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奥雅设计:生活从来都不是那么“简单” 。随着时光流逝,生活充满了变化在变化中,我们也在不断地探寻什么是对未来理想人居的新追求?

L&A Design: Life is never “simple”. As time goes by, life is full of changes, we are also constantly seeking what is the new pursuit of the ideal future of human living?


▼项目视频 Video


“时光” 的启程| Time‘s departure


Light was born here, time interspersed and bloomed. The garden enclosed by light and forest is the beginning of life chasing light and dreams.


▼不规则的几何入口空间 Irregular geometric entrance space



Time moves in rhythm between the low walls under the forest,stretching between the green grass and falling water.The turning and changeable space making art and elegance accessible and it is also a guide for dreamers.


▼几何形入口镜面水景 Geometric entrance mirrored waterscape


“蓝色” 的浪漫| “Blue” romance


The entrance here are the blue waves of the pool,the beginning of the extreme relaxation and the cozy immersion of life.




The landscaped pool is part of the future life, and the sequence combination of azure mosaic at the bottom of the pool presents a budding floral texture, which is an indispensable element for creating a resort feel.


▼度假泳池鸟瞰 Aerial view of resort pool

▼白色格栅廊架、躺椅体验度假感 White grille gallery, lounge chairs to experience the sense of vacation


“种子” 的游戏 | “Seeds” game


The little lion Xin Ba lives on a planet called Happy Forest,where has a rare and valuable source of happiness energy. One day, the earthlings Xiao Xin and Xiao Li are given the mission to find happiness energy for the earth. They take a spaceship to the planet of Xin Ba for help, and little Xin Ba is ready to help them collect seven different happiness seeds together, namely optimism, perseverance, wisdom, diligence, bravery, confidence and patience seed pieces, and go through seven different trials and tribulations to finally synthesize happiness energy.





The children’s area consists of eight main sections: Optimism – Through the Waterfall, Confidence – Book House Treasure Hunt, Bravery – Leap the Canyon, Diligence – Ant Tree Cave, Patience – Rope of Air, Wisdom – Forest of Labyrinth, Persistence – Extreme Climbing, and Happiness Energy.

The entrance shape is inspired by a spaceship, and the cabin is designed with characteristic lights as well as story clues to create a sense of story atmosphere and to engage children through exploring the adventure of Xin Ba IP.






The sloped area caters to children’s climbing needs, with different climbing heights to suit all ages and adventure levels, while the big sand pit is a gathering place for creative sand piling.





The multi-functional shaped art gallery bridge is where kids show off their self-confidence – sliding down the seed slide, running up and down the gallery bridge, weaving and climbing underneath it.





A stylized wall combined with the little Xin Ba IP connects the children’s favorite swings and vertical climbing ropes. The benches next to the tree pond allow parents to take a break while watching their children and reminiscing about their own childhood days.





This is the most interesting place! The 3.6m high seed tree house slide lets older children enjoy the full thrill of the adventure, and the 5.4m high second floor climbing bungee net can accommodate a large group of children overlooking the excellent view of the entire site.





Adults need more patience than kids! This is an adult fitness area with a composite exercise ring that integrates multiple functions such as climbing, core muscle group exercise, vertical stretching, aerobics, rest and so on.It can also be used as a caretaker area.





There is a stage theatre for individuality and a perfect place for neighbourhood interaction; next to it are activity equipments for babies and young children, including creative listening devices, rocking horses, a graffiti wall, rest area, hand sinks and seed rest huts.





The changeable and combinable puzzle game wall is the thinking space for children to develop their intelligence and imagination. The floor is painted with sports patterns such as long jump and running, making it more functional.





Finally, the “Happy Energy” station! The dry fountain square for water playing, the pine cone interactive water spraying device, and the leaf-shanped spraying device are all cheering for the children’s victory.



设计师的向往| Designer’s Aspirations


In the midst of all the chaos, we dream of good times, of time that lasts forever. We yearn for the energy, inspiration and encouragement in the art and beauty atmosphere; we yearn for the romance of the blue to shed all the fatigue, immerse in the breeze and waves, and bathe in the sunlight; we yearn for the colorful fairy tale world, chasing and playing, splashing dreams. We hope to take these wonderful times into our community life and immerse ourselves in happiness.


▼项目整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view of the project




项目名称:南昌新力宝龙 · 理想城
客户名称:新力地产 宝龙地产
景观设计:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目二组

采写 / 奥雅设计 上海公司 项目二组
编辑 / Christine
摄影 / 韦立伟 南昌新力
视频 / 韦立伟 邓泳菁
后期 / 陈敏

Project Name: Nanchang Sinic & Powerlong – Ideal City
Project Location:Honggu Tan, Nanchang
Project Type: Residential Community
Landscape area: 18,000㎡
Client: Sinic Holdings (Group) Company Limited and Powerlong Real Estate Holdings Limited
Construction unit: Jiangxi Sinic Land Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Project Group 2 of L&A Design Shanghai Company
Design Time: 2020.12
Completion Time: 2021.09

Writing: Project Group 2 of L&A Design Shanghai Company
Editor: Christine
Photography: Wei Liwei,Nanchang Sinic
Video: Wei Liwei,Deng Yongjing
Retouch: Chen Min




审稿编辑:王琪 -Maggie

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