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Brusnika:1A Pervomayskaya 是位于秋明市中心的一个综合住宅区,集公寓、商业场所和公共空间于一体。建筑师将该开发项目构想为一种平衡的结构,与现有的城市中心景观相融合,并与所在城市的历史背景相契合。

Brusnika:1A Pervomayskaya is a centrally located mixed-use quarter in Tyumen, featuring apartments, business premises and public space. By development of the project, the architects conceived it as a balanced structure fitting into the existing scape of the citycentre and complementing its historical context.


© Dmitry Chebanenko


▽项目视频-雨天 Project video, rain


▽项目视频-晴天 Project video, sun


项目地块面积有限,位于建筑密集的中心区,并被 Pervomayskaya 街区一分为二,这为设计带来了不小的挑战。为了解决这个问题,建筑师保留了较大的场地用于综合用途,包括两栋公寓楼和一座办公楼;马路对面较小的地块则是一个公共公园。通过景观设计将这两个地块融为了一体。

A restricted plot squeezed into a densely built central district and divided in two by Pervomayskaya street posed a real challenge. To solve the problem, the architects reserved the larger site for mixed-use purposes with two apartment blocks and an office gallery. The smaller plot across the road houses a public park. Landscaping merges these two plots.


▽城市环境肌理 Urban context. connection

Courtesy of Brusnika
© Dmitry Chebanenko



In general, the project comprises three green zones: a public park, a semi-private reception area, and a residential private parterre park. The parterre park is designed for residents of two apartment buildings. It includes various recreational features such as a gazebo with chairs and tables, benches, and a children’s play complex with slide and swing.


▽儿童游乐设施  The children’s play complex

© Alexander Saskov
© Alexander Saskov
© Alexander Saskov


▽私人住宅花坛公园 The residential private parterre park

© Maxim Loskutov
© Maxim Loskutov
© Maxim Loskutov



The courtyard is organized as a local green space with pedestrian paths in the shade of large trees. The reception area is located into the office gallery and available for tenants, clients and residents. It’s a recreation zone with places for working, business meetings and communication. The design concept follows the idea of urbanized space, in which concrete walls and floors are mixed with living plants.


© Alexander Saskov
© Maxim Loskutov


一条人行步道串联起所有空间,并通向内设步行街和休闲场所的公共公园。160 多棵果树以及各种灌木使这里的绿化郁郁葱葱。为了突出该区域在城市景观中的主体地位,庭院、林荫道和公园之间铺设了图案各异但具有整体性的路面。该方案增强了组成元素的统一性,并增强了每个区域的真实性。

All the spaces are linked by a pedestrian avenue, leading to the public park with its walking alleys and recreational havens. The greenery here is lush and dense due to lime and bird cherry trees (over 160 in total), and diverse shrubs. To accentuate the quarter’s entity within the cityscape, uniform paving with varying patterns links the courtyard, the avenue, and the park. This solution adds homogeneity to its constituent elements and enhances the authenticity of each zone.


© Alexander Saskov
© Alexander Saskov
© Alexander Saskov



The minimalistic design and architectonic uniformity bring the estate into focus by complementing Tyumen’s historic vista. The project stands a good chance of becoming a new urban landmark.


© Alexander Saskov
© Dmitry Chebanenko


▽方案详细设计 Detail concept design

Courtesy of Brusnika



Courtesy of Brusnika




项目名称:Landscape design 1A Pervomayskaya
地点:俄罗斯 秋明 1A Pervomayskaya
营业面积:20 400平方米
景观面积:5 123平方米

总体规划:KCAP Architects & Planners, Felixx Landscape Architects
建筑设计:KCAP Architects & Planners、Brusnika. Design
摄影:Dmitry Chebanenko、Maxim Loskutov、Alexander Saskov

Project Name: Landscape design 1A Pervomayskaya
Location: 1A Pervomayskaya Street, Tyumen
Design: 2014-2018
Construction: 2018-2021
Built-up area: 0,8 ha
Gross floor area: 65 000 m2
Business premises: 20 400 m2
Residential premises: 14 800 m2
Landscape area: 5 123 m2

Developer: Brusnika
Master plan: KCAP Architects & Planners, Felixx
Landscape Architects
Architecture: KCAP Architects & Planners, Brusnika. Design
Landscape: Greenhance
Photography: Dmitry Chebanenko, Maxim Loskutov, Alexander Saskov



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