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Onion:  Onion的设计方向来自我们对月亮的看法每晚都在变化的观察,即使光源保持不变。满月是我们看到月亮的时候。黑月是我们看不见月亮的时期。新月在两者之间的空间。查汶海滩度假村的一切设计都是为了以经济有效的方式增强光影效果。

Onion: Onion’s design direction comes from an observation that our perceptions of the moon change every night, even if the source of light remains the same. full moon is the time when we see the moon. black moon is the period when we see no moon. crescent moon is in the space in between. everything at sala samui chaweng beach resort is designed to enhance a sequence of light, shade and shadow in an economic and effective way.




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SALA查汶海滩度假村可以俯瞰泰国第三大岛察翁海滩的全景。Koh Samui位于苏拉特萨尼省东海岸的泰国湾。它以棕边海滩、椰林、清澈的大海、山地雨林、豪华度假村和温泉而闻名。它有国内和国际机场。旅客们先在查汶海滩停留,然后在高燕岗参加满月派对。

Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort has a panoramic view of Chaweng Beach on Thailand’s third largest island. Ko Samui lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of Surat Thani Province. It is known for its palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves, crystal clear sea, mountainous rainforest, luxury resorts and spas. It has a domestic and international airport. Travelers stop over at Chaweng Beach before joining the Full Moon Party on Ko Pha Ngan.



Onion 5年前开始设计拥有138间客房的查汶海滩度假村,涉及建筑、室内、硬景观(包括平台和游泳池)、家具、照明和物体设计。2018年1月,为萨拉的客人开放了52个房间的海滨阶段。每个房间都有一个私人游泳池和海景。海滩旁边有两个卧室的总统游泳池别墅,由老榕树勾勒出景色,四个游泳池别墅和其余的客房都在三层楼内。每个房间都不一样。在一楼,花园泳池套房后面有游泳池。在二楼和三楼,阳台游泳池套房在阳台上有私人游泳池,可以俯瞰中央海滨庭院。三楼还有一间面向大海的卧室泳池套房。在差翁海滩路对面,萨拉苏梅的85个房间的路边项目预计将于2018年12月完工。

Onion started designing 138-room Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort 5 years ago in the scopes of architecture, interior, hardscape including decks and swimming pools, furniture, lighting and object designs. In January 2018, the 52-room beachfront phase was opened for Sala’s guests. Every room has a private swimming pool and the sea view. There are 2-Bedroom Presidential Pool Villa next to the beach, framed the view by the old Banyan Trees, 4-Pool Villas and the rest of the guest rooms are in the 3-storey building. Each room is different. On the first floor, Garden Pool Suites have the swimming pool on the rear. On the second and the third floors, Balcony Pool Suites have private swimming pool rooms on the balconies overlooking the central beachfront courtyard. The third floor also has the 1-Bedroom Pool Suites facing the ocean. On the opposite side of the Chaweng Beach Road, the 85-room roadside phase of Sala Samui is expected to be finished in December 2018.



设计过程是从这两个问题开始的: LASA的客人想看什么,他们在查汶海滩住的时候想怎样生活。Onion决定在海滩旁边留出最大的空地。这个院子的功能像一个明亮的客厅。没有试图控制循环。客人可以随意朝他们想要的方向走来走去。圆就是这个目的。圆形游泳池周围的沙发床和雨伞没有方向。没有特别的地方可以进入游泳池。客人可以坐、走、躺在周围的任何地方,只要水位适合他们的姿势。游泳池的地板逐渐向壁龛倾斜。出于隐私考虑,每个生态位都适合人类规模。晚上,灯光设计模仿水中满月的氛围。Onion还加上白色的游泳圈,名为洋葱圈,以示友好。

The design process starts by these two questions: what Sala’s guests would like to see and how they would like to live when they stay at Chaweng Beach. Onion decides to leave a maximum open air space next to the beach. This courtyard functions like a bright living room. There is no attempt to control the circulation. Guests are free to walk around in whatever direction they want. The circle is right for this purpose. Daybeds and umbrellas around the circular swimming pools have no direction. There is no particular spot to enter the swimming pool. Guests may sit, walk and lie down at any part of its perimeter wherever the water level is for their posture. The swimming pool’s floors gradually slant to the niche wall. Each niche fits the human scale for a reason of privacy. At night, lighting design mimics an ambience of full moon in the water. Onion also add the white swim rings, named Onion Ring, as a friendly gesture.




Nothing blocks the sea view is an exclusive experience for Sala’s guests. From the largest exterior courtyard to the smallest interior space of every room, the ocean is a most picturesque scenery. Even at the lobby, one can see the sea right away. This is how we perceive the sense of luxury. Luxury is not about what we build; rather, it is about the space that we decided not to build. Leaving the 70×40 square meters beachfront courtyard towards the East in this sense is a luxury.





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客户:Sala resort group

Client : Sala resort group
Location : Samui,Thailand
Size : 10757 sq.m.
Year : 2018

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