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DOMANI:We seem to be at the bottom of a pond, moving from one moon to another.


▼动态图- 象征月相阴晴变化轮回的24颗等质金属球 The 24 metal balls of equal quality symbolize the cycle of the moon’s cloudy and sunny changes

▼设计分析 Analysis


▼视频 Video


无关的串联及‘有趣’ Unrelated series and ‘interesting’


The design concepts are inspired by classical mechanics, with “Newton” and “the Moon” as the theme, we are trying to show a grand and interesting imagination by describing the potential connection between physics and spirit.




As a kinetic energy device in classical physics, Newton’s force pendulum is symbolically enlarged into a giant space experimental device. The 24 metal balls of equal quality symbolize the cycle of the moon’s cloudy and sunny changes. The device will enhance the spatial interactivity with high frequency, and form a strong spatial memory point. The high-altitude suspension device will extend the user’s space experience from the single level space to 25 hollow spaces, and throw the user’s imagination to the boundless.




The case is about the sales center of Fangzhi real estate in Shenzhen area, which with five years of sales operation, and then the compound function of citizens’ free reading center and children’s activity center. Therefore, the spatial function needs to be highly variable, and its orientation should be “precise while fuzzy”.



被放弃和抵抗性的材料 The abandonment and maintainability of material


Space itself is a contradictory thing. The abandonment of material nature can be understood as the return of spatial techniques to composition and sense. In the macroscopic material logic, color selection is the most significant visual control. It can be chaotic, strong, and thick, while can also be an agreement or confrontation to the environment. The maintainability of material function is the primary criterion for high frequency application. Therefore, colored terrazzo is regarded as the only main material with strong versatility or industrial degree, which is used for space homogenization treatment. Its performance is enough to cope with the continuous adjustment and change demand, so as to adapt to a variety of unpredictable situations.



去中心化及空间流动性 Decentralization and spatial mobility


The designer adopts the concept of randomness and decentralization to present the design strategy of this case. Unknown and freedom are the core creative concepts. They are based on different time lines, aiming at different groups of people, and become the clue of different places. At the same time, it can improve the utilization rate of space and enrich the spatial levels of different aspects.




As the only strengthened formal symbols, sphere and circle runs through the construction of that space, furniture, installation and commercial themes. The circular column involves the relatively rigid structural column of the original building, forms the free moving line of spatial function through random layout, and organizes the target points of spatial activity settlement by combining the open layout and the sphere settlement. The spatial facade / boundary of the glass digestion of the frameless curtain wall completely releases the randomness of the internal moving line, and obtains a sense of freedom in the field of vision.




Furniture models are from Ann & Vincent’s advanced customization products. Designers integrate the curiosity of materials and characteristic elements into the furniture to provide a variety of interesting and practical design products.




Solid wood plate of 6-degree chair from A & V advanced customization products is selected to show simple and efficient structural performance.




“Multi legged insects” series, the main types of reading tables and chairs in this case, is radiate vitality with “clumsy feeling”. From the safety point of view, the arc edge design can reduce the risk of visitors’ collision, and the flexible combination of different modules of the leg structure of the multi legged insect brings diversity and flexibility.


▼室内家具 Interior furnishing


▼平面图 Plan



项目名称:牛顿与月亮 —— 方直谷仓府深圳销售中心
主案设计:Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI东仓建设
协作设计:Ona Lin 林晓含、Candy Wang 王晓君等 | DOMANI 东仓建设
传媒管理:李云云 Coco Lee | DOMANI东仓建设

Name: Newton and Moon – FAITHLAND GROUP The Grace Land Shenzhen Sale Centre
Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 2000㎡
Date: 2019.12
Interior Design: Ann Yu | DOMANI
Installation: A&V
Cooperative Design: Ona Lin, Candy Wang, etc. | DOMANI
Media Management: Coco Lee | DOMANI


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