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Shma Company Limited:“Medule”这个项目,是我们对将紧凑空间转变为功能性生活空间所做的一种实验。旨在改善未来生活方式,使其更注重功能性,贴合当前环境。这种新的设计方式,将占用更少的空间,以便人类在未来资源有限的日子里,仍然能够在有限的生活方式下,最大限度地进行各种日常生活活动。

Shma Company Limited:’Medule’, a project from Shma that presents an experiment of transforming compact spaces into functional living spaces. At the same time, Improving the living style to focus more on functionality and take into account the environment in particular. Through this new design approach that manages to take up less space so that in future days when the resources are limited, Humans will still be able to perform various activities in daily life to the fullest under a restricted way of living.




Designed and referenced based on collecting samples of behavior of people while in quarantine which can be divided mainly into 2 types: Vertical activities (working, eating) and Semi-sedentary activities (relaxing, sleeping). The process of analysis also includes environmental data analysis such as light, temperature, sound, smell, size, and type of material to design and refigure an environment that is suitable for humans.




Shma has designed the Medule to be assembled and disassembled into 4 units, each with a different purpose. In which an intermediary such as a Core Unit acts as a connector connecting to other units, it serves as a centerpiece and is a unit that performs standing activities such as exercise. Unit A supports activities particularly in the positions of sitting and lying down such as sleeping, working, reading, yoga, or even stargazing. Unit B supports activities where people are either sitting or standing such as working, cooking, washing dishes, or dining. Unit C serves as an auxiliary unit. it provides an extra storage space for storing equipments, pets, or a small garden for relaxation.




What will Medule bring to the ‘Future Living’ ? – Medule
Medule is a housing design that has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the amount of space that is used by humans to increase the area of ​​nature. This helps restore the limited resources and save energy. We should be looking at nature as a large house where we all live together. Medule can be used as a pilot of space resource reduction ideas. Starting from improving the living style to focus on the functionality of the space and be more considerate of the environment.

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公司名称:Shma Company Limited
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主要建筑师:Yossapon Boonsom,Kwanchanok Kongchoksamai, Napajorn Srichatsuwan, Thita Cherdkiadtikul, Poohlawat Sangduean ,Thanaphum Thongprasert ,Krittapong Yongkiatpanich,Passorn Pranpanichlert
摄影师:Napon Jaturapuchapornpong, Nawin Deangnul, Nattapong Charoenloy, Pavarisa Pongtraitip

Project Name: Medule
Office Name: Shma Company Limited
Office Website: www.shmadesigns.com
Social Media Accounts:
IG: shma_company_limited / Facebook: Shma Company Limited / Wechat: Shma Company Limited
Contact email: admin@shmadesigns.com
Firm Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 54 sq.m.
Project location: Bangkok, Thailand

Lead Architects: Yossapon Boonsom,Kwanchanok Kongchoksamai, Napajorn Srichatsuwan, Thita Cherdkiadtikul, Poohlawat Sangduean ,Thanaphum Thongprasert ,Krittapong Yongkiatpanich,Passorn Pranpanichlert
Photo Credits: Napon Jaturapuchapornpong, Nawin Deangnul, Nattapong Charoenloy, Pavarisa Pongtraitip




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