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LISM LANDSCAPE DESIGN: York North County is a project from Hong Kong Land Holdings Limited, located in Chongqing Zhaomushan District, Huangjue East Road, Jinzhou Avenue. The south side is close to the subway and commercial center. The First Peninsula is located just around the Huangjue Reservoir and surrounded by the green space. The surrounding residential and commercial facilities are complete and are undeveloped land that has been stored for a long time.



仲夏密林 Midsummer Dense Forest


The green space system around the site is mature, surrounded by Huangjue Park, Huangjue Reservoir and Riverfront Park. We plan to use the method of natural creation of the landscape throughout the whole design, using the 7700m2 park green space in the front field, spreading the urban green system, returning the natural scenes to life, and involving citizens. Landscapes and nature, cities and sceneries, cultures and landscapes coexist here.


▼平面图 Master Plan



Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), a well-known painter influenced by the poetic spirit of Chinese literati in the Edo period of Japan. In his paintings, the mountains and rivers and the life of the city have a strong humanistic interest. The waterscape park is inspired by the depiction of nature and life scenes by Hokusai’s works. We extract the curves of the mountains and river valleys and the folds of the land into the design. The waterscape is all over the site. The green island emerges from the gap of the tidal flat. By landform and the planting of the metasequoia forest, the whole space is pure and poetic, like the front garden. The waterscape park is soft isolation between the park and the traffic roads. The building is hidden in the jungle built by the dense metasequoia forest. Also, the forest provides a sound screen for the activities of the surrounding residents.


▼前场潮汐水景详图 Detailed of front water feature



The park foundation has a dramatic topography change with the surrounding municipal roads. We utilize the height difference to create a natural and continuous landform. Also, the waterscape, forest, scenery wall and road are planned as a whole to form interface occlusion and necessary guidance. The pure feeling of the space and the refresh of nature are the first gift of life here.



▼前场水景细节 Waterscape details of the front court

▼主入口溪流详图 Detailed of main entrance stream


艺术纯粹的前花园,是回家动线中自然的过渡。场景感营造及美学的认知,也将从这里开始。游览过前花园,到达主入口, 深棕色的格栅将入口掩映,形成虚实对比空间。树影在景墙上的投射,与园区内的蓝花楹呼应并渗透,格栅曲线纹理的交叉,不锈钢花池的线型,预示着回家品质的沉淀与空间的对比转换。

The purely artistic front garden is a natural transition in the homecoming circulation. The sense of scene creation and aesthetics perception will also begin here. After visiting the front garden and reaching the main entrance, the dark brown grille illuminates the entrance to create a virtual contrast space. The projection of the tree shadow on the scenery wall echoes and penetrates the blue flower garden in the park. The intersection of the grid’s curvy line and the linear shape of the stainless steel flower pond indicate the sedimentation of the homecoming quality and the space contrast conversion.


▼主入口前场 the front court


▼主入口 The Main Entrance


慕夏之梦 Dream of Midsummer


The living scenes are too beautiful to be true. In the central axis space, we extend the duration of the dream by a unified language of the curve line. The overlapping and reciprocating design methods reflect with reality. On the way home, it is not all about worldly achievement. The pure white arc corridor extends over 80 meters, with white curved walls on both sides and spaced solitary trees, which pulls the space into more pure surreal experience.


▼中轴廊架 Axis Gallery Frame



The white corridor with ultra-thin aluminum panels and the painted sidewall surface is the extreme illustration of the curve line. The line style of the path completely fits the reflection of the corridor. Just like the occurrence of a dream, the white “ribbon” enters the depths of the dream, and the reflection of the path indicates the exchange of reality and the dream. The repetitive extension of the sidewalls, in a pure and ceremonial space, is a dream that transcends the real experience that cannot be struggled to free.


▼走进廊架 Into theGallery Frame



After the reflection of the dreamland, the layered walls form the “star tunnel”. The stainless steel mirror in the tunnel allows a dialogue between the heart and oneself, pushing the dream to the deepest that will struggle to free.


▼星光隧道 Starlight Tunnel


季候南风 Season South Wind


Returning to the island residence, we design a 500 square meter infinity swimming pool at the boundary of the red line of the land. With the current conditions of 30 meters height difference, the focal point of the line will fall on the shoreline of Huangjue Lake and the bank line at another side, creating a feeling of luxury in the hotel. The pool area is divided into adult pools and paddling pools, connected with a curved corridor of perforated aluminum panels on the facade. The symbiosis of the corridor and the plant makes this area full of natural style. Set up a lounge deck to enjoy the view of the extended green space and the lakeside park.


▼泳池详图 The Pool Detail

▼泳池实景 Pool Scene


▼泳池细节 The Pool Details



The two sample houses are presented with a more mature design method. The water flow guides the way home. The combination of the stone and the glass of the scenery walls and the entrance door with a size of 3 meters plus 5 meters show the quality and modern spirit.


▼样板房入户 The sample house entrance





项目名称:香港置地 · 壹号半岛

Project name: Hong Kong Land · Placid Land
Client: Hong Kong Land
Location: Yubei District, Zhaomu Mountain, Chongqing
Project design & completion year: November 2018 – March 2019 / July 2019
Design area: 26500㎡
Design company: LISM Landscape Design
Main creators and design team: Hu Jianfeng, Wan Shan, Zhang Xiangsha, Wang Jiawen, Bing Xue, Zhou Xiaolu, Song Yao (Concept Team); Feng le, Jiang Qingpu, Zhang Dun, Yang Linyan, Li Bing (Detail Team)
Partner: landscape construction unit: Chongqing Shengjingcheng Landscape engineering co., LTD
Photography: Holi landscape photography


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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