TROP:Terrains+Open Space :接到一个委托需要在不到一个月的时间在这个城市最高楼价地 区设计一个景观。当设计完成后,开发商用了不到两月时间建起一切:建筑,景观, 室内。 芭提雅是理想的旅游之地,当地物价低廉,距离曼谷也仅仅两小时车程。设计目标需 要为购买者留下深刻印象。场地条件分成两种:一种高出海滩12米的平坦高地,一种 是从高地到海滩的陡峭狭窄路段。这个会所会与城市灯红酒绿生活与安静的住区区之 间,它吸引游客前往到这个销售展示空间中。

TROP:Terrains+Open Space : received a commission to design a landscape in the city’s highest property price area in less than a month. When the design was completed, the developer took less than two months to build everything: architecture, landscape, and interior. Pattaya is an ideal tourist destination with low prices and only two hours’ drive from Bangkok. The design goal needs to impress the buyer. The site conditions are divided into two types: one is a flat plateau 12 meters above the beach, and the other is a steep narrow section from the plateau to the beach. This club will be in a quiet living area with city lights, red wine and green life. it will attract tourists to this sales exhibition space.




会所与海滩之间的联系十分陡峭,不太 好布局功能区,因此设计师将这条路径处理得非常干净,看向海滩的视野没有受到任 何阻挡。整洁波折的混凝土种植槽限定出道路和草坪的界线。人们在这里经过会发现 很多有趣的细节,从而减慢速度,享受惊喜。由于海滩是公共长差,因此设计师并没 有用过多的笔墨,仅仅清洗了沙地。再骗原生态的海滩上,游客右望可以看见古老的 庙宇。当他们累了返回的时候,他们会看见这座斜坡是一个绿色的,郁郁葱葱的大山坡。

The connection between the clubhouse and the beach is very steep and the functional areas are not well laid out. therefore, the designer has handled this path very cleanly and the view to the beach has not been blocked. Neat and rugged concrete planting troughs define the boundaries between roads and lawns. People will find many interesting details after passing through here, thus slowing down the speed and enjoying the surprise. Because the beach is a long and poor place, the designer didn’t use too much ink and only cleaned the sand. Lying to the original ecological beach again, tourists can see the ancient temples to the right. When they are tired and return, they will see that the slope is a green and lush hillside.



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