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Zinialand Design: The performers float and sink, and the viewers are from the outside. With more than 2,500 years of drama history, there is a fourth wall that has never changed. It distinguishes between actors and audiences, and also separates drama and reality, resulting in the concept of “seeing”. Nowadays, this invisible wall is constantly changing. Avant-garde creators are committed to breaking the “fourth wall”, allowing the viewer to “immerse” in the work instead of simply “seeing” it.


▼项目视频 Project video



浸入式剧场|Immersion Theater


“The most rare exhibition hall is grown among exhibits.”Exhibits from a concrete entity into an abstract subject, a turn back, it will be sent out by the powerful charm hit.


▼山影似帷幕展开 Hillshade unfolds like a curtain



The stage is placed in nature, allowing the viewer to immerse in it. There is no doubt that the best description of abstract space is created by the perception of the scene.



消失的间离感|Disappearing distance


The “fourth wall” will disappear between the subjective consciousness and the objective place.Infiltration and convection are the most appropriate techniques, or the overlapping relationship between depth and depth, or the crisscross frame scenery of multi-faceted lines. Every moment brings the natural art into the perceptual category of the viewer, communicating hardness and softness, dark green and dark blue.




The natural background color breaks through the frame, bumps into the hierarchical gray space, and melts the sense of alienation step by step.




From the first floor to the second floor, from the courtyard to the gallery, immersed in the dramatic turning point, the directional white wall will bring you into this and that exhibit.


▼这是对隔阂的告别,对交融的接纳 This is farewell to estrangement  and acceptance of communion 


天然的幕布|Natural curtain


The projection of the earth is what the Museum of natural art pursues. From the remote forest to the long grass slope in front of us, “natural feeling” flows into the museum through the power of the earth and the ingenious design.




The pure geometric language deduces in the field, the lines containing power are occluded and overlapped with the nature, there are collisions and smooth, and the natural art is introduced, displayed and reinterpreted in a pure way.



自然的千姿百态投射到界面之上,以更多的展示面存在。 包裹、附生,天然且自由。

The various forms of nature are projected onto the interface and exist with more display surfaces. Wrapped, epiphytic, natural and free.


▼投影与附生 Projection and epiphysis


流动的布景|Flowing scenery


Qianshui Yuanfeng, karst is the subtext on this stage.The glare of light is inseparable from the dim shadow, the dark gray space, and the interior corner under the deep shadow. With some clever thinking, guidance, projection, and some contrast, we can catch the light;




the breeze caressing, the creek murmuring, with the leaves whisperring.Search along the direction of the sun, find a wall, mottled whirling even seize the shadow;Looking back at forest, you can see that it is on the paper. The continuous canvas unfolds, and the distance and height are different.




The sun is mottled with light and shadow. An environmental drama, the drama aesthetic engraved into every moment.



交错的通感|Interlaced Synaesthesia


The separation of realism and expressionism.Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur. Out of exaggeration and coercion, the silent expression makes the viewer free from the waves of emotion and desire, and is bound to the realm of tranquility and elegance.




The collision of deep and light colors, the overlapping of stone and glass, the white pool and metal, the natural quality become vivid through the re processing of materials, the cold materials also have texture and breath.




When the wind caresses the skin texture, when light shuttles between air molecules, when trees and stones talk, painting and scenery coexist, all feelings need no more words, quiet and joy, power and lightness blend, whispering, quietly telling the natural epic flowing for thousands of years.


▼自然包裹,纯粹且强大 Nature package, pure and powerful



“就像流水石置于溪流,【自然艺术馆】置于山明水秀的贵州,被自然投影所包覆。“第四面墙”在这场沿着喀斯特纹理的攀行中将消失,人与自然交流,感知和空间融合 “用耳朵抚摸、用眼睛触碰、用手指聆听”。

“It’s like a flowing stone in a stream, and the Museum of natural art is located in Guizhou, where the mountains are bright and the waters are beautiful, covered by natural projections“ “The fourth wall” will disappear in this climb along the karst texture. Human beings will communicate with nature, and their perception and space will be integrated to “touch with ears, touch with eyes, and listen with fingers”.



▼设计推演 Design of deduction

▼展示区平面图 Plan of the exhibition area




项目设计: 2020.09

Project Name: Jinke Bohan Tianyuan
Owner: Jinke Real Estate Chongqing Regional Company
Project Address: G212(South Jiaxiu Road), Huaxi District, Guiyang, Guizhou
Project design: 2020.09
Year completed: 2020.12
Design Area: Landscape Area: 8000㎡
Design Company: Zinialand Design
Lead Creator and Design Team: Zhu Liang, Liu Ping, Xinyi Wang, Wenyu Mo, Cao Huan, Kunyi Yang, Zhang Ai, Wei Chuan, Wang Le, Sansong Li, Xufeng Wu, Liu Yi, Huang Rong, Liu Bo, Junjian Zeng, Zhongcai Jiang, Liao Xiang, Zhang Yang, Luo Lan
Landscape Construction Unit: Chongqing Kelsingji Landscape Co., Ltd
Photography: snow space photography, Zinialand Design Brand Department, Hainan Youge


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