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BOXI:As Longfor’s No. 2 work in Zhaomu Mountain, Forest features both the prosperity of modern city and the natural environment of forest. When city meets forest, it creates an ideal home which combines traditional culture with modern lifestyle. Situated in the busy city and surrounded by forest, Forest allows everything and everybody to have a sense of belonging, and it leads a new trend in residential environment.


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The Forest interprets the beauty of tranquility in an artistic way




Wherever you look, you will find luxuriant green everywhere. A water bird flies over the lake and the gleaming ripples cut the lake’s surface. In the warm sunlight, people are bathed in joy and happiness, welcoming their new life with smiles.



美是理念的感性表现 Beauty is the emotional expression of ideas



Inspired by the mountain topography of Chongqing City, the architectural design is combined with the site condition, creating a low-density community which allows people to enjoy both the prosperity of the city and the quietness of forest. The unique mountainous landform contributes to the multiple space levels and finally presents a “Forest Residence” hidden in the busy city.

Silver aluminum panels and light blue glass are employed in the facade to shape an elegant and refreshing appearance. Details such as the architrave, the roof, the wall, the balcony and the trim are carefully designed, adding to the grace and elegance of the buildings.



视觉艺术的经典:静场 The classic of visual art: tranquility


Drawing inspirations from the Summer Palace, the designer has integrated Chinese and Western styles to create the modern landscapes. Open courtyards combine with small gardens which are complemented by artificial hills and waters. Decorative lines are interwoven to incorporating the concept of “forest” into furniture and sculpture.




The dominant cold-colored landscapes match the architectural style perfectly, creating a harmonious atmosphere. And the ingenious details provide people with a relaxing and peaceful experience, which allow them to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.



内外兼修,归于平和 Regain tranquility and inner peace

How to create the logo for such a “Forest Residence”?


In order to distinguish itself from today’s conventional styles, the project should return to nature and provide true and natural experience. As a result, the design of the logo focuses on “simple” and “natural” to provide the experience of seclusion in nature.





Based on the concept of “seclusion”, we hope that the logo will convey a feeling of tranquility and warmth. After studying the landscape design, the concept of “growing naturally” is extracted to create a logo “growing naturally” together with the surrounding plants.

Plant will not grow without the sun. The same is true for the logo which needs light to provide a unique visual effect. Immersive light is employed to create shadows swinging with the breeze. The logo is highly integrated with the overall environment, naturally conveying the experience of the “Forest Residence”.




In addition to the natural oxygen bar, the demonstration area is artistically decorated by a 5M high eye-catching black stone wall at the entrance. As a functional and artistic complement to the architectural space, the Logo should follow the architectural style with the same material. However, in consideration of the cost and the technology, the designer, after discussing with the structural engineers and the developer, finally chooses the black matte stainless steel instead of the black stone.




Logo form: black stone-like material + stainless steel branches. The branches are both functional and artistic. The name of the project at the entrance is coined by stainless steel, gleaming softly at night to allow people to experience the tranquility and warmth on the way back home.




Considering the overall environment, the volume of the logo is carefully designed to avoid the sense of oppression. Natural and friendly size, stone-like texture and branch form integrate the logo with the surroundings perfectly.




Close to nature, and return to inner peace. Isolated from the noise of the city and relaxed in the secret world enclosed by high walls, people will feel peaceful both physically and psychologically. Forest provides an ideal place for people escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. It evokes our yearning for nature and allows us to enjoy life to our heart’s content, picturing a beautiful future life for us.




景观设计:JTL Studio Pte. Ltd
完成年份: 2019.06
景观面积:30000 ㎡

Project name: LONGFOR FOREST
Project location: Chongqing, China
Client: Longfor Group
Visual system design: BOXI
Design team: jiang meng, tang feihua, Yang Yang, zhang hongtao, wang chenru
Company website :www.boxisign.com
Contact email: boxisign@126.com
Landscape design: JTL Studio Pte. Ltd
Outdoor soft package: box design
Construction unit: Chongqing Jisheng Garden Landscape Co. Ltd.
Year of completion: 2019.06
Landscape area: 30000 m2
Photographer: y-show (zhu hu bing, han xiao kai, jiang zengjie)



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