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Sunshine Landscape: Kingjee – under the dual-life landscape system of the Mori system products, the design positioning of the capital to create a private and quiet, time seamless, green and private natural aesthetic home – Yingyue. Shade of trees, forest shade, reflecting shade, forest clearance. The project is intended to create a natural art of shady living space, as well as the leisurely forest and mountain pavilion within a cozy and elegant life concept.


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Walk into the shade to feel the sunlight, grass, water, the natural atmosphere in the natural cleverly integrated into the composite multifunctional life support needs, in a relaxed state of mind to give people the most comfortable sense of warmth. Find the relationship between urban life and the natural environment, to find the essence of life. It creates an ideal country to live in the mountain, water, city and forest, designed to allow residents to pursue the sense of experience and spiritual aspirations of living in the forest.


▽手绘草图 Hand-drawn sketches



The design of the display area is committed to creating the ideal life of living in the forest, the forest clearance, we refine the form of Sapium sebiferum forest from the “shade” converted to ” joy”, proposed the concept of a beautiful life system of the joyful home logic, the Golden Base – double life system content implanted into the site, presenting a high-quality landscape products to achieve a beautiful life in the forest.


▽功能分区 Functional partition


映樾院Shade Garden


Nature sent a gift of light, scattered on the leaves and water, quietly waiting for the arrival of good times.


▽映樾入口 The entrance



The entrance point of the Ulmus parvifolia with a fountain with unlimited water pond.Provide residents with a cozy feeling at the first sight of home with relaxing atmosphere and enable the residents to feel the beauty of life.


▽前院视频 The front yard video




Slowly walking through the garden, the scenery changes with each step. The rhythm of water is traced and the art of life is explored




——致敬雕塑师@竹内紘三 Kouzo Takeuchi

The landscape sculpture of ceramics and logs interspersed at the entrance stands on the still water, allowing people to feel the traces engraved by time.Time passes, by contrast,the tranquil and rustic beauty is permanently frozen in a moment.

–Homage to sculptor @Kouzo Takeuchi



水院Water Courtyard


The wall is made of light gray lime stone with dark grey metallic paint on top. The wall inherits the cultural memory woven by Jiangling culture and reproduces the rhythm of warp and weft.




The 10m high Sapium sebiferum is like a work of art, standing on the still water, which becomes the main scenery of the water yard and convey the blessing throughout the greeness of the garden.




Time passes, light and shadows are changing, we could listen to the sound of gurgling water, smell the fragrance of flowers and trees, enjoy the shadows of trees, and appreciate the time. We could follow the light to enter, talking with space and art. Hereby,we could feel the symbiosis and empathy.



闲林山阁The Leisure Forest and Mountain Pavilion


Before you enter the garden, you can hear the sound of running water. Rippling water, the falling water pours out, spattering pearls and jade.


▽视频 Video



On top of the cascading water, the Pavilion of Leisure Forest is hidden between the flowers and trees.The water glistens with light, and we feel enlightened at a sudden moment. Between the clouds and mountains, a picture of leisurely life is drawn. The time is quiet, intoxicating and joyful.



光亭The Pavilion of Light


The Pavilion of Light is the spiritual structure of the whole garden. Hazily hidden among the sapium forest, It tells the art of light and shadow. The pavilion, the forest and the water reflect each other, and you can feel the relaxation of life in the leisure forest.




As the mist rises, the light pavilion appears as if hidden
A pond and a state of mind, a wave and a ripple
A moment of leisure time is the interplay with nature
This empathy can warm us for a long time.



鸟啼归家Come back home when birds sing


Strolling through the art gallery to the garden. A bunch of good friends could talk with each other here, without realizing that the wind is passing through the courtyard and spring is in the air. At this moment, we could feel tipsy by the joy in the heart.




The bird art sculpture lights up the space with metallic color and luster, bring a sense of surprise and touch in life.



空间美学 Space Aesthetics


Color is a very important component of landscape design, which can trigger the ability to perceive, and can also have a touching effect on the heart. At the beginning of the design we worked with the interior design to determine the overall color palette and the main colors of Ying Yue, forming a unified and unique tone.


▽景观色彩应用Landscape Color application


▽室内色彩应用 Indoor Color application




Examined in the heart, refined in things
Input the natural sophistication and artistic life style into every detail.

express all the four seasons of elegance
Slow down the pace of life, also sculpted the temperature of time




完成年份: 2021年8月
联系邮箱: zycentre@qq.com
主创设计师: 赵卓毅、杨华
设计团队: 张沛、张雨、韩菲菲、刘明娜、杨利、胡杨等
摄影师: 杨华、赵耀

Project Name: Kingjee Zhongbei Yingyue
Completion Year: August 2021
Project Area:Approx. 5,500 sqm
Location:Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Design Company:Beijing Shunjing Landscape Architecture Co.
Company Website:http://www.shunjingyuanlin.com/
Contact Email: zycentre@qq.com
Lead Designer: Zhuo Yi Zhao, Hua Yang
Design Team: Zhang Pei, Zhang Yu, Han Fei Fei, Liu Mingna, Yang Li, Hu Yang, etc.
Client: Nanjing Zhongbei Jinji Real Estate Co.
Architectural Design: Nanjing Xinghua Architectural Design & Research Institute Co.
Photographer: Yang Hua, Zhao Yao



审稿编辑 Ashley Jen

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