Studio Outside作为1962年在美国建立的第一家露天购物中心之一,奥克布鲁克中心目前是芝加哥地区最大的零售目的地之一。 工作室团队创造了一个当代优雅的网站调色板材料,以振兴和升级老化设施。 通过创建一系列连接的“社区”和内部“区域”,该物业定位为重新成为经验丰富的区域性目的地,以进一步提高Oakbrook未来50年的成功。

Studio OutsideKnown as one of the first open-air shopping centers built in the United States in 1962, Oakbrook Center currently serves as one of the largest retail destinations in the Chicago area. The studio team created a contemporary, elegant site palette of materials to revitalize and upgrade the aging facility. By creating a series of connected “neighborhoods” and interior “districts,” the property is positioned to reemerge as an experience-rich regional destination to further Oakbrook’s success for the next 50 years.




客户:General Growth Properties
项目合作伙伴: Omniplan Architects

Photography by Arlen Kennedy.
Client: General Growth Properties
Project Partner: Omniplan Architects

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