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LANDAU:The return of the residential area is ultimately the return of human nature. Relaxation and comfort are the spiritual and physical needs in the real sense, and in creating private space, the combination of the two is seemingly simple but actually difficult.




Before discussing design, gratitude should be expressed to Party A of “Yunmeng garden” again. It is of rare opportunity to have a project that can really follow the idea of “return to the” essence ” that we want. In real sense, it has achieved the state of appropriateness without too much luxury piles, but the presentation of finally” simple ” space, leading life to return to the human nature —— relaxation and comfort.



| 场地分析 Analysis on site


In terms of the site, the space reserved for the building is actually very clear, with a deep thin urban interface, a moderate inner court enclosure scale, a deep and quiet sunken garage for lighting and a backcourt space close to the street. If we summarize the site in one word, “squeeze” is the most accurate.


▽设计分析动图 Design analyze gif



If the “squeeze” of a space has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, the first step to return to the essence—— “relaxation and comfort” is to be “breathing and breathable”, instead of gorgeous design techniques. With the definition of this relationship, let’s reflect on the site space again. The many techniques and distractions in mind are gradually fading, and using “subtraction” to slowly analyze and peel off the site becomes the core of the design for the next two weeks.


▽空间分析 Spatial analysis


首先,第一个热烈讨论的是案名,案名有的时候看似简单,其实往往承载着设计师和甲方对于设计的情怀。对于本次的示范区,到底是“苑”还是“园”,其实我们探讨与博弈了许久,最终我们一致选定了云梦别“苑”,原因有几方面: 一方面是“苑”更显得放松化,就像自己家前后的一亩三分地,更加随自己的内心,而“园”相对正式一些,造景的紧凑与连续的引导,固然游起来是十分好的,但让人紧张了些许,我们还是希望能够达到真正的“放下”。另一方面是场地确实十分拥挤狭小,用“园”不免夸大其词,反而略显刻意,古代经典造园艺术之高,也不敢妄加模仿,仅以小“苑”自居,平易近人。

To begin with, the first heated discussion is on the name of the case, which sometimes seems to be simple, but in fact often carries the feelings of the designer and Party A for the design. For the demonstration area, , actually we had been discussing for a long time on whether it is the “garden” or “park”. Eventually, we unanimously selected “Yunmeng garden” for several reasons: on the one hand, “garden” seems to be more relaxed, like the land of our home that is more consistent with our heart while “park” is relatively formal. The compact landscape and continuous guidance are very good for use, but make people more nervous. Therefore, we hope to achieve the real “putting aside”. On the other hand, the site is really very crowded and narrow, the use of “park” inevitably exaggerates and slightly deliberates. The ancient classic garden art is remarkable, we dare not to imitate, only use a small “garden” to show our amiable and easy approach.


▽方案模型鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of the scheme model


| 界面-朦胧与对话 Interface-haziness and dialogue



As a whole, the best-loved is the hazy sense of the gate interface. The metal curtain of more than 50 meters long and six meters high has been packed in an L-shaped package, like a layer of hazy poetry, from which, one is about to meet but feel extremely implicit. When the shadow of the tree sways, the branches carry glory, I am in the curtain, and you are outside the curtain, looking at each other, existing independently, and setting off each other.

When the night falls, the lights gradually are lit up, and the interface of the wrapped metal curtain is like a girl with makeup, being dyed and refined. Walking on the external side, the state of mind becomes more subtle. The tranquil and warmth close at hand become the relaxation before entering the “garden” . And the delicacy of metal curtain lets us to touch the feeling of returning home feeling concretely for the first time.


▽入口界面 Gateway interface



Waking up in the morning, the light will shine through the treetops on the metal curtain, with a light gold, the color of the sun. Light breeze slightly consoles, passing through the gap of the metal curtain, and the green of the forest radiates out, comfortable and proper, without any burden.


▽金属连廊 Metal nest



The light blue sky, the treetops of the curtain, high and low, with edges and corners, forming the only sky boundary.


▽通过金属帘子印出美好的场景 A beautiful scene is printed through a metal curtain


| 内庭-回归与无界 Inner Chamber-return and unbounded



When turning deeply into the site, we want to use an emotional wall as the key to activate the site. While defining the line of sight at the same time, the internal and external space is separated but not isolated, and the breath is passed but not penetrated.

Fused with the deconstruction of spatial interactive links, the natural green island and modern and simple eastern architecture merge together, with each piece of lying stone form either steady or gentle, or plain or delicate, perfectly interpreting the block alternation and space penetration. The sense of no boundary makes the site a natural extension, and the soft excess also forms the ultimate visual contrast. Every tree and grass, every stone and shadow are all conveying a quiet but low-key and luxurious attitude towards life.


▽精致的墙面入口衔接内外庭院 Elaborate wall entrances connect the inner and outer courtyards



The tree shadow is mottled through the curtain mapping on the wall, and the natural light will always give people a soft and comfortable feeling without saying much, supplemented by a large area of white, the meaning of quiet arises spontaneously…


▽闲适静怡的内庭院景观 Leisurely and tranquil view of inner courtyard


| 下沉-静谧与本真 Sinking-quietness and authenticity



Light, longing and yearning, is the gift of nature; Shadow, massiness and conciseness, is the witness of authenticity.

Light and shadow are the best seasoning agents in the space atmosphere. Forwarding following the trail and stairs, the sunken courtyard is the extension of the indoor environment to the outdoor, and the shape of solitary planting is standing silently, the sky light is pouring, sometimes empty and illusionary, sometimes long and shadowy. The outline of the building is naturally reconciled, abandoning the complexity, so that we can experience the light clouds of a quiet space.


▽下沉的庭院是室内环境向室外的延展 The sunken courtyard is an extension of the interior environment to the outside



The outstanding teahouse forms a semi-enclosed chelating space, burning the light and shadow just like a time memory spreading out in front of the eyes.


▽半围合式的螯合茶室空间 Semi-enclosed chelating teahouse space


| 后院-境界与包容 Backyard-realm and inclusion



Craftily combine the overhang of the building with the frame technique of the landscape, and extend the boundary of the space to the surrounding environment. The building itself echoes with the water shadow up and down, embracing each other, and forming a harmonious unity.

Random stone bars, layers of stacked water, interrelated with but each has its own characteristics. Combined with material, color, plants, the simple and natural and modern and simple design techniques are integrated. Using the language closest to nature, bring the fun of life and physical and mental relaxation.


▽后院夜景氛围 Backyard night view atmosphere



Here, it tells the dialogue between people and the space, and creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with profound artistic conception. The symbiosis between artificial delicacy and ecological nature enables people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of life to return to their true life.


▽安静平和意境深远的后院景观 Quiet and peaceful backyard landscape


| 细节-极致与匠心 Details-perfection and ingenuity


Everything is for the high-quality presentation of the project. From the selection of seedlings to stone typesetting, and strive to control the details and scale to the extreme. Multi-material, multi-color, proofing ratio to select the ground and wall material of the best texture and color combination relationship.1:1 proofing, check the combination of metal details and stone.


▽极致与匠心的细节展示 Extreme and ingenious detail display


| 结语 Epilogue


From the beginning the project to the implementation, the project has been presented with a lot of considerations, but the original intention has not changed. It always corresponds to the relaxation and comfort of the contemporary people, and the meaning and philosophy of finding space, which together constitute the high-end gene of the project. Vegetation prevailing, poetry and adaptation are always the luxury of willing people. The story of moon and filial piety has just begun, defining the hidden luxury lifestyle that only belongs to filial piety.




Project name: Looking at the mountain moon “Yunmeng garden”
Project address: Xiaogan, Hubei province
Project owner: Wuhan United Investments and Properties Co.,LTD
Architectural design: Shuishi Design
Landscape design: LANDAU Design
Landscape construction: Hubei Huanrui Ecological Construction Co., LTD
Landscape photography: Holi landscape photography




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