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WMLA:When Shenzhen is developing from a city of a thousand gardens to a city of parks, the community parks have been a small blessing to the lives of residents. Wenxin Park, which is located in the center of Nanshan district and near the north of Nanshan Book City, shows a new beauty of the living picture, where the children are playing, adults are working out, and the elderly are singing and dancing under the trees.




Located at the intersection of Nanhai Avenue and Binhai Avenue, Wenxin Park is adjacent to Nanshan Book City, with a strong cultural atmosphere, complete commercial facilities, and a dense residential community, making it a daily leisure destination for residents in the central area of Nanshan District.


▽高密度建成核心区中的文心公园 Wenxin Park is the core of a high-density construction area



Originally built in 2004, the park has grown up with the city for almost two decades. The little trees have already turned into a forest, and there are doubled number of users and diversified activity demand than before. However, the shrubs under the trees have taken up the activity spaces, so the sports, leisure, social and childcare people often make conflict with each other. With the promotion of Shenzhen Park City, to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life and to give the park a new connotation of the times, Shenzhen Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau carried out this revitalization.


▽公园改造前使用场景 Photos before renovation

▽文心公园改造升级建成后效果 The effect of Wenxin Park after renovation


01 园街一体 时序衔接 Park-street integration

公园融入街区,与城市共发展 Parks are integrated into neighborhood and developed with the city



In the urban core, the relationship between the community park and neighborhood is even stronger. The park is not a green boundary, but a vehicle for integration into the city and the neighborhood development from a regional perspective. The first step is to extend the park’s usable area and integrate the road green space with the park.

After multiple coordination, the land temporarily occupied by the metro superstructure on the west side was formally incorporated into the scope of the park, providing space for the possibility of functional expansion. By analyzing traffic flow and user characteristics, the Binhai Avenue auxiliary road, overpass, and Nanhai Avenue are integrated to form an external loop, which is designed with the park and constructed before the park to reduce the impact on the surrounding life.


▽街道景观与公园一体化设计 Integrated streetscape with park design



The beauty of the park unfolds from the street interface. The pedestrian paths integrate into park boundaries with a balanced and appropriate scale, pure materials, and unified design language. Eight entrances invite urban residents to participate in the park life and share the park’s emotions.


▽连续景墙形成公园的第一道形象标识界面 The continuous landscape wall forms the first interface of the park’s identity

▽开放式入口欢迎城市居民参与公园生活 The open entrance welcomes citizens to come into the park


02 以坪为纸 以砚为画 Meadow and inkstone as a painting

阳光草坪,留得三分空间,凝聚七分画意 The sunny lawn could be a beautiful picture without too much design


Overlooking the park, the woods surround the central lawn, like the hand of nature, offering a handful of free paradise to the city. This promotion still places the lawn at the heart of the park, and completes the design without reducing the area. Make the lawn blend in with the trees and improve the infiltration function and the performance of the lawn. People could sit, meditate or chase and run on the ground in any way they want to release their minds.


▽文心之砚重新塑造草坪核心,如一件公共艺术作品般存在 The Inkstone reshapes the core of the lawn as a work of public art

▽作为孩童的天地,变换的地形和曲面欢迎孩子们自由攀爬 As a child’s playground, the changing terrain and curved surfaces welcome children to climb freely.



03 自然华盖 绿荫生活 The park life under the nature waffle

树木是场地最宝贵的存在、美好生活随之展开 Trees are always the most valuable presence on the site



There are about 500 original trees in the park, providing natural shelter during the long summer days in Shenzhen.

The design values every each tree in the park, allowing the trees to grow freely, providing a stage for the trees to show the beauty of their shape and posture, and forming a continuous image that can be enjoyed and traveled. The lower and middle levels are combed to create different scenes of life in the undergrowth, at the edge of the forest, and between the trees, so as to provide more participation in open green space.


▽无需修饰,重新给予大树优美的舞台 No need to retouch, give the trees beautiful stages again


林缘处落座 | Seating at the forest edge


The perimeter of the lawn is wooded, with a tall canopy stretching in all directions, activating the forest edge boundary. Below the forest edge, the ground shrubs are cleared and a combination of stone seating and streamlined lounge seating is added. So the forest edge can be a frame to create a beautiful view of the lawn.


▽以林缘为框,大树庇护瞭望草坪公园生活 Framed by a forest edge, the large tree shelters create a lawn park life picture


林间慢跑散步 | Jogging and walking in the woods


Between the green woods and the lawns, the paths are located wherever they are, and they run through and avoid or incorporate large trees to maximize the length of the 3m wide circular runway, and the 1.8m wide walkway connects the activity space of each group. The two-level path effectively solves the problem of fast and slow conflict inside the park


▽主次环线实现快慢分离,功能有序 Separation roads for fast and slow functions


林窗下游戏 | Gaming under the woods


The shrub spaces turn out to be a non-motorized playground for children under the woods. The undulating terrain, arrays of plants, and the grey-yellow-orange plastic mats provide a safe space for activities, and the slender white steel frame weaves through the forest in an S-shape, with an appropriate color scheme and an innovative design that combines aesthetics and quality.


▽融美学与质量于一体的儿童乐园 Children’s playground shows the aesthetics and quality



The multi-place swings, bouncy trampoline, merry-go-round, and multi-functional sports climbing frame will keep the children entertained and entertained, and in the midst of movement, they will be enlightened and improve their physical functions. Parents gather in small groups to relax and participate in the activities and spend quality time with their children.


▽一方乐园承载着孩子们满溢的童年快乐 A playground provides childhood fun for children


林荫中舒展 | Stretching in the shade


The sun shines through the shade of the forest and falls on the gymnasium, where you can rub and hammer, sit, lie and run, with all the equipment, and soft mats for safety. And a high-quality grey and white color scheme could soothe the mind and reduce noise. Between the blue sky and the green shadows, you can drive your body, stretch muscles and release your mind, and can call your friends to share a healthy time too.


▽林间氧吧,智慧健身服务专家 The smart fitness service specialist in the woods


林心多元社交 | Socializing in the woods


The plaza in front of the veranda is integrated with the activity platform to form a park living room, a back garden, and a patio courtyard, where you can sit under the veranda and see trees and water, enjoy flowers and foliage, have fun with chess, chatting, reading and Tai Chi, and also looking after children.


▽廊架前广场衔接草坪成为公园客厅 The plaza in front of the gallery becomes the living room of the park

▽廊架后园作为社交花园 The porch back garden works as a social garden



Tall trees lushly form a natural dome. Turning the slightly sloping terrain into a natural stone collage of stacking benches, the dense ground cover into an undergrowth terrace, and adding linear lighting as decoration, all these measures transformed the formerly unusable space into a multifunctional mini-theatre. Different activities such as a senior citizens’ orchestra, community films, park promotions, and a children’s stage play take place here.


▽密林微坡变身为多功能小剧场,夜间星光点点,营造森系氛围 A multi-purpose amphitheater, lit by starlight at night, creates an ethereal atmosphere


04 云溪秘境 参与海绵 Participating Sponge City Landscape

寻找穿越林间的雨水精灵Searching the rain sprite through the woods



The original corner pond has been transformed into a resilient dry stream landscape, where the topography is integrated with the forest landscape, the gravel paving helps to precipitate and filter the water, and the water-resistant wet plants form ecological berms, enriching the landscape effect and realizing the sponge function.

During the day, the sky is lit up with clouds, and at night, insects and frogs chirp in the stream. The fragrance, light, and plants soothe the tired minds of high-pressure workers. It is also a popular scene for children’s daily play. Playing in the water, catching fish, and touching shrimps, give the city children a rare natural paradise.


▽溪流边驻足漫步,栈桥边赏景喂鱼,林间感受清晨阳光 Stroll along the stream, feed the fish at the bridge, and enjoy the morning sun in the woods

▽旱溪+雾森系统,是孩子们的自然乐园 The stream and mist system make a natural playground for children

▽颜值与功能兼具的旱溪景观 Beautiful and functional creek landscape


05 休闲书吧 轻享服务 Book bar with service

褪去喧嚣,觅得一片宁静 A quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle


Use the green space above the metro to add a leisure book bar which can provides food and coffee services. The book bar offers a solution to solve the dilemma that the traditional park lack necessary services.


▽景墙和绿篱拂去了川流不息的车流干扰 Landscape walls and hedges brush away the constant flow of traffic

▽灯光浅淡,点亮深深浅浅的绿影 The book bar light up the shades of green



A small courtyard with an exquisite water view, where trees, verandahs, streams, and walls come together form a landscape, where you can sit in the bar and read a book, watch the flowing water and flowers, and look out through the woods to watching the relaxed people.


▽意境绵长的优美画卷 A beautiful painting of long-lasting meaning


06 公园再定义生活 Redefining the park life

文心十二时辰生活图鉴 Twelve Hours of Life Illustration in Wenxin Park


The successful landscape upgrade of Wenxin Park has driven a change in the lifestyle of the residents. Every morning at 5.30 am, the old people who exercise in the morning kick off the park life, and then runners, parents with children, chess seniors, dance teams, shuttlecock organizations, football players, literary seniors, reading youths, playing children, students after school …… Different groups of people find time and space for each other in the park. All kinds of activities come to an end after 10.30 pm when it gradually settled down.



结语&设计师说Conclusion & Designer says





Conservation: in the context of the “Tree Protection” approach, renovation needs to be prudent, and trees are no longer fodder for greenery. It is important to realize that this is a time to allow us to rethink the relationship between trees and life scenes

Insight: From observation to insight, respect for original usage habits, problem-based design
Balance: Balancing the demands of public interests and solving pain points
Creation: The creation of new life scenarios is the goal of the project.
Iteration: Promoting standards based on real-life practice

The trees are like a cover, continuing the green memory of the park, and the leisurely park life is integrated into the daily life of the surrounding residents.

The park is a place of peace of mind, a place where people can enjoy park life under the cover of nature. It is the fulfillment of the design mission, the inheritance of the modern park spirit, and the embodiment of the original heart of people.





Project Name: Community Hall: Revitalization of Wenxin Park, Shenzhen
Project scale: 26732m2
Opening date: January 15, 2022
Project Location: Southwest of the intersection of Nanhai Avenue and Binhai Avenue, Nanshan District
Owner: Shenzhen Nanshan District Urban Management and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau
Designers: Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting CO., LTD & Sino-ocean Landscape Design Institute (Shenzhen Branch)
Construction unit: Shenzhen Sensi Environmental Art Engineering Co., LTD
Supervision Unit: Shenzhen Qijun Construction Engineering Consultant Co., LTD
Owner Team: Bin Wang, Shanshan Jiang, Yanjun Deng
Design Team: Di CHE, Fang YANG, Yuan XIE, Tianlan CAI, Yue LIU, Yuan LIN, Zuoshi QIN, Shuting HUANG, Feng ZHONG, Di ZHANG, Mingfu ZHANG, Weiqi XU, Xin CHEN, Liping YANG, Yue ZHANG
Photography: TAL/ Tianpei Zeng, Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting CO., LTD (WMLA)



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