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山山园林Chapter01 再做一场山水梦 Dreaming of the landscape again



Shanshan Landscape:Shanshan Garden specializes in the design and creation of garden courtyards. Partners and colleagues are a group of people who yearn for nature, close to mountains and water, and love design.

Two years before the epidemic, a studio we had painstakingly created in Daging Valley was demolished due to historical problems with the landlord’s land procedures.


▽大清谷工作室鸟瞰图 Aerial view of Daqing Valley studio

▽大清谷工作室被拆毁 The Great Qing Valley Studio was demolished



In order to have a new place for the studio to land, in 2019 we searched and found a disused pit in Outer Kiriwu, now known as Shanshan Gardens. This pit site covers an area of roughly 15 acres (about 10,000square meters), surrounded by a landscape of mountains and forests, gathering air and leaving the world alone. Although it is a deserted mine and a construction dump, the first time we stepped into the site, we were deeply attracted by its hidden and omnipresent beauty.


▽山山园林原始场地·航拍 Shanshan Garden original site · Aerial photography



East of the site is the West Lake Scenic Area rolling hills, the foot of the mountain for the early years of mining quarry formation of steep cliffs, the mouth of the cliffs left a long white water pipe, hanging above the dark-colored cliffs, from a distance, such as waterfalls, a natural Fan Kuan landscape imagery.


▽山山园林原始状态·垃圾矿场 The original state of mountain garden · Garbage mine



Inadvertently we found that the demolition of the Daqing Valley Studio garbage is also dumped here, can not help but let a person sigh and sigh, the creation of a man. We immediately decided to create our new studio in the ruins of this wreckage and dream about the landscape again.


▽山山园林位于西湖群山西侧景象 Mountain garden is located on the west side of the west Lake mountains


Chapter02 让场地自己做设计 Let the venue do its own design

● 2019.05.24团队首次勘探原矿坑现场。

2019.05.24 Team’s first exploration of the original pit site.


▽团队首次勘探原矿坑记录 The team first explored the original mine records

▽原始废弃矿坑状态 Original abandoned mine condition

▽原始废弃建筑状态 Original abandoned building condition


● 2020年,我们将场地4000立方左右的原始建筑垃圾(大约一米厚)清理出场,再填入4000立方左右的种植土,一直到2022年才将场地整理完毕。



In 2020, we cleared the site of about 4,000 cubic yards of raw construction debris(about a meter thick) and filled it with about 4,000 cubic yards of planting soil, which took until 2022 to finish the site.

Shanshan garden to create the entire project landing in the early stages and camping process, have been highly recognized and strongly supported by the West Lake District and the village of Wai Tongwu collective leadership.

During this period, we joined forces with the village to further pave roads, renovate original abandoned buildings, and solve practical problems such as geologic hazards and flood control at the site.


▽草坪区域清理垃圾 Remove litter from the lawn area

▽填入4000立方左右的种植土 Fill it with about 4,000 cubic meters of planting soil

▽改造原始废弃建筑 Renovate original abandoned buildings


● 2021.09.27在土地规整两年之后开始正式动工。



Construction began on September 27, 2021, after two years of land preparation.

Once again from the actual on-the-ground problems, the first thing to be solved is the thorny site disaster and mountain flood prevention problems. The mountain has been hollowed out by mining for many years, and the natural relationship between its slopes has been cut off, so that water seeping out of the valley on rainy days is likely to cause landslides or flood impacts, thus leading to frequent geologic disasters.

For this reason, we established a set of ecological storage and drainage system that can take into account rainwater collection and evacuation according to the vertical orientation of the site, and integrated it into the overall landscape layout in the form of natural lakes and ponds and streams.


▽山体滑坡高发区域 High incidence of landslides

▽雨季洪水高发区域 Areas with high incidence of flooding during the rainy season

▽建立可兼顾雨水收集、疏导的生态蓄排水系统 Establish an ecological storage and drainage system that can take into account rainwater collection and drainage





Problems Facing the Remodeling of Primitive Architectural Spaces:

The abandoned building on the site is the original miner’s dormitory, there is a two-story brick structure small building and L-shaped brick structure of the old tiled house, the building due to the reason of old age, resulting in the poor structural quality of the house, the openings are closed and narrow, but fortunately the building as a whole presents a very simple state, it is independent of the west side of the West Lake group of mountains and the part of the corner, with a small independent ecology, the building is very close to the neighboring mountain relations The distance between the building and the surrounding mountains is also very ideal.

Therefore, our idea of transforming the building space is simple: the building can meet the basic needs of office and living and at the same time be highly integrated into nature.


▽原始矿工宿舍砖木结构瓦房 The original miners dormitory brick and wood structure tile house

▽年久失修长满杂草的前院 Overgrown front yard in disrepair

▽原始建筑室内窗景 Original building interior window view



Interestingly, with the unique natural foundation of the site, the design of the site has gradually become easy to solve, and our design is almost completed while the construction is in progress, abandoning the conventional project design process and attempting to “let the site do its own design”.


▽一闪而过的设计灵感草绘于现场墙壁 A flash of design inspiration is sketched on the site walls

▽蚱蜢是第一个造访的客人 The grasshopper was the first visitor




According to the original on-site design conditions, the design basically follows the shape of the situation, or the scene to random. Both the site and the building are guiding us, either explicitly or implicitly, to clarify its own program.

We want everything to look the way it grows naturally.


▽屾光茶室增加开窗后形成的窗景 The window scenery formed after the Windows were opened in the Shenjia light tea room was added

▽窗景手绘草案之一 One of the hand-painted drafts of the window scenery

▽屾光茶室建成后实景 The two light tea room after the completion of the real scene




The creation of each space and area is worthy of scrutiny, and the building process is the equivalent of opening up and rebuilding.

After removing a large amount of stacked garbage, it costs more than rebuilding to reinforce the original building structure, the construction of the landscape and then according to the natural vegetation around the organic integration of gardening thinking into the construction process, sometimes in the stacking of stones, encountered a suitable stone, the stone will be put into the space is not completely renovated, and then do the rest of the knocking, the stone is equivalent to the owner of the preconceived notions!


▽现场吊石头 stoning

▽风雪中现场作业 Field work in snow and snow

▽把石头移入室内空间 Move the stone into the interior space

▽被捆绑着的石头像梵高耳朵 The bound stones look like van Gogh’s ears




Clues to the beauty of a project site that inspire a design response are often ubiquitous and need to be sensitively discovered and captured by the designer.

A bird’s-eye view of the entire circular valley, the earth littered with garbage and debris, seems to be a huge scar, we use these in-ground design clues to try to dig out the spirituality of the site, and then the inspiration of earth art was created – Phoenix Nirvana.


▽有如凤凰涅槃形态的大地艺术草坪 Like a phoenix nirvana form of the earth art lawn



Abandoned oil tanks become the eye of the earth, its body hovering over the ruins of the past, and the opposite fins, implying the potential traces left by the giant in the calm abyss, which coincides with the meaning of “lris flying against the sky, fish leaping over the abyss” in the “Poetry Scriptures -Daya – dry foot”.


▽油罐上切下来的边角料成为潜藏于大地的雕塑 The scraps cut from the tank become sculptures hidden in the earth

▽给大地穿上网袜 Wear Internet socks to the earth

▽草地上的“霍比特”人 The “hobbit” in the grass

▽2023年新生的草地 The new grass in 2023

▽夜晚的大地之眼 The eye of the earth at night



In 2022, it took nearly three years from conception and design to realization. After overcoming all the difficulties, the man-made part of the landscape architecture has taken shape, and the rest will be left to time and nature. We firmly believe that Shanshan’s garden space will continue to grow in a natural and organic state and will eventually be highly integrated into nature.


▽设计草图 Design sketch

▽山山园林局部平面图 Local plan of Shanshan garden


▽山山园林完成实景 Shan Shan garden completed the real scene



Chapter03 让自然再设计 Landscape of the Mind

/山水 Sansui



Landscape has always been the spiritual guide of the Yamayama Gardens. Since ancient times, China has always been inseparable from landscape, from philosophy, literature, painting to gardens, and even music ……Landscape, what does it really mean to us? Landscape is our eternal theme, the home of our soul.

Where is the landscape? Landscapes are in our poems, books and paintings, in a piece of guqin; where are landscapes? The landscape is in our homeland, in the ruins of our homeland; where is the landscape? Landscape in the heart, in a blueprint of our gardeners.





Since ancient times, the garden is our excellent traditional Chinese culture and art of the collector and an important carrier, now, once brilliant Chinese gardens have been declining? As a practitioner in the garden industry, how can we better promote and revitalize our garden culture?

The answers are all in the landscape, which is always our spiritual guide and source of inspiration.



/窗 Window


Simply put, our studio is a space connected by a bunch of windows with different expressions. This is also the starting point of our design logic, which is to construct and organize the space through different “windows of different sizes and mindless paintings” in the landscape, hoping that the whole space can realize some of the so-called “Walking, Looking, Dwelling, and Swimming”meanings in “Linquan Gaozhi”.


▽2023年百年杜鹃开花了 The centennial cuckoo blooms in 2023

▽茶室转角的窗景 Window view from the corner of the tea room

▽四季变化的窗景 A window view of the changing seasons



Many of the perspectives of Shanshan Gardens are opened by windows, which are the eyes of the building. A good architectural space is almost always accompanied by a window. With a window there is light, there is wind, there is scenery, there is a dialog with nature, a dialog with oneself and a different way of looking at the world.




Windows can dissolve the building proper and bring it harmoniously into nature and to life. A window here holds our own yearning for nature and our belief in the landscape.



/ 屾光茶室 Dissimilarity Tea Room



There is a quiet and tranquil tea room in the Shan Shan Garden called Dissipation Light.

The special feature of the tea room is that it is a triangular-plan space, with the long side facing west, and a wide view window about seven meters long. Visually, it is an outward-facing space, and one’s line of sight will be pulled up and away by the verdant mosses, lush forests, and waterfalls in the high distance outside the window.




Emotionally, it is yet an inward-looking space. After passing through the twists and turns, light and darkness, wide and narrow contrasting progression of the passage in front of the tea room, almost every guest entering the tea room will be deeply touched by this window of landscapes, which is inward-looking into the heart of the landscapes.


▽屾光茶室依形就势的手绘草案之一 One of the hand-drawn drafts for the two shining tea rooms




The tea room space houses a collection of stones that we particularly cherish and have religious connotations.

Twisting in from the entrance aisle space and then onto the wood floor area, as you bend down and take off your shoes to complete a series of maneuvers, you look up and the stone, directly in front of you, is an abstract sideways face of the head of the Buddha.







After entering the tea room, you will find that its front facade is another form, that is, the stone has been eroded by the geology for many years into the image of flowing water, we will face it towards the west, it is a solid, silent, silent waterfalls, and the window outside the forest in the figurative waterfalls in the high ground echoed.

Under the window’s hollow soundproof glass, the two waterfalls are in silent dialog, silent than sound. When the warm light of the afternoon sunset slowly wanders on the stone wall, the whole space is flowing with a warm and divine religious meaning.






When the breathing rhythm of light and shadow pulls the change of seasons, the tea room is illuminated by light and shadow, projected onto the space of the white space, and becomes an ever-changing natural screen, cloudy, sunny, rainy, snowy, four seasons are enough to be wonderful, and when you are in the room, you will perceive the flow of time and the shape of light and wind. The charm of the tea room lies in the fact that it is not beautiful because of people, but only responds to the call of nature’s interpretation.

Outside the window is a natural bath for birds, and the vicinity of the waterfall often attracts mysterious animal visitors.



/ 石 Stone


It is said that “if the heart does not call to things, things will not come”, we can always come across our favorite kinds of stones and flowers, and they always give people unlimited inspiration and nourishment.






For example, the stone we named “Dream Horse”, we rarely come across such a sculptural and powerful natural stone, it is the spiritual totem of our entire garden space.

It is like a galloping horse, we stand it in the imbalance state of will fall and not fall, it has no eyes and no limbs, there is a stubborn pointing to the landscape, running to the landscape of the free spirit.


▽梦马石与瀑布 Dream horse rock and waterfall




The process of realizing the ideal, there will always be a lot of frustration, design and gardening on the road for so many years we live although it is not easy, but there are many unique to garden designers, gardeners have the joy.

The years have lost their words, but the stone can speak, it will always spur us to chase their own landscape ideal.






Project name: PINXU
Project type: shanshan landscape design studio
Designer: shanshanlandscape
Contact email: 2028211489@qq.com
Project design: shanshanlandscape
Year completed: Completion date of Phase I – 2023
Design team: shanshanlandscape
Project Address: No.20, Waitongwu Industrial Park, Xihu District, Zhuantang Street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Building area: 15 acres; About 10,000 square meters
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