LaGuardia Design Group:为了设计Sagaponack花园,景观设计师被委托开发一个户外环境,灵感来自Turks和Caicos的Amanyara度假村。仔细研究后发现,这个度假胜地有着丰富的色彩,中性的米色和白色混合着天然的森林和深绿色的植被。植物材料的选择是为了耐盐、耐海洋环境,并设计在花园内创造相互连接的空间。

LaGuardia Design Group:For the design of Sagaponack Garden, the landscape architect was commissioned to develop an outdoor setting inspired by the Amanyara Resort in Turks and Caicos. A careful study of the resort revealed a rich color palette of neutral beige and white mixed with natural woods and deep green vegetation. The plant material was selected to withstand the salty, maritime environment and designed to create inter-connected spaces within the garden.


Natural wood trellises shade both an outdoor living room and separate dining terrace. A negative edge swimming pool and separate, circular spa are organized along a central walkway, which leads to a private sauna and changing area. The spaces within Sagaponack garden are comfortable in scale for two or twenty people and detailed with a focus on luxury and relaxation.






照片: Antoine Bootz

室内设计: David Scott Interiors,Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
项目团队: Chris LaGuardia, Dan Thorp, Connor McInerney

Photo Credits: Antoine Bootz
Interior Design : David Scott Interiors,Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors
Project Team: Chris LaGuardia, Dan Thorp, Connor McInerney

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