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LEDA Landscape: The idea that man and nature are a community of life makes us realize in the process of protecting nature that man should not be isolated from nature, but should create a symbiotic connection. The Heilongtan Shuangyanzi Park has created such a connection and become a symbiotic corridor between man and nature.


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成都以南,郊野之心 South of chengdu And Heart of the country


Heilongtan, located at the southern end of the central axis of Tianfu Avenue, between Shigao, Meishan and Renshou, is a water source and back garden with unique rural temperament in the south of Chengdu. This case is located in the double swallow area on the northwest side of Heilongtan, which has special ecological significance for the heart of the countryside.


▽项目区位 The project location



The Heilongtan, known as the “Chengdu Back Garden”, is dotted with 85 islands in the area of more than 110 square kilometers. The 310-kilometer coastline is winding and beautiful, presenting the natural scenery of the first sea in western Sichuan.


▽自然之境 Natural state


自然之境,失衡危局 Realm of nature But Imbalance risk



However, with the deepening of the hinterland of the waterfront, such ecological impression has gradually changed. Between some original villages and reservoirs, there are yellow mud ponds surrounded by mud. The chemical fertilizers, pesticides and pollutants from poultry farming in the villages are directly discharged into these yellow mud ponds.

The messy environment breeds a large number of harmful organisms, making it a smelly pond with ecological imbalance. Once it encounters heavy rain, the wastewater and sludge in the yellow mud pond directly rush into the Heilongtan, making the whole reservoir area face the risk of pollution.


▽失衡危局 Imbalance risk



In order to protect the water source and ecology of Heilongtan, China Railway Cultural Tourism has taken the lead in carrying out many important environmental protection measures in Heilong Beach since 2016. The planning of four ecological ditches has turned the Yellow Mud Pond into an ecological park. Among them, the presentation of Shuangyanzi Park and 1 # Ecological Ditch took the lead in implementing the management concept of ” Heilongtan Ecological First”.


▽设计前场地原状 Before the design

▽呈现后 After the design


隔离屏障,链接廊道?The isolation barrier Or Link to the corridor


In terms of positioning, we hope that the role of the park is not only a simple barrier and isolation, but also a filter and link. It is not only to achieve the collection and purification of rainwater and wastewater, but also to establish a connection between human and nature, accommodate human life and carry the survival of natural organisms. So we define this corridor as a symbiotic corridor.


▽共生走廊分析图 Analysis diagram





Living area – dense forest area – grassy slope area – ecological ditch – ecological embankment – reservoir

Rainwater and surface water flow through dense forest areas to filter particles such as sediment. After entering the grassy slope, part of it is stored and purified by the sponge system. The other part will enter the ecological ditch after the wetland adsorbs nitrogen, phosphorus and other substances, and finally enter the Heilongtan reservoir area.

“Harmony between man and nature” At the same time, in the park, people and animals are not isolated, but have their own living and living territory in each space, coexisting and not disturbing.



净化走廊+共生走廊 Purify the corridor Plus Symbiotic corridor


On the one hand, build an ecological corridor to build a complete ecological purification system; on the other hand, build a coexistence corridor to carry the life and survival of human and natural organisms.


▽共生走廊 The symbiotic corridor


01 密林区 | 穿林云影 The forest area | Clouds through the trees


The dense forest is replanted on the basis of the original vegetation, and the plank path passes through the forest with the undulation of the terrain, and forms a viewing corridor at the highest point of the dense forest edge, overlooking the whole area.


▽手绘草图 Hand plot

▽实景航拍图 Live aerial view

▽观景台设计稿 The design draft



The viewing gallery provides a rich viewing angle and walking experience, and hovers from the forest to the forest, taking the isolated landscape trees in the axis as a reference.




The white railing takes the bird’s nest as the structural inspiration, and forms a natural weaving state through the inside and outside, such as the cloud shadow in the forest, which is ethereal with nature, and people and birds coexist in parallel in the forest.



02 草坡区 | 人间烟火 The slope zone | Living space


The open lawn is the activity space in the park, providing an open leisure space for the residents around. As a blank scene, it can carry people’s unconstrained lifestyle, enjoy sunshine, parent-child games, physical fitness, or camp in tents.


▽手绘草图 Hand plot

▽实景航拍图 Live aerial view



The fireworks in the city come from the streets and alleys, while the fireworks in the park come from the white lawn, which meets people’s needs for natural activities, connects with strangers, and establishes the missing “human flavor” in the tall buildings.


▽舞空竹的村民 Villagers playing diabolo



Such “human feelings” become more intense at night. Friends gather on the lawn, camp and picnic, and carry a human fireworks in nature.


▽露营的人们 campers


03 生态沟 | 杉林湖沼 Ecological ditch | Forests lakes swamps


The banded ecological ditch composed of ecological wetland, open lake body and cedar plank road is the guarantee line between the residential area and the reservoir area. The surface water is collected and purified here. Through ecological management measures such as ecological revetment restoration, planting aquatic plant communities, and stocking local benthos, a stable water ecosystem is built, and the self-purification capacity of the lake body is repaired and improved.


▽手绘草图 Hand plot

▽实景航拍图 Live aerial view



The edge of the lake body is dominated by ecological wetlands. The independent island in the center of the water body provides a habitat for animals. The fir forest makes the scene atmosphere more prominent. The plank road is set along the shore, where people and animals coexist but do not intrude.




The open lake at the far end opens the view instantly. Compared with the previous yellow mud pond, the clear and blue water gives people a sense of security.





The lake body is connected with the grass slope, and the edge of the intersection is a step-up ladder. Together with the stage on the water, it forms a viewing theater. The stage on the water is like the island on the wetland. The difference is that one gives to people and the other gives to nature.




When the sun sets, the water changes from green to purplish red, the water waves stop, everything quiets down, and this moment seems to return to the scene in memory.



04 生态堤 | 粉黛花堤 Ecological | Powdery root bank


The ecological embankment separates the lake body from the reservoir area. Due to the changes of the water level in the reservoir area, the embankment will form a natural ebb zone. Therefore, the lower layer will restore the wild state of vegetation, and the upper layer will create a flower embankment atmosphere with a large area of Fendai Chaozi grass.




The romantic feeling created by the sunset and pink is the best feedback of the natural landscape.



共存走廊+自然治愈 Earthly fireworks with Natural cure


When we go out of the city, we hope to feel the smell of mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and get the feeling of healing from them. This is a kind of empathy from humanity and nature. Double Swallow Park is just such a place that can accommodate all things to grow and contain fireworks on earth. Here, we put ourselves small enough to live in harmony with all things and coexist with nature. In this corridor connecting people and nature, we will eventually be cured.






Project name: Heilongtan Shuangyanzi Park
Project location: Renshou, Sichuan
Party A: China Railway Sichuan Eco-city Investment Co., Ltd
Party A’s team: Yu Haihong, Song Junkai, He Xiuhu, Wu Huasheng, Wang Jiaqi, Liu Zhujun, Xie Yan
Landscape design: Sichuan Ledao Landscape Design Co., Ltd
Construction unit: Renshou Haojie Landscaping Co., Ltd
Completion time: May 2021
Photography team: Fanjing



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