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奥雅 :御景湖山项目位于重庆渝北区北部新城礼嘉组团,毗邻嘉陵江。重庆地理位置得天独厚,四周被青山环抱,双江在此汇流,就像一处都市桃源。这让奥雅设计想到了陶渊明的《桃花源记》,可是如何在一个人造的艺术空间中表现自然的意境,设计师们认为不是简单的元素引入,也不是复杂的场景组合。

L&A:The project is located in Chongqing, adjacent to Jialing river. Chongqing enjoys a unique geographical position and is surrounded by green hills. Two rivers meet here like an urban paradise. This reminds L&A of the story ” peach blossoms” of Tao Yuanming . However, designers think that it is neither a simple introduction of elements nor a complex combination of scenes to express the natural artistic conception in an artificial artistic space.




There must be a humanistic artistic background in the human settlement environment, and nature should be a plant that takes root and thrives in a suitable artistic container. Therefore, L&A design has turned the site into a demonstration area of Chongqing’s ” artistic nature” and an artistic valley park.
In terms of design, nature is not vegetation landscape, but artistic conception and soul. What needs to be done is not to introduce nature, but to express nature. Therefore, the designer carefully chose the three natural elements of mountain, valley and lake to express the artistic conception of Xanadu.





The artistic conception of the whole site was built according to the trip to discover Xanadu. Therefore, beside the mountain gate, there was a flowering tree array that entered the gate and then came out through a narrow gate. It was a flower mirror of a redbud forest.
L&A chose two natural elements, stream and forest, to present a stream forest park to Chongqing. The view wall at the entrance symbolizes the cliff wall, with star lights. the pattern at the entrance gate adopts the silhouette of a forest. a forest growing on the cliff wall gives people a sense of strength.





The stream is winding and leads to the distance. Flowering trees are profound and poetic.
Therefore, the road is similar to the shallow pool of a stream and meanders along the terrain to the distance in landscape design. Trees are planted in flowers, focusing on creating the profoundness and poetry of flowering trees.





Finally through the open creek forest, suddenly enlightened, a serene lake reflected the building, walked into the building lobby, along the scenery outside the window, the end of the corridor is gravel courtyard, visitors can sit on the sofa beside staring blankly, of course, you can also approach pacing and thinking.
The bottom of the pond is paved with irregular stones. The free and poetic texture of the shape is reflected on the water surface through shallow water, creating texture contrast and mutual lining with the building.




The overall design of project has created the urban peach blossom source belonging to Chongqing by endowing the place with unique connotation and artistic conception. In the process of building, the original site’s function will be awakened, and through clever design, a rich space experience will be created.


总平面图  Master Plan




Project name: PANORAMA
Location: Chongqing,China
Project type: Municipal public buildings
Landscape area: whole:119612㎡;demonstration area:19000㎡
Plot ratio: 2.72
Greening rate: 30 %
Client: Chongqing huayu
Landscape design: L&A Shenzhen
Architectural design: Shanghai Tianhua
Interior design: ( sales department ) Shenzhen Shangshi design
( sample room ) S.U.N Design
Design time: 2017.10


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