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Langarita Navarro:​Olimpo Nômade 是为音乐节上表演艺术家们打造的“移动城市”。这里是音乐家们在演出前准备的地方,也是他们在音乐会或表演结束后与同龄人一起放松和休闲的地方。它是一个轻巧、可折叠、可运输的“银河”城市,无论音乐节在哪里展开,它们都是一场难忘经历和传奇聚会的支撑和背景。

Langarita Navarro:Olimpo Nômade is an itinerant city for the performing artists at a music festival. It is the place where the musicians get ready before their performance, where they can relax and chill out with their peers after the concert or session. It is a lightweight, foldable, and transportable ‘galactic’ city that, wherever it is unfolded, serves as the support and backdrop for memorable experiences and legendary gatherings.


© Luis Díaz Díaz


Olimpo Nômade 首次在葡萄牙阿尔加维波尔蒂芒海滩的沙滩上铺展。一系列设备在满足节日需要的同时,还创造了一系列重要的广场和外部休息娱乐区,并通过一系列不同的棕榈树和渔网提供遮阳保护。

For its first deployment, it was unfolded on the sands of Portimão beach, in the Algarve, Portugal. A series of devices serviced the needs of the festival while also creating a collection of important squares and exterior areas for rest and recreation, offering protection from the sun with a series of different palms and fishing nets.


© Luis Díaz Díaz




An oasis of sand and palm trees saw a grand complex bring a stretched doughnut, bubbles, and a reflective palace that are able to disappear into the surroundings.

A camp of bubbles serves as the dressing rooms. Each on of them is formed by two different-sized bubbles; one providing space for the changing room and the other, with a large skylight, a common area to share with friends and members of the crew before heading on stage.


© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz



The doughnut is a living room; a continuous, white, edgeless, inflatable structure spanning five hundred square metres, intersected by a yellow cylinder and triangular prism that serve as air vents as well as emergency access and exits. Inside, a calm patio with palm trees.


© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz


“反光宫殿”为表演者提供了三间更衣室。在一个 9 x 9 x 9 米的脚手架结构上,有一个完美的镜像立方体,两侧各有一个 3 x 3 x 3 米的空洞,作为私人露台和独立通道。

The palace groups three dressing rooms for the headliners. A perfect, mirrored cube on a 9 x 9 x 9-metre scaffold structure, pierced on each side by 3 x 3 x 3-metre voids that serve as private terraces and independent accesses.


© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz



On the roof, a blue-carpeted viewpoint with reflective balustrade seems to fly above the surroundings. A strange and otherworldly object.


© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz



The aim of the project is to provide the festival with a practical, lightweight, durable, and foldable infrastructure that can be stored and transported in a minimal number of containers, preserving its aesthetic relevance for as long as possible, without sacrificing a certain fantastical monumentality. An portable Olympus for contemporary gods.


© Luis Díaz Díaz
© Luis Díaz Díaz


▽项目图纸 Project drawings

© Langarita Navarro
© Langarita Navarro
© Langarita Navarro




项目名称:Olimpo Nômade
项目地点:葡萄牙 Portimao

设计公司:Langarita Navarro
首席建筑师:María Langarita、Víctor Navarro
设计团队:Javier Estebala Alández、onio Antequera Reviriego、Fran Abellán Estevan
充气式建筑:Espacio La Nube. Álvaro Gomis、Hugo Cifre、Miguel Ángel Maure.
节日:Afronation + Rolling Loud
推广人:Event Horizon + Rolling Loud
Elliott Jack & Dominik Prosser.
后台经理:Elliott Jack、Dominik Prosser、Raul Caldeira & Theodora Karakassi.
安装/充气/操作团队:Roberto、André、Bruno、Cabral、Miguel、Igor、Janeta、Mauro、Ricardo、Hugo Morals、Luis Claudio, Andre Paulino de Oliveira、Gleison Barbosa Flor、Wallace Sousa、Mateus、João Figueirinha

图片来源:Luis Díaz Díaz

Project Name: Olimpo Nômade
Completion Year: 2022
Scale: Backstage for an itinerant music festival
Project Location: Portimao, Portugal

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Langarita Navarro
Website: www.langarita-navarro.com
Contact e-mail: langaritanavarro@gmail.com
Lead Architects: María Langarita and Víctor Navarro
Design Team: Javier Estebala Alández, Antonio Antequera Reviriego and Fran Abellán Estevan.
Inflatable architecture: Espacio La Nube. Álvaro Gomis, Hugo Cifre, Miguel Ángel Maure.
Festivals: Afronation + Rolling Loud
Promoters: Event Horizon + Rolling Loud
Elliott Jack & Dominik Prosser.
Backstage Managers: Elliott Jack, Dominik Prosser, Raul Caldeira & Theodora Karakassi.
Install / Inflate / Operational Team: Roberto, André, Bruno, Cabral, Miguel, Igor, Janeta, Mauro, Ricardo, Hugo Morals, Luis Claudio, Andre Paulino de Oliveira, Gleison Barbosa Flor, Wallace Sousa, Mateus, João Figueirinha

Photo Credits: Luis Díaz Díaz
Photographer’s Website: www.luisdiazdiaz.com




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