field Phase



The mountains are bright , the waters are quiet

Shaoxing, land flooded with water, and the Kuaiji Mountains run through the territory. There are dense river networks and fertile fields. It is a city where traditional civilization and modernization are deeply blended.


▽城市背景 Urban background



The base is located in Jinghu Lake, Shaoxing, surrounded by wetlands and adjacent to mountains. A core new city has grown in the ecology. This design focuses on the organic interaction of architecture and landscape, integrates urban memory and contemporary aesthetics in a modern way, and creates a variety of high-quality spaces in a limited demonstration area.


▽基地与环境:山/水/湿地/新城 Base and environment: mountain/water/wetland/new city

▽梅山美学馆实景 The real scene of Meishan Aesthetics Museum


构 / 统观Construct / Unifying Force



The integration of modernist space and art

The architectural design of the Aesthetics Pavilion extracts the pattern of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The landscape wall and the inclined corridor form an “L”-shaped courtyard. The diagonal corridor seems to form a shady path leading to the big area, isolating the noise of the city, bringing the owners a quiet and comfortable hiding in the city.


▽入口空间鸟瞰图 Aerial view of the entrance space



The structure and skin language continue the purity and delicacy of “Dajia Real Estate”. The landscape walls on the north and south sides form a comfortable extension relationship with the outside world, and together with the entrance square form an open and atmospheric urban public interface.


▽入口形象界面 Entrance image interface



With restraint and minimalism, it presents the clean and rational beauty of architecture. Let the invited visitors and homeowners fully experience the noble and elegant ceremonies and rituals.


▽精致极简的细节设计 Exquisite minimalist detail design




“As if there was light”, “suddenly enlightened”.

The designer uses basic geometric elements such as lines and blocks to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere by combining the transformation of light, shadow, time and space, and visual aesthetics.


▽少即是多的空间营造 Less is more space



The public realm maintains an open and free circulation. Whether walking or stopping, people can rush past or take a break and meditate. Sunlight, sparse shadows, benches, gray spaces, and shapes and forms that seem to float on the water. Modern sculpture, the gray and blue tone is slightly warm, solemn but not lacking in comfort, the building and the landscape are integrated, and the perfect mutual penetration forms a unique water courtyard.


▽简洁的水院空间 Concise water courtyard space




Simple structure, facades, waterscape, sculpture, plants, pavement in the space, interweave a multidimensional three-dimensional sense of aesthetics, each perspective is like a painting, in a calm environment to build elegant atmosphere.


▽镜面水景雕塑鸟瞰 Aerial view of mirrored waterscape sculpture


▽精致的细节 A fine detail


影 / 虚实 Light & Shadow / Vacant & Solid



Natural light gives space character and lets it design for it

Light and shadow pass through the skin of the building in different ways, enter the interior, and then are changed by the building, but also with its own unique language to give space physical and spiritual dual temperament. The wind is silent, that is, with the heart.


▽空间与光影的碰撞 The collision of space and light



To get rid of some complex over-expressions, and appropriately hide the cultural and historical elements behind, the landscape design eliminates the heaviness of the building through the changes of light and shadow, the arrangement of lines, and the selection of materials. of relaxation and comfort.




“Clutching and reuniting of divine light, yin and yang are at first sight”, “fluttering like a god, lingering waves and micro-steps”.



“艺术介入” 为体验空间注入了生机,化实为虚,将客观化为主观的场所情绪。


“Art Intervention” injects vitality into the experience space, transforms the real into the virtual, and turns the objectification into the subjective mood of the place.

When the metal and stone outline a simple block, and form an occlusal relationship with the waterscape, the light is infiltrated layer by layer, and the illusion of distance is implicitly established, which is like Virtual reality.



廊 / 相宜 Corridor / Relaxed & Pleasant



Beyond mere functionality, towards a poetic everyday

When the artistic environment blends together, one can be free. A “gallery of art museums” means “arrival at home” in a spatial sense. The homeward passage has transformed into a journey of art appreciation, and it has also become a place for spiritual relaxation. In addition to constructing the inherent physical space, the space is integrated The spirit of art and triggers resonance with the life of the community.


▽长廊鸟瞰 Aerial view of the gallery



Micro haze like wind, delicate grid sequence and extension, boundless pan-meeting, the nature through the gap into the interior space.


▽格栅链接室内空间 Grilles link the interior Spaces



The oriental humanistic artistic conception is used to construct a refreshing and sweet side of life, and the combination of restrained oriental and free and modern design techniques provides more social possibilities for future life.


▽自然的延伸 Extension of nature




The design starts from the needs of people and the environment to construct a solemn and elegant place. Not publicity, not boring, as the city of Shaoxing, mixed with the wind of traditional culture in modern civilization, that is, not conservative and not presumptuous, just right. The history and modern civilization of the ancient city in the South of the Yangtze River have been fully explored. The museum of Beauty is presented in the image of art gallery, and the plants beside the corridor are full of vitality, showing unique humanistic color.

Walking here is like walking in the gallery of art, as well as walking in the quiet mountain road.




项目摄影:XF Photography

Project Name:DAJIA·Shaoxing Jinyue Mansion
Project Type:Demonstration Area
Project owner:Da Da Real Estate
Project Location:Shaoxing, Zhejiang
Design Completion:2021.05-2022.03
Design area:1550㎡
Landscape Design:ZSD Zhuoshi
Design Guidance:Yuan Xiaoyu
Design Team:Yu Yujun, Wang Licheng, Li Yuanyuan, Yu Fan, Li Yanling, Cen Qiwen
Project Photography:XF Photography




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