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DDON: The project is located in a hot spot of the future “North Crossing” Development Aera in Jinan City ——Northern Jinan Area. It can directly access to Jinan High-tech District and the Central City with convenient transportation. The site has abundant natural resources (Huashan Lake Scenic Area) and great regional value (a hot spot for urban development). Facing the water and mountains, the site landscape and natural resources form a natural axis.


▼项目区位 Location


▼实景 Site photo


01 概念 Concept


The concept is inspired by Zhao Mengfu’s masterpiece ” Autumn Colors on the Que and Hua Mountains”. The design absorbs Mount Hua’s aesthetic postures, exquisite and elegant. The project is to create an infinite fantasy of time and space in a limited space and to start a landscape journey of “searching for mountains, waters, and hearts”. People can return to essence and original intention and experience the ultimate artistic life here.




To promote the concept of “no design”, the designers respond to the spatial characteristics and modern living habits, abstracting from natural landscape symbols and removing the symbolized performance limit. “One axis, ten sceneries, and five layers of space” is brought up.



02 中轴线 Central axis




The landscape of the central axis follows the storytelling of “manifestation, observation, emotion, and enlightenment”. Corresponding to the four spaces of the urban interface, exalted quality, experience interaction, and perception of emotion, the “emotion” and “enlightenment” are built as the landscape display area. Visitors can stroll through the forest, interact with the landscape, sit on the steps, and view the mountain.

Exquisite and lush planting against the scenery wall creates a comfortable and pleasant path to home. In the woods, residents wander around and enjoy homecoming experience.

Stone with natural texture used in the delicate water feature creates a brisk welcome for the pedestrians to experience the quiet and relaxing forest.




The private living room space is a place as a book written by water wave. There are various natural sceneries such as mountains and rivers, flowing waters, streams, forests, etc. Forming a unique and charming private meeting space, the place offers an experience of life living by the water.




The materials echo the architecture. Metal aluminum plate, natural stone, transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, metal grille create a luxurious and peaceful living atmosphere.




The landscape design in the garden is not an exaggeration. It uses linear elements to interpret water flow and enriches the space form while narrowing the sight. A sense of curiosity is intrigued by the spatial transformation.




It feels like walking on the water and the shadow of time. The spring water is playing music to the beauty we has expected.




We interpret Baotu Spring, one of the three major scenic spots in Jinan City, by modern design symbols. When people approach it, the spring water jumps lively. The spring water is less impetuous and quieter against the mirrored pool reflection.




The brisk landscape prelude is ready. The climax continues to enrich people’s emotional experiences. Viewing mountains in the distance, watching reflection near, people can feel the mountain and water becoming one.





We raise the topography 2.7 meters, follow the waterway, and use modern art to design the context. In modern time and future space, we want to reconstruct the landscape. Framing the mountain into the scene and reflecting Mount Hua in the water, the design starts a mighty mountain hunt.

Walking in nature, touching time, people recall their imagination of life. Mountain viewing and recreation slowly deduce a poetic and quiet space that makes people escape worldly affairs. On a secluded path and under the swaying tree shadows, people feel the tranquil beauty of forests, springs, and gardens.





Looking back at the fragments of life, we are sitting with friends. As the final chapter of the landscape, the place restores life scenes. The center lawn is symmetrical. The sidewall and the central landscape lawn create an exquisite and open outdoor recreation space.

A good community not only combines bricks and tiles but also includes the comprehensive composition of sunlight, green plants, and life. It is a gentle exploration and also countless wonderful touching moments.





项目名称: 济南中海·天钻
完成年份: 2020年10月
项目面积: 3600㎡(提前展示部分面积)
项目地点: 济南市历城区华山片区
景观设计: DDON笛东
公司网址: www.ddonplan.com
联系邮箱: ddon@ddonplan.com
主创设计师: 李景辉、马恺
设计团队: 乐雄飞、许景德、杨韵玉、何春燕、颜挺、周万莉、黄介旺、李雪英、王蓓、龙春娇、陈名海、朱文君
建筑设计: 梁黄顾建筑设计(深圳)有限公司
室内设计: 近境制作
摄影师: 三映景观建筑摄影、麒麟摄影(部分)

中海企业集团总部: 方君、丁黎、田二瑞
中海企业集团华北区: 许文龙、季永鑫
中海企业集团济南公司: 郑源、宋鑫、刘旭、曲深海

Project name: Jinan China Overseas·The Paragon
Completion year: October 2020
Project area: 3600㎡ (demonstration area in advance)
Project location: Huashan Area, Licheng District, Jinan City, China
Landscape design: DDON
Company website: www.ddonplan.com
Contact email: ddon@ddonplan.com
Chief designers: Li Jinghui, Ma Kai
Design team: Le Xiongfei, Xu Jingde, Yang Yunyu, He Chunyan, Yan Ting, Zhou Wanli, Huang Jiewang, Li Xueying, Wang Bei, Long Chunjiao, Chen Minghai, Zhu Wenjun
Architectural design: Liang Huanggu Architectural Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Interior design: Design Apartment
Photographer: Shining Laboratory, Kirin Photography (part)

Design team from China Overseas(client):
Headquarters: Fang Jun, Ding Li, Tian Errui
North China Area: Xu Wenlong, Ji Yongxin
Jinan Company: Zheng Yuan, Song Xin, Liu Xu, Qu Shenhai


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