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GVL:Located on Hailing Island, Bunlos Bay is surrounded by the sea on the south and mountains on the other sides. As an AAAAA National Tourist Attraction, Hailing Island has been awarded the“Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in China”by Chinese National Geography Magazine for three successive years. According to the analysis on the natural resources and local culture of the Bunlos Bay, the designers have taken modern lifestyle into consideration and begun the design with the sea, the mountains, the forests, the farmland and the architecture.  


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GVL’s design for Bunlos Secret Land is based on the respect to nature without any excessive decorations. According the chief designer, “through our design, the mountains and the sea will remain what they used to be.”


▼日景鸟瞰  Day Aerial View

▼夜景鸟瞰  Night Aerial View


总平面图  Master Plan



The Sea

Horizon Swimming Pool




What people really longs for is the inner peace and true freedom. To improve the sea experience, the designers have created a 700 ㎡ infinity pool on the top of the resort hotel. When swimming in the pool, people will feel like floating in the sea without any bound.


▼天际泳池日景   Day View of the Horizon Pool



The pool enjoys an unparalleled open view, but to ensure the safety of the swimmers, fences are usually needed. In order to ensure safety without sheltering the beautiful views, the designers have drawn inspirations from the courses on the beaches and created a groove along the edge of the swimming pool.  




The water level of the swimming pool is higher than the curtain wall, and a gutter between the swimming and the building is created in case of overflowing. In this way, the tourists will not only enjoy the unique views but also the free swimming time. In addition, it has provided a shallow-water area which allows children to enjoy themselves.


▼天际泳池夜景   Night View of the Horizon Pool 




Mountain Path




The path runs along the rocks and mountains. Following the rules of nature. Paved by stones, the 3 km long zigzag mountain blends in with its surroundings perfectly. As the designers once said, “Compared with the eternal nature, other things begin and end just in a flash. Therefore, the landscape design should not dominate the existing environment.” 




The mountain path is not created for reaching the peak but for unique visual and sports experience. Nowadays more and more people are concerned about health and many of them have exercise habits. Imagine jogging along the mountain path at dawn or at dusk, with the blue sea on one side and green mountains on the other, how contented and satisfied one will feel!  





Coconut Forest and Beach 



700 m long coconut forest stands between the buildings and the sea, serving as the courtyard wall. 




Thatched shack and seats are designed under the coconut trees, providing an ideal rest space. Influenced by the Western aesthetics, many people may appreciate the beauty of order. In order to keep the order of the beach space, GVL designers once considered planting some coconut trees at first. However, they finally gave it up.     




These wild coconut trees have rooted in the beach since many years ago. They adapt well to the climate and surroundings. So why should we change their living conditions? As designers, we should respect nature.”





Landscape Texture



The designers have drawn inspirations from the mountains, the sea and the farmland, using abstract lines to create exquisite landscapes and pavement. These symbolic lines not only provide beautiful views but also form a clear traffic system.


日景  Day View

夜景  Night View



The outlines of the villas and the roof garden look like the ridges between farmlands.




Grass steps, stone steps and the recreation area feature smooth lines which connect all landscapes along the road.


屋顶花园/阳光草坪夜景  Night view of the roof garden and sunshine lawn.




 Landscape and Architecture



When the landscape meets the architecture, the best way to highlight the architecture is the“disappearance” of the landscape design. Bunlos Secret Land consists of the high-rise apartments, the seaside villas, the sales center and the Banyan Tree Hotel, which will be well presented with the “disappearance” of the landscape.  




The sales center looks like a sailing ship which provides the sea-watching platform and the outdoor swimming pool.




The resort hotel is built against the mountain. There are two entrances decorated with mirror watersacpes, which have greatly ensured the openness and brightness of the building.  




The villas of Bunlos Secret Land are designed in Chinese style, Thai style, Bali style and modern simple style. From the entrance to the outdoor swimming pool, every space features the beauty of islands. Large-area glass doors and windows enhance the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the villas to bathe in the sun and the sea.  




Deep into nature, Bunlos Secrete Land reminds people of the memories about the sea, the mountain, the forest, the farmland and the dwellings. “This is the way we show our respect to nature.” said, the chief designer. “Nature will always bring us with imagination and affection. Just like the poets to the poems, the painters to the paintings and the musicians to the composition, what the designers should do is to provide people with the best way to experience nature.”



Project: Poly & Shunfeng Bunlos Secret Land 
Client: Yangjiang Hailing Island Bunlos Bay Tourism Development Co.,Ltd. 
Category: tourism planning and urban open space design 
Area: 31000㎡
Design: GVL 

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