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RPS 一直致力于将布里斯班南岸闲置的停车场废弃空间改造成一个充满活力的城市艺术、娱乐和旅游目的地。后来RPS与Richards和Spence合作,成功将布里斯班铁路桥下未被充分利用的遗忘空间改造成了一个亲密的城市公园,里面种满了纠结的蕨类植物和攀爬藤蔓。

RPS has supported the transformation of unused car park ‘dead space’ in Brisbane’s South Bank into a vibrant arts, entertainment and hospitality destination for the city. With Fish Lane Town Square, RPS has worked with Richards and Spence to transform a forgotten, underutilized space under a Brisbane railway bridge into an intimate urban park replete with tangled ferns and climbers.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.



South Brisbane in Victorian times was a working port area. In the laneway just off the main street, a large laundry was run by a Mr Fish, who went on to become the local councillor. The laundry eventually moved across the river, but his name stuck to the laneway that now forms part of Brisbane City Council’s vision to create laneway culture in the city centre. Fish Lane has been transformed from a bitumen service lane and car park to a verdant and lively space that is attracting day and night patronage.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.



The Fish Lane Town Square redevelopment is bounded by Fish Lane to the north and Melbourne Street to the south, and is bookended by new two-storey buildings housing bars and restaurants. The remaining central open space is under a concrete bridge that forms part of the railway corridor and is transport infrastructure land owned by Queensland Railway (QR). A significant design constraint was that QR required a completely accessible and demountable landscape. These constraints, combined with a 99-year lease, have resulted in an attractive place dominated by tree ferns and luxuriant plantings, and framed by buildings featuring the curved brickwork that is currently popular as an expression of the civic. A central kiosk offers food and beverages in a manner reminiscent of Parisian parks. Carefully designed timber furniture provides plentiful seating.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.
Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.


这个由开发商(Aria Property Group)设想、策划、建造和维护的费什巷城镇广场实际是一个过渡景观:公共无障碍空间,而非简单的公共开放空间。


Envisioned, curated, built and maintained by the developer Aria Property Group, Fish Lane Town Square is a mediated landscape: publicly accessible open space, rather than public open space.

Fish Lane Town Square forms a pocket park in the midst of an area moving quickly from two-storey fringe commercial to high-density residential. The developer’s vision was to provide a recreational precinct for this new city’s dwellers along their daily route: coffee and croissant on the way to the office, a drink at the adjacent bars after work, or perhaps dinner with friends. Its location – connecting lane to main street – allows people to discover it unexpectedly, and its restaurants and bars afford both life and surveillance.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.
Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.


挑战 Challenge


虽然起初的设计纯粹是为了满足其功能性,但在与Richards和Spence建筑事务所以及Aria Property Group合作的过程中,设计团队面临的最大的挑战是如何在一个废弃的空间中创造与自然的联系和场所感。

Our landscape architects have designed a landscape scheme that would transition the existing 2400s.q.m concrete underpass zone into an unexpected, subtropical rainforest that invites visitors in, celebrates Brisbane’s warm climate and is open to the public 24/7.

Working with Richards and Spence Architects and Aria Property Group, our team’s challenge was to create a connection to nature and sense of place in a derelict space, originally designed for purely functional purposes.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.


解决方案 Solution


施工过程中,设计团队与施工方Shape、承包商Bland 2 Brilliant和Greenstock苗圃密切合作,仔细选苗、定点植物,最终呈现了这样一种赋予环境生机的植物氛围。而且,每个种植区域都与一个雨水池灌溉系统相连,每棵树蕨上还附有一个特别设计的喷雾系统。


Fish Lane Town Square is now home to more than 3,500 plants that reflect the pre–European landscape found in the local Kurilpa area. These include native birds nest ferns, Australian fan palms, native violet, blue ginger, bugleweed and more than 70 Australian tree ferns standing up to 4.5m tall.

As the RPS-designed landscape was being developed, our team worked closely with project partners Shape, Bland 2 Brilliant and Greenstock Nursery to carefully source and position the plants which now give life and atmosphere to the environment. Each planting area is connected to a rainwater tank irrigation system, along with a specially designed mister system attached to each tree fern.

With Fish Lane Town Square now a quirky, bustling inner city destination, our team is proud to have supported the reimagining of this once forgotten and unseen “space between” into a public space that’s well used and much-loved by locals and visitors alike.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.



RPS developed the landscape with a vision of a Gondwana-like rainforest. Seventy mature tree ferns dominate, while native ferns are intermingled with hardy exotic climbers and low plantings. Concrete columns with vines combine with arched architecture and cobble-like clay paving to create the sense of a remnant green pocket in the city. Within the compact inner-city area, shaded by railway line and buildings, the tree ferns claim a new kind of space, conceiving a type of luxuriant landscape we forgot we could have.


Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.
Images courtesy of Scott Burrows Photography.




项目团队:Matthew Durning, Vicki Barclay, Zoe Lyons, Skye Reid
建筑和项目领导:Richards & Spence

施工:Shape Australia
土木工程:Michael Bale and Associates
景观承包商:Bland 2 Brilliant Landscapes
植物供应商:Greenstock Nurseries
标识、品牌和综合文本:Studio Bland

客户:Aria Property Group

Project: Fish Lane Town Square
Design practice: RPS Group, Australia
Project Team: Matthew Durning, Vicki Barclay, Zoe Lyons, Skye Reid
Architect and project lead: Richards & Spence

Builder: Shape Australia
Civil engineer: Michael Bale and Associates
Landscape contractor: Bland 2 Brilliant Landscapes
Plant supplier: Greenstock Nurseries
Signage, branding and integrated text: Studio Bland

Project Details
Status: Built
Completion date: 2020
Design, documentation: 12 months
Construction: 18 months
Category: Landscape / urban
Type: Public / civic
Client: Aria Property Group


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