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Sunshine Landscape: Between heaven and earth, light is the greatest beauty that resonates with art.


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Among the hustle and bustle of the city grows modern civilization, which also witnesses the loss of spiritual values. Actually, living in the world, we all need a spiritual home which not only allows us to stay in civilization but also have a continuing dialogue with nature. KINGJEE Broad Mansion is such an ideal place.



项目背景 Project Background


KINGJEE Broad Mansion is ideally located in Yuzui Finance Zone, adjacent to Yuzui Wetland Park and Happy Riverside Park. We hope to continue the luxury quality of KINGJEE “YUE” series, creating the first high-end holiday-style residence in Nanjing, which will allow residents to enjoy both the convenience of city and the beauty of nature.


▽设计推敲 Design Idea



How to make the space exquisite? There are many ready-made elements to choose, superficial or underlying, positive or negative. Instead of simply “taking”, we conducted in-depth research and analysis on the target owners as well as the spatial characteristics, and decided the geometric pattern, the texture, and the metal materials. With the help of skilled designers and craftsman, modern techniques are employed to highlight the international perspective and show respect for the Renaissance.


▽材料分析 Material Analysis



To make the homecoming experience full of pride and dignity, the way back home begins from the gate, and then leads to the valley-style lobby, the Pavilion of Light, the Forest Garden and the hotel-style lobby successively. At last, residents can reach their independent gardens by private lifts. Building an urban forest in the limited space is our exploration of modern exquisite lifestyle.



自然赋形 Natural Shaping


However, to achieve an aesthetic balance between ideal and the reality, we need to build a connection horizontally. The gate of Broad Mansion is built against a 66 meters long wall, which is covered with large Kaslan stones and complemented by a metal cornice. The wall extends horizontally, shaping the order of the space and forming a high-quality urban interface.


▽府院大门 Gate of Broad Mansion



The landscape wall is built with light-colored lime stone. The textures change and the blocks alternate, creating a magnificent entrance space, where quality life unfolds in the light and shadows.


▽峡谷前厅 Valley-Style Lobby



The designer turned the valley into rolling green, and the mountain stream into cascades that fall down the steep slope like quicksand, creating a Zen-like space at the end of the corridor.


▽流沙水院 Water Yard



光的感知 Light Perception


The day is the foreshadowing of the silent night. The Pavilion of Light is built by lifting, supporting and alternating. Around the “cube”, the translucent facade stacked up by slabs and marble allows light to pass through, making the interior view partly hidden and partly visible.


▽凝光亭 Pavilion of Light



Following the style of the site, the art corridor is built with travertine, the unique texture, the soft color and the jade-like touch of which provide a dreamlike immersive experience.


▽凝光亭 Pavilion of Light



Here landscape is created in harmony with nature. The waterscape in the center dialogues with the corridor, providing an ideal place for people to communicate with each other freely and enjoy the beautiful views at the same time.


▽沉浸式体验景观 Immersive experience landscape



The shaping of light leads people into the space, where the white walls and the still water come as a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing people to relax themselves both physically and mentally.




The design breaks the boundary between spaces and integrates various elements into each other. Columns along the corridor stand in order, providing endless incarnations of light and shadow. The platform extending to the water and the white outdoor furniture are typical elements of modern design. Here landscapes are integrated, blurring the boundary between the inside and outside world.


▽极致的细节展示 Extreme detail display


林的庇护 Forest Shelter


The corridor finally leads people into a peaceful world, where the winding path, the randomly scattered gravels, and the copper edges outline a natural curve. Complemented by the tall Chinese tallow tree, it looks like a stone beach full of holiday atmosphere.


▽下沉庭院 Natural sunken garden



Green and luxuriant are the red maple, zelkova and flowers, which are interspersed with rocks to make the space full of fun.



材质的信仰 Belief in Materials


Chuang Tze, the greatest of the early Taoists, said, “Nothing in the world is more beautiful than simplicity.” To be simple and pure is to be the perfection of excellence in the world. The urban interface of Broad Mansion is designed based on the principle of simplicity. After four to five times of on-site material selection, we still couldn’t find the natural stones we wanted. In desperation, we drove around a quarry and finally found a batch of lime stones that are perfect to build a simple but elegant landscape wall.


▽过程版:多次人工打板,多种石材选择。最终版:确定莱姆石原⽯皮。最终施工版:根据现有的材料尺寸,设计院重新进行排列设计。Selection: samples made of various stone materials. Final choice: lime stone Redesign: redesign according to the sizes of the lime stones



Floating above the mirror water, the Pavilion of Light provides an atmosphere of tranquility and poetry. Its surface is covered by marble carved with horizontal lines. To present a perfect effect, the depth, pattern and density of the lines were adjusted again and again. Finally, the Bianco Carrara marble carved with irregular horizontal lines is selected, which will glow at night to create a hazy sense of magnificence.


▽过程版:多种花纹石材选择,多次雕刻实验。最终版:确定干净纹理石材及深浅可透光的刻纹。 Selection: stone materials with various patterns; experiment with different engraving techniques. Final choice: translucent Bianco Carrara marble with irregular lines




Enjoying prosperity and nature at the same time is the holiday lifestyle advocated by KINGJEE Broad Mansion.

Born in Nanjing, Broad Mansion not only represents the beginning a new style but also marks the return of classical art and equips people with spiritual values. It symbolizes the infinite possibilities of the integration between beautiful life and art. By the mirror water, trees and flowers flourish in the light and shadow. All the details, including trees or rocks, have shown designers’ relentless pursuit of perfection.


▽通往样板间的长廊 Corridor leading to the model room


写在最后 Designer’s Note


The success of the project is impossible without the support and high-standard management and control of KINGJEE’s landscape team. The cooperation with KINGJEE is not only a big challenge but also a great chance to promote our self-improvement.





水电结构:杨利 胡杨

Project: KINGJEE Broad Mansion
Time of Completion: November, 2022
Area: 4,434 m²
Location: Crossing of Gaomiao Road and Tianbao Street, Jianye District, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Landscape Design: Beijing Sunshine Landscape Co.,Ltd.
Website: http://www.shunjingyuanlin.com/
E-mail: zycentre@qq.com
Design Consultants: Zhao Zhuoyi, Yang Hua, Yang Ting
Chief Designer: Wang Kun
Design Team: Dai Yue, Gao Da, Gao Hewen, Gao Yuan, Zhao Yujuan, Cui Yi
Plant Design: Zhao Yao
Water and Electricity Design: Yang Li, Hu Yang
Photography Team: JK FILM, Yang Hua
Filming: Nanjing LMH Culture Communication Co.,Ltd.




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