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POPJOY DESIGN is a landscape design and consulting team committed to providing all-around services for boutique houses, commercial complexes, cultural tourism resorts and urban renovation. Adhering to the idea that “design is daily practice”, we believe that design is an interpretation of life rather than just a skill. Rigorous and devoted, youthful and energetic, we are growing stronger and stronger with creativity and originality. Through interdisciplinary and cross-region cooperation, we are trying to provide unique solutions for our clients from innovative landscape perspectives.



OUR PHILOSOPHY:We attach great importance to the quality of our works and provide all-around design services for each project, trying to present satisfying results to the clients. Based on respect to the site, we will explore the characteristics of each project and pay special attention to techniques and details.



OUR MISSION:Landscape is the connection between human beings and nature. We believe that “thoughtful” landscape design will make a difference to people’s life, create beautiful memories and arouse their love for life.