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Esrawe Studio:LuzAzul空间设计旨在激活居民感官体验。这个位于图鲁姆的丛林中的由19个豪华住宅组合而成的综合体,由一系列建筑和地形构造交织整合而成,其中的空间便是用户的日常生活伴侣。

Esrawe Studio:LuzAzul composes of spaces that aim to stimulate the senses of its residents. These spaces are the companions of the everyday life of its user, configured by the architecture and tectonics that are woven and integrated into the project – a complex of 19 luxury residences in Tulum’s jungle.


▼鸟瞰 Aerial view



The project expresses as a brutalist monolithic volume that works as a frontier. It also functions as a veiled entrance to the residential compound, through which the user crosses into a pathway of light, shadows and scales alongside concrete volumes that offer a shelter from the sun. On its rooftop, pools emerge as ponds, evoking the natural vestiges of the erosion caused by the water in the cenotes; furrows are filled, and resting platforms arise to form a flooded landscape with wide views towards the jungle.


▼屋顶上的水池如天然池塘一样浮出 Pools emerge as ponds


▼丛林式景观包围的建筑立面 Facade 


▼混凝土柱穿插形成阴凉的光影通道 Concrete volumes that offer a shelter from the sun



After the monumental and monolithic lobby, an oval wooden structure creates a path which leads the user to the center of an inner patio surrounded by lush vegetation. From this courtyard a wooden staircase circling around the oval complex, connecting the houses and the communal areas, leading each resident to their respective apartments to the roof, where the pools with magnificent jungle views reside. At the ground level there is an oasis of water lilies to refresh the surroundings and the apartments.


▼内部中庭 Inner patio



Towards the outer area and through the facade, the jungle views are framed and the houses benefit from its exuberance. Towards the patio, light enters subtly through its lattice, providing a fresh breeze to the residences.




A direct and honest relationship is established between the architecture and its environment, which leans out and merges naturally with the sky and the jungle and blends with its chromatics, its sounds and its smells.


▼室内 Room



Roofs are configured with platforms that create terraces and different spaces looking towards the jungle. Suspended vegetation is integrated into the perimeter of the complex, which fuses and grants continuity to the natural environment.


▼阳台 Terrace


▼阳台夜晚效果 Terrace at night


▼水吧 Juice bar


▼泳池 Pool



The project also comprises of a wellness area which is partially sunk in the ground to provide privacy and shade, looking towards the exuberant vegetation on the ground floor.


▼康体区 Wellness area


▼一层平面图 Ground floor


▼二层平面 Level 1


▼三层平面 Level 2


▼屋顶平面 Rooftop


▼立面 Facade


▼剖面1 Section 1


▼剖面2 Section 2


▼模型俯视 Model overlook


▼模型透视及细部 Model details




建筑设计:Esrawe + Lassala+Orozco
创意指导:Esrawe + Lassala+Orozco
设计团队:Laura Vela, Brenda Vazquez, Javier Garcia-Rivera, Florencia Sandoval, Priscila Valencia Ramos
效果图:Yair Ugarte, Emanuel Miramontes, Joel Flores
品牌:Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design

Name of the project: LuzAzul
Year: 2020
Location: Aldea Zamá, Tulum, México.
Surface: 1,700 m2
Architecture: Esrawe + Lassala+Orozco
Creative Direction: Esrawe + Lassala+Orozco
Design Team: Laura Vela, Brenda Vázquez, Javier García-Rivera, Florencia Sandoval, Priscila Valencia Ramos
Renders: Yair Ugarte, Emanuel Miramontes, Joel Flores
Branding: Cadena + Asoc. Concept Design


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