Ten Eyck Landscape Architects :   对这片半英亩的住宅景观的改造展示了华丽的传统橡树,并解决了之前存在的几个问题,包括排水系统差、坚硬的岩石基材、与街道的连接性差,以及以坚硬的路面和草坪为主的地面。

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects :   The renovation of this half-acre residential landscape showcases gorgeous heritage oaks and resolves several pre-existing site challenges, including poor drainage, solid rock substrate, a lack of connectivity to the street, and a surface dominated by hard paving and lawn.




The front yard, formerly comprised of turf and a large asphalt circle drive, is now a terraced rainwater harvesting garden that hosts fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and contrasting massings of native plants that attract birds and butterflies. The arced terraces are retained by limestone block unearthed during the creation of backyard garden rooms. Beyond the threshold of wire mesh gates, one encounters a courtyard centered on the hearth of an outdoor fireplace, a formal lawn, and near the back house beyond, a grove of Possumhaw trees flanking a brimming water trough. The judicious hardscape palette consists of steel, pea gravel, concrete step pads and stabilized decomposed granite, which unifies the various garden rooms. The result is a verdant and inviting residential landscape that appeals to the senses and contributes to the wellness of its residents and neighborhood wildlife.


面积: 0.5英亩
完成年份: 2011年

LOCATION: Austin, Texas
SIZE: 0.5 acre
PROJECT TEAM: Austin Groundskeeper; Desert Coyote; Steel House

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