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WTD:  Find peace in the bustling city,Although living in the world, but also at ease,Take the classical gardening method,Borrowing the artistic conception of “Liu Li Guang Yuan”,Different sceneries, colorful lights and shadows,At four o’clock in spring, sit and watch the situation,Write the cultural texture of Spring City in the space,Let the romance of the four seasons be stored in a courtyard.



序 · 大隐于市  Preface-hidden in the city


Adjacent to the Twin Towers, the tallest building in Kunming, the Xishan Twin Towers area, where the Dragon Lake Jinlin Tianshu is located, is the most potential emerging area in the process of extending the city to the south. The new center of the city surrounded by skyscrapers, but it is difficult for us to find a space to find its original appearance. In such a space surrounded by rhythm, if you can build a slow-down yard, with blue bricks and daiwali, green moss and blue stones, and experience the cosiness of small bridges and flowing water, and the romance of colorful maple forests, you may be able to live In the stalemate that was troubled, another possibility was found.




Therefore, we have integrated the Chinese people’s profound garden complex and yearning for poetic life into this site. The unique Chinese-style humane residence in Xishan District highlights the texture and tonality and differentiates. In this bustling and noisy area, a quiet, ethereal and poetic courtyard is created. When the sun is shining, sit and watch the spring in the garden and the clouds are soothing. This is the indifferent indifference to the world, and it is also a quiet and far-reaching mind.



遇 · 春城  Meet-spring city


Residential memory of ” Advocate the middle and the rectangle “Every brick and tile, every plant and tree in the old home



文化在地性是场所的精神内核,也是人归家时的情感触发点。 设计将昆明古建府制轮廓提取、转译成了更为简洁利落的新中式门口,结合春城一颗印传统民居演绎而成的门廊,辅以四水归堂的文化礼仪。用再现传统东方文化传承的方式,实现了场地内外空间场景的转化。门外是城市的高楼和喧嚣,门里是自家小院儿的静谧与诗意。

The locality of culture is the spiritual core of the place and the emotional trigger point when people return home. The design extracts and translates the outline of Kunming’s ancient government system into a more concise new Chinese doorway, combined with a porch deduced from a traditional house in Spring City, supplemented by the cultural etiquette of four waters returning to the church. By reproducing the inheritance of traditional oriental culture, the transformation of the space scene inside and outside the venue was realized. Outside the door are the high-rise buildings and hustle and bustle of the city, and inside the door is the tranquility and poetry of my own courtyard.




Mr. Shen Congwen once said, “On the contrary, it is simple, but greatness can be seen. Kunming’s brilliance is not the brilliance of civilization and history, but the brilliance of the earth and existence.” We cannot move the earth in, but the rocks of the stone forest will tell you about the earth. We can’t create existence, but the peacock pattern with light and shadow will make you feel the meaning of existence; we can’t keep the spring, but when the plants overflowing the picture frame rush to you, you may be able to learn from these In the fresh and cheerful vitality, spring is captured.



游 · 九曲  Roam-nine bends


Curvy water mist, quiet curved bridge,The garden will be cool with the seasons, how many dreams I have traveled around the world.




The Jiuqu Bridge in Kunming Cuihu Park uses the artistic conception of Chinese classical gardens to reflect the spirit of place as we understand it.




After a few steps, after the landscape screen, a picture of natural landscape is opened, the scene in the painting is alive, and the mood is suddenly brightened along with the spatial pattern. The rocks and trees are accompanied by the breeze and mist, and the running water rushes through the Jiuqu Bridge. Walking amidst the greenery, I occasionally see a few red maples embellished with romantic colors, and I feel happy.




The water flowing down the eaves, tick and tick, break the tranquil atmosphere. Through the flowing water curtain wall, the city’s traffic is looming. When I looked up, I saw the twin towers of Kunming towering aside, and a sense of interlacing between time and space, ancient and modern dialogue emerged spontaneously.



意 · 流光浮影  Artistic conception-streamer


Zen in color, light and shadow,Poetic dialogue between people and things, things and things.



循着水声,穿过九曲,回望走过的树林,雾气飘渺中,只留下无限的温柔。见此景,心也变得柔软起来。 再向前望,高大的古松沉默的立在开阔的水景旁,静水面倒映着整个场地,人仿佛也融于了景中——我们醉心于景,殊不知自己也成了风景的一部分。微风拂过时,细微的波纹荡漾了整片风景。

Listening to the sound of water, I walked through the nine bends, looking back at the woods I walked through, only infinite tenderness remained in the mist. Seeing this scene, the heart became soft.Looking forward, the tall ancient pine stands silently beside the open waterscape. The still water reflects the entire site, and people seem to be in the scene. We are fascinated by the scene, but we don’t know that we have become a part of the scene. When the breeze passed, the whole landscape was rippled with subtle ripples.



雅致的茶亭, 以日本京都著名的“琉璃光院”为设计灵感,取其风骨、借之意境,格栅框景成画,景随时间变迁而不断变化,再利用巧妙的倒影和透视,近、中、远景层层递进,让人感受到不断延伸的景色。

The elegant tea pavilion is inspired by the famous “Lurikoin” in Kyoto, Japan. It takes its character and borrows its artistic conception. The grille frames the scene into a painting, and the scene changes with time. Using clever reflections and perspectives, close The, middle and long-distance scenes progress in layers, making people feel the ever-extending scenery.




The grille of the tea pavilion and the pine needles are staggered into a poem. The simple and heavy snow wave stone comes from nature, which is a table and a scene, making the space more calm. Being in this Zen-like space, seeing the verdant trees and colorful lights and shadows in the courtyard, you instantly feel the sense of forgetting everything.From top to bottom, the entire courtyard is like a painting, drawing into the four seasons. Spring is vigorous, summer is warm, autumn is free and easy, and winter is quiet and beautiful. The desk is the realm of Zen in the courtyard, and looking up is the change of seasons outside the window.



生活 · 诗与禅  Life-poetry and zen


We combine the urban cultural texture, through the freehand sublimation of traditional culture and multiple interpretations of life, to present a natural and elegant romantic courtyard. While giving the space rich spiritual connotation, it also realizes the differentiation from the surroundings. Certain scarcity and uniqueness. We hope that by shaping the landscape space, we can give the site a poetic core, give life a period of Zen thinking, give people a spiritual relaxation and satisfaction, and give the city a business card that can carry local culture and have spiritual attributes.





设计团队:李卉、杨灿、杨洋、黄泽军、杨晓雪、高玉金、梁雅雯、童征、余中元、杨根、蓝德泉、何洁、唐晓娇、 张书桢、李苗、宋照兵、刘洁、姚淞骅

Project name: Kunming Jinlin Tianxue
Owner: Yunnan LongFor & New Hope Group
Project area:  56,000 square meters
Project address: Opposite to Wanda Twin Towers, Hope Road, Kunming, Yunnan
Design company:  WTD
Design team: Li Hui, Yang Can, Yang Yang, Huang Zejun, Yang Xiaoxue, Gao Yujin, Liang Yawen, Tong Zheng, Yu Zhongyuan, Yang Gen, Lan Dequan, He Jie, Tang Xiaojiao, Zhang Shuzhen, Li Miao, Song Zhaobing, Liu Jie, Yao Songhua
Party A’s management team: Longhu-Bo Song, Xu Mingfu, Lv Linyi
Architectural design: Shanghai Waterstone Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Sichuan Luohan Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.
Curtain wall construction: Sichuan Longdehe Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.
Year completed: 2020
Photography: Outside photography


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