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Plan architect co.,ltd:曼谷新加坡国际学校(SISB)吞武里校区二期是为中学办学而扩建,新项目基址位于一期场地内。在新的建筑平面布局中,设计师将两栋建筑后边缘对齐,在建筑之间创造了一个共享的大型绿色活动空间。学校主体功能区包括教室、礼堂、体育馆、图书馆、行政办公室、教职员工室和公共区域。

Plan architect co.,ltd:  Singapore International School of Bangkok, Thonburi phase II is the expansion phase for the secondary students, which the new site sits inside the existing one. In the new phase layout, the 2 buildings are aligned on the back edge to create the big green activities space sharing between both phases. The main school function consists of classrooms, auditorium, gymnasium, library, administration office, staff rooms, and common area.



The main concept of this school is to create a space where students can learn from architecture together with play and stay in all circumstances. The building’s shape is designed in a linear shape with 8-meter width double-load corridor in front of each classroom. This space can be used as a common space and circulation at the same time. To avoid lacking natural light and ventilation, the building is separated into two parts and additional halls to let the wind and sunlight come into the building.




With the regulation of city planning, the building needs to be separated into 2 with limited height, but we intend to make the buildings act as a single background for the landscape so the horizontal façade is used to link each other. With one end on the edge is an auditorium, the building A, which is closer to the entrance, is designed to spread the wing out to welcome the students and all users with the covered walkway that is designed to match and link with the building. While another end of building B is provided for the location of the gymnasium.



在建筑前方,A楼和B楼的主厅也被专门设计为根据每日天气进行通风控制的大厅。在正常情况下,这个大厅可以在自然通风模式下使用,可以打开建筑前后两侧的窗户,让空气自然流通。而当2.5 PM浓度过高时,大厅顶部的轴流风机便会与过滤器共同作用,将新鲜空气引入大厅,使大厅处于正压状态,建筑立面底部的格栅也将发挥作用,使空气排出。设计师希望将这一空间打造为过渡空间,可以进行社交活动,也能增加自然采光,维持内部热量。大厅采用水平鳍片和渐变的不透明墙,继而让内部的人可以清楚地看到外面的风景,即便天气恶劣也能玩耍。

In the front of the buildings, the main hall of both building A and building B is also specially designed to be a ventilation control hall upon the daily weather. In the normal condition, this hall can be used in the natural-ventilated mode by opening the windows on both the front and back sides of the building to let the air flow through. While in 2.5 PM condition the axial fan on the top of the hall will work together with the filter to bring the fresh air in and make the hall becomes positive pressure. Then at the bottom of the façade, the grille will work to release the air out. This space is intended to be a transition space where social activities could happen and the natural light can get in with less heat get inside. The hall just provides the horizontal fins together with a gradient opaque wall allowing people inside can see the view clearly and can play even in the bad weather.




The spreading wing hall is provided a grandstand that can be used as a theatre together with the library underneath. While on the green roof stand, it can be used as the stair steps linked the green area together from the ground to the top. The oval pattern is created to link landscape and architecture together, acting as activities areas with a variety of terrains to encourage different types of activities, such as the sunken court in front of the building which can be used as an amphitheater from both sides.




This school is like an experimental design to create a space that can be used in all circumstances for all students and utilized in all areas to encourage learning abilities for everyone.


▽一层平面图 1st floor plan


▽二、三层和屋顶平面图 2nd、3rd floor plan and roof plan


▽分析示意图 Diagram




总建筑面积(平方米/平方英尺):13200 平方米
项目地点:138 Ratchamontri Road, Khlong Khwang, Phasicharoen, Bangkok 10160

社交媒体:https://www.facebook.com/planarchitect ,https://www.instagram.com/planarchitect_official/
公司地点:64 Soi Sathon 10, North Sathon Rd., Silom Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand,10500
首席建筑师:-Wara Jithpratuck

图片来源:Sky|Ground Department, Depth of Field Co.,Ltd.

Project Name: SISB School Thonburi Phase II
Completion Year: 2022
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 13200 sqm.
Project Location: 138 Ratchamontri Road, Khlong Khwang, Phasicharoen, Bangkok 10160
Program / Use / Building Function: – School and learning space

Office Website: http://www.planarchitect.com/
Social Media Accounts:https://www.facebook.com/planarchitect ,https://www.instagram.com/planarchitect_official/
Contact email: plan@planarchitect.com
Firm Location: 64 Soi Sathon 10, North Sathon Rd., Silom Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand. 10500
Lead Architects: -Wara Jithpratuck
Lead Architects e-mail: plan@planarchitect.com

Photo Credits: Sky|Ground Department, Depth of Field Co.,Ltd.
Photographer’s Website: https://skyground.dof.co.th/
Photographer’s e-mail: admin@dof.co.th



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