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SelgasCano:全新多元的Martell亭馆由西班牙建筑事务所SelgasCano设计,建造在Martell企业基金会的场地上。在第一阶段的工作中,设计的目标是要让基金会后面全是铺装的大庭院丰富起来。继设计师Vincent Lamouroux设计的装置Par nature之后,Martell亭馆的面世为基金会建筑的外部设计带来了建筑和国际层面的新维度。

SelgasCano:The site-specific commission of the Fondation d’entreprise Martell, the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano, is a new, multifaceted architectural project created by Spanish architects SelgasCano and intended to completely fill the vast paved courtyard situated behind the Foundation during the first phase of work. After the installation Par nature by Vincent Lamouroux, the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano, conceived this time for the exterior of the building, brings a new architectural and international dimension to the Foundation.


© Iwan Baan


▼亭馆由高科技材料构建的模块组成  This exterior pavilion is comprised of modules constructed from hi-tech materials.

© Iwan Baan



True to their aesthetic of transparency and openness to the outside world, SelgasCano constructed the pavilion from a metal framework covered by a translucent material developed by French brand Onduline. Strong and watertight, the material is permeated by a soft, changing light which creates intriguing iridescent effects. The rainbow reflections thus created are ideally suited to the architects’ aesthetics. This large pavilion, composed of flexible and organic shapes, is in harmony with environment, the architects defending the idea that “nature must prevail over architecture”. The Pavilion also illustrates the transversality of technologies, uses and materials, which is a major focus for future projects developed by the Foundation.


© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan


亭馆主要用于接待游客和开展活动,是一个汇集了以活动和主题为中心的多样化设计,这些活动和主题也昭示着Martell企业基金会的规划内容。布置在场馆内的充气座椅通过皮带连接在一起,在研讨会、音乐会、演讲、集市、游戏、放松、散步等场合中为游客提供一个可以坐下、倚靠或伸展身体的地方。从2017年夏天开始,参观者能够与受邀设计师(包括Atelier W110和71bis)以及艺术合作伙伴(如Abbaye aux Dames)一起享受这场基于表现和创作的设计体验。

Designed to host visitors and events, the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano brings together a diverse programme centred on activities and themes that prefigure the Fondation d’entreprise Martell’s programming. Inflatable seats installed in the structure, attached by straps, will allow visitors to sit, lean, or stretch out in the context of workshops, concerts, presentations, conferences, markets, games, moments of relaxation, wanderings, etc. From summer 2017, visitors will be able to enjoy creation and performance-based experiences with invited designers including Atelier W110 and 71bis, and artistic partners such as the Abbaye aux Dames.


© Iwan Baan


▼Martell场馆夜景  Night view of Pavilion Martell 

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

▼平面和剖面  Plan and Section

© selgascano


项目名称: Martell亭馆
设计师: selgascano设计事务所. 设计师José Selgas & Lucía Cano
贡献者: 建筑师Bárbara Bardin
建设公司: Lastra&Zorrilla
工程: IDI ingenieros
客户: Martell基金会
建设场地: 科尼亚克和非洲
竣工日期: 2017年6月
照片来源: Iwan Baan
面积: 1340平方米
尺寸: (17.50 x 76.80) m
最大高度: 4.05 m
截面数: 31个/ 每个宽2.40m
-结构: 钢管/ ∅5cm.2844延米
-顶: Onduline品牌的卷,1.25米宽/ 共2370平方米
-家具和基础设施: 充有空气和水的PVC黄色垫子
∅40=314 units
∅20= 472 units
tela (宽2.30米) = 125米
-地板: 广场现有的铺装和指定区域的木材
现场安装过程: 耗时370小时

Project name: Pavilion Martell
Architect: selgascano. José Selgas & Lucía Cano
Contributors: Architects: Bárbara Bardin
Construction Enterprise: Lastra&Zorrilla
Engineering: IDI ingenieros
Client: Fondation Martell
Site: Cognac and Africa
Completion date: June 2017
Photographs: Iwan Baan
Area = 1340 sqm
Dimensions = (17,50 x 76,80) m
Max. Height = 4,05 m
Number of sections: 31 of 2,40 m wide each.
– Structure: Steel tubes . ∅5cm. 2844 linear meters
– Finish: Onduline in rolls 1,25m wide. 2370 sqm
– Furniture and foundation of the pavilion: PVC yellow cushions inflated with air and water.
∅40=314 units
∅20= 472 units
tela (wide=2,30m)= 125m
– Flooring: existing of the square and wood in pointed areas
Mounting process on site: time 370 hours


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