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易亚源境:世间万物,没有时间、空间的束缚,便具有永恒、普遍的存在性质,衍生出无限的可能性,我们将其称之为—无界。嘈杂的都市、繁重的工作使人们无暇欣赏生活的乐趣,紧凑的生活节奏催生了全新的生活方式,白天是一丝不苟、严谨工作的白领,晚上是放飞自我、不受束缚的“斜杠青年”,这 是当代人的一天。

YAS DESIGN:Without the limit of time and space, everything becomes eternal and thus generates endless possibility, which we call the realm of boundlessness.Hustle and bustle of city life as well as tiring work makes it impossible for people to enjoy life. Fast pace fuels a brand new lifestyle —— hard-working white-collar workers during daytime and unfettered “slashers“ at night. Such is a typical day of modern people.


▼项目视频 Video


设计师说 From the designer


As the demonstration area that shows the lifestyle of the community, the sales center is designed with a linear commercial space, which is imagined as a “ship sailing in the sea”. Floating on the “surging waves” is the fitness area for skating and doing exercises; diverse businesses and pleasant scales can be seen in the extension area. Also the linear pocket park will encourage neighborhood communication under trees. All these designs contribute to an accessible and boundless space.


▼平面图 Plan▼设计推演 Design of deduction



In view of this, the designer tried to shape a boundless lifestyle and break the rules for traditional demonstration area, creating a boundless community that integrates work, life and entertainment. Immersing themselves in such a space, users can “dream and live without any limit.”Defined as an open demonstration area, the site is designed with a characteristic street where retails and the future community center will get people involved. With boundless space and modern design expressions as well as SINO-OCEAN’s health idea, the designer built a community for slow life at the foot of Fangshan Mountain.


▼项目鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view


01 互动水景区及售楼处主入口 Interactive water feature and main entrance to the sales center


The water feature at the main entrance with sparkling ripples and jumping fountain contributes to an artistic atmosphere, which provides amazing visual and water experience.




As the soul of landscape, the water feature is designed to be interactive: the mirror water is divided by colorful pavement, extending the linear pool visually and creating a space that is appealing to people.


▼光影增强景观的艺术表达 Light and shadow enhance the artistic expression of the landscape


02时尚商业区 Fashion area


Modern fashion is introduced into the site, presenting diverse businesses and pleasant scales, which well interpret the meanings of different spaces.




Nowadays, commercial landscape is not only to promote consumption but also to be adaptable. Romantic hydrangea bushes and exquisite decorations complement the commercial facilities, creating a beautiful space and a cosy atmosphere, where people will experience the quality lifestyle as well as novelty and freedom.



03林下休闲区 Underforest recreation area


Going back home in the shade of green trees is an enjoyable way to experience the beauty of life.


▼局部鸟瞰图 Partial aerial view



Linear landscape under the trees effectively extends the site; luxuriant zelkova trees and bushes as well as outdoor seats create a pleasant atmosphere, which allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while.



04 书吧静享区 Book bar area


The book bar at the corner not only enriches people’s cultural life but also allows them to experience the beauty of landscape and life.Hidden in the green, the outdoor bar counters enhance the cultural atmosphere and allow people to slow down and read a book with the night breeze around.


▼ 户外阅读吧台 Outdoor reading bar


05 活力运动区 Active sports area


Dynamic landscape provides both visual enjoyment and ideal experience.


▼ 运动场地以海浪为元素,构造活力空间 The sports field takes the wave as the element, constructs the vitality space



Inspired by surging sea waves, the linear sports area is designed to be a “ship” sailing in the sea. Rolling terrain and sports facilities of different colors make the space artistic, dynamic and eye-catching. Flexible options such as skateboarding, fitness and climbing allow users to fully experience the vitality and passion of life.


▼地面灯带模拟漂流延伸至水景区 The ground light belt simulates rafting and extends to the water area

▼背景的绿色围挡使画面更协调 The background green enclosure makes the picture more harmonious


06 细节 Details


Landscape details, such as a flower bed or a chair, are worth meticulous design. Therefore, we tried to show the beauty of landscape using exquisite details. Based on the idea of “boundless”, a simple and elegant space is created for both practical use and novel experiences.


▼绿色、健康、青春的运动场地 Green, healthy and youthful sports field

▼水景细节 Waterscape details

▼植物营造静谧的空间氛围 Plants create a quiet space


▼案名LOGO细节 Case name LOGO details

▼健康标语和树池细节 Health signs and tree pool details


With focus on details and quality, the designer kept good communication with the developer team and the construction professionals from the very beginning. Considering the characteristics of the site, the designer broke away from the traditional way of gardening and paid special attention to details such as the space scale, the relationship between spaces, the linear form, the LOGO and the health slogan.


▼运动场地草图 Sketch of playing ground

▼现场巡检 The site inspection





项目名称: 南京远洋万和方山望
完成年份: 2021年5月
项目地点: 江苏省南京市江宁区莺啼路99号
景观设计:易亚源境 YAS DESIGN
摄影师: 邱日培

Time of Completion: May, 2021
Landscape Area: 3400 ㎡
Address: No. 99 Yingti Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Landscape Design: YAS DESIGN
Design team: Wu Haolin, Wu Lin, Cai Jiayun, Ma Xuran, Huang Yiying(Scheme); Tan Ping (project manager); Wang Yun (design adviser); Tan Kangwen, Zhang Suling, Zhong Jie, Wang Xin, Kong Anqi, Wu Youkai (construction drawings); Wang Haiyuan, Cai Chenxi, Liu Jiao (plants); Fan Yonghai(plant drawings checkup)
Developer: Sino-Ocean Group
Architectural design and construction: JUND Architects
Interior design: GFD Interior
Landscape construction: Beijing Shengmao Ecological Landscape Engineering Co., LTD
Soft furnishings design: M&CSAATCHI
Sculpture design: Shanghai Wutian Landscape Art Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Photographer: Qiu Ripei


审稿编辑 任廷会-Ashley Jen

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  1. 单看单侧街区蛮清爽的,如果周边都是同样的设计语言就太棒了,既然把售楼处景观街区化了,也希望景观的寿命可以长一些,不要只在售楼阶段昙花一现