ICN Design :   在新加坡著名的武吉知马区内,这个非常珍贵的地理位置具有特色的地形,周围是混合的公共住房和低层社区。随着淘汰落后的发展,地面变得更加明显,并且暴露了重大的变化。为未来的Zaha Hadid设计的住宅飞地创造一个标志性的景观提供了机会和挑战。

ICN Design :   Within Singapore’s prestigious Bukit Timah district, this highly prized location had a special character of rolling topography, surrounded by mixed public housing and lower rise neighbourhoods. With the removal of outmoded developments the ground became much more visible and exposed significant level changes. This offered both opportunities and challenges to creating an iconic landscape for the futuristic Zaha Hadid designed residential enclave.


Meeting the challenges of design vision, site and programme ICN mediated a series of contrasting values; strong architectural lines with useable people spaces, and site levels with unique new 3-dimensional forms. The landscape of d’Leedon is expressed in distinct bands; rock, forest, water and meadow, responding to site topography and relating back to the flower shaped towers. Each band has a different character and ambience, created by distinctive plant species and encapsulating special amenity clusters for outdoor living.




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