Site Workshop:Workshop团队与当地的两位艺术家——Trimpin和Judith Caldwell紧密合作,在西雅图中心设计了一个动态的、以艺术为基础的游戏环境。公园里有一系列互动的、动感十足的雕塑,可以让孩子们边玩边创作音乐。项目的每一个阶段都体现了一种包容的精神,创造了一个让所有年龄和能力的孩子都能参与进来的欢乐场地。

Site Workshop:The Workshop team collaborated closely with two local artists- Trimpin and Judith Caldwell- to design a dynamic, art-based play environment in Seattle Center. The park features a series of interactive, kinetic sculptures that invite children to make music as they play. A spirit of inclusion informed each stage of the project, creating a welcoming playground that engages children of all ages and abilities.




A colorful, layered composition of play elements includes a giant, 35-foot climbing tower, an ADA accessible carousel, and musical sculptures throughout. The design process included several public workshops with children from across the city, where we explored the nature of sound together with the artists. The playground is free to all visitors, providing a long-needed amenity in a dense urban neighborhood.






项目年份: 2015年
面积:  3英亩
客户: 西雅图中心
合作伙伴: Trimpin and Judith Caldwell, Highwire
奖项: 美国景观设计师协会,华盛顿分会- 2016年总体设计成就奖

Project Year: 2015
Area: 3 acres
Client: Seattle Center
Partners: Trimpin and Judith Caldwell, Highwire
Award: American Society of Landscape Architects, Washington Chapter- 2016 General Design Merit Award


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