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GM LANDSCAPE: About 330,000 square meters of “Suhewan Center” is the key area of “One axis and Three Belts” in Shanghai Jing ‘an District. The Suhewan waterfront Business Cluster Zone is a quality work created by CRLand with its forward-looking urban renovation thinking, which has been deeply cultivated in East China for more than 20 years.






The whole area includes the first MIXC in Shanghai, waterfront urban green park, high-rise office buildings and other places for work, leisure and entertainment. It also retains the urban cultural classics such as the restored historic buildings Shenyuli and Tianhou Palace.

It is Majestic Mansion, the only Shanghai luxury residence in Suhewan Center, that experiences these urban memories and life aesthetics


▽城市背景 Urban background

▽历史文化 History and culture


▌“框内”的规范 VS 可移动的设计



Shanghai’s land resources are extremely scarce. Under the tonal control of the brand, it needs a landscape space with the quality of a five-star hotel, which can bring people a relaxed holiday feeling and enjoy nature.

A 10-meter public fire escape and a 2.2-meter wall became our first challenge.


▽设计手绘 Design hand drawn



▽入口空间 Entrance space



The wall height of 2.2 meters can not meet our requirements for Majestic Mansion. Due to the close distance between the wall and the No.1 residential building, the privacy and lighting of the low floor owners have become the issues to be considered. We were unable to design any structures under the constraints of fire protection requirements.





Landscape architects can only use plants, planting trees such as park trees and camphor trees along the wall to form a “wall” to extend the height of the wall, but too much hard surface also limits the layout space of trees.

How to create Landscape Land is the core problem. GM and CRLand carried out several rounds of communication, and finally determined the concept of “moving garden”. 118 custom flower boxes of different sizes were created, changing the landscape from passive to active.




The movable combined flower box is placed in the landscape planning position, which ensures the amount of green while also solving the privacy and lighting problems of the lower floor.





Considering the volume of the flower box, red maple is selected as the tree to record the changes of the four seasons for each return home. The vertical flower bowl group creates a sense of atmosphere like a resort hotel.

After several rounds of communication between GM and the factory, 118 fully customized flower boxes of different specifications created the space for the landscape





After solving the landscape land, the second problem follows. The fire climbing surface forms an Angle with the 10-meter channel, and the requirement of a 15-meter fire door appears.

Majestic Mansion should be an atmosphere, and the quality of artistic mansion. The material of wall and fire door chooses copper color stainless steel, with elegant matte paint color, show the delicate feeling of “edges and corners” below the sun.


▽为保证单人可以推动,滑轨、结构、疏密间隔、重量,我们进行了反复的推敲研究。 In order to ensure that a single person can push it, we have repeatedly studied the slide rail, structure, density interval and weight. 

▽形象上选择更具序列性、仪式感的三角装饰面,其元素与华润置地的LOGO呼应 The triangular decorative surface is selected for the style, and its elements echo the LOGO of CRLand.



▌ 78㎡与90种植物的静谧花园



The core area of the project has a free design landscape area of only 78 square meters, and there is an air exhaust shaft directly in the site.

Also, the flower box group is used to increase the design scope, and with the only soil covering space in the core landscape area, the overlapping dark plant varieties are mixed and planted from artistry, hierarchy, variety richness and so on, bringing a huge oil painting with rich texture in the entrance space.


▽丰富的植物群落 Rich flora



Fold high design, cover the exposed exhaust well, but also for the other side of the rest space to build a natural back board, wooden shop floor and outdoor leisure chair surround a very amorous feelings of the secret garden.


▽秘密花园 Secret garden



The varieties of flowers in the leisure area are soft, with lively colors and a cordial sense of scale. The rich varieties attract people to stay.




The overlapping water of the entrance is made of pure copper, with triangular surface as decoration, unified with the wall and fire door, so that the space is more consistent.


▽入户空间 Home space



To record the historical changes of Shanghai with the bronze rust of time and Suhewan is the romance from us




On the way to the back garden, use the flower boxes on the fire elevation to create a comfortable, pleasant and evergreen tree-lined path. Evergreen huelos, shrubs, space under the woods in a box


▽移动花箱营造林荫小道 Move flower boxes to create tree-lined paths



The long back garden is connected with the commercial & office space. The
design language is mainly linear and sequential. The dark color fountain and zelkova trees create a simple and generous communication area.


▽后场花园 backyard garden


▌ 用“艺术”连起住宅与商业


Out of the garden is the central green space shared by the commercial office area and the residential area. “BOX” serves as a key word to connect the two spaces. Plants and floor paving constitute a landscape work with style.


▽中央绿地 Central green space



“Shadow Gate”, a permanent large-scale public art work created by Mr. CAI Lei, stands at the junction of the residential and commercial space, which is a very conspicuous presence.



在共享绿地中,设计师也对应「影门」打造了一个户外舞台「mirror box」,通透的空间吸引人们的流连,4.2米的镜面不锈钢反射着不同的风景与人物,是一个人与自然互动的契机。

In the shared green space, we also created an outdoor stage “Mirror Box” corresponding to the “Shadow Door”. The transparent space attracts people to stay. The 4.2-meter mirror stainless steel reflects different scenery and characters, which is an opportunity for interaction between people and nature.


▽影门户外舞台 Shadow Gate Outdoor Stage



We want to create a public space where people can interact and play. People entering the space take pictures and show themselves.



▌ 设计师的话



Design is a journey of growth through confusion, pain, doubt, trial and error. In retrospect, this project is like a magic box, witnessing the “big and small, never to come”.

Work within, not on the surface. The key to the project is to solve the site problem with functionality as the guide and create new functional forms.



▽施工过程 Construction process





Landscape Design: GM landscape design
Landscape area: 12003㎡
Developer: China Resources Land
Design Director: Sun Ning
Project team: Li Wei, Wei Zhuping, Zhou Hongli, Zou Yannan, Ou Guozhu, Wang Hao, Yang Lan
Later team: Shen Haifeng, Ren Wenli, Wang Donghao, Li Tingting
Plant Team: He Wenhong, Lou Jinnan, Zhu Juanjuan
Client team: (East China Region) Jin Ying, Fu Xiaoyan, Wang Zijiao, Yu Haohan; (Shanghai Company) Jin Xiaoyun, Jiang Jinghai, Ye Yulong
Art Consultant: Louvre Violet Public Art
Photography agency: IAM Photography




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