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ASPECT Studios:景观提出高度统一的设计解决方案,旨在以强烈的一种设计语言应对限制和挑战,从而将场地重新整合在一起,同时赋予场地灵活性和兼容性。层叠错落的悬浮式构筑,以其高低变化和玩味的组合方式,配以恰当的绿植(乔木、灌木组合)以及增加覆土条件, 从而缓和、隐藏并消化原本消极的限制影响。

ASPECT Studios: A singular, unified response that was flexible and adaptive to mitigate the many constraints. The layered shifting frames navigate, rise, fall and adapt playfully throughout the site to alleviate, conceal and simultaneously embrace these constraints while accommodating trees, shrubs and significant soil build up upon the basement structure. Inverting the negative elements into positive solutions for the project was essential.


▼尚博金融中心俯瞰 Aerial view of the Sunbow Financial Center

© Lubing
© Lubing
© Lubing


初衷 Intent


We were briefed to create a refined yet unique landscape for the new office community that mitigated the minefield of unsightly constraints. In response to this, we wanted to augment access to plants and greenery, and at the same time provide a space for social interactions and flexibility for future operations. The intent was to enrich the everyday lives of the users, whilst creating a unique environment and identity for the community within its urban setting, ultimately connecting people with nature.


▼设计构思 Design Concept

▼效果图 Rendering

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隐藏的复杂性 Hidden Complexity 


▼漂浮花园概念 The conception of floating garden

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There were varying limitations and challenging restrictions on the design. The highly constrained space, with significant above ground utilities and structural elements peppered the design, fragmenting principal spaces, creating a minefield of considerations.


▼漂浮花园概念动图 The conception of floating garden, GIF 

© ASPECT Studios



The thought process behind the design was a simple notion of positioning nature as the centerpiece with the idea of a literal expression of “framing nature”. The form and composition of the design was developed to be one that was unified, bold, unique yet purposeful and controlled to reflect the architectural simplicity while playfully articulated to create a human scale experience with social pockets and a holistic identity.


▼漂浮花园鸟瞰效果 Floating Garden Renderings

© ASPECT Studios


项目 The Project


The site is located in the new regeneration district in Pudong adjacent to the Huangpu River, the Sunbow Financial Centre sits at the intersection of Pudong Road and Huafeng Road, conveniently placed in a walkable position to the Shanghai Metro line 6 and 7. The project consists of two high rise office buildings, a central garden and landscape promenade around the perimeter, with a total site area of over 13,400sqm. The office communities are encompassed with a network of layered social and plated floating frames with curable pockets. Trees and shrubs are set within defined forms generating social gathering spaces and casual seating nodes, with each building hosting their own private social sky gardens.


▼漂浮花园 Floating Garden

© Lubing
© Lubing



Creating a connection to the simple architecture vernacular, the rectangular frame creates a layered three-dimensional form casing and embracing the multitude of utilities, access structure, stairs and lift heads within. This transformed an unsightly weakness into the hidden basis of the intricate central feature.


© Lubing
© Lubing



A central place for the office community to meet, with subtle sounds of cascading water softening and reducing urban noise to create an ambient and relaxing social gathering point. The area has been transformed into an engaging and prominent central feature allowing users to explore, interact and come together enjoying the tranquilities within.


© Lubing
© Lubing



Throughout the design process we researched multiple ways.


▼漂浮花园过程动图 Floating Garden Process



Great efforts were made to express the overall intent of the central floating garden to ultimately satisfy the complex ventilation, structural and MEP engineering requirements, whilst constructing a signature experience and identity.


© ASPECT Studios


▼绿色长廊 Green Promenade

© Lubing
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The office complex is predominantly used by people working there, occasionally accommodating business banquets and a small number of individuals from nearby communities. The vertical frames create a flexible space with volume and abundant with green textures.


© ASPECT Studios
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Under the strict requirements of green rate and emergency vehicular access, the space has become an adaptable urban hub for conversations and relaxation. Every design touch is subtle, yet elegant.


© Lubing
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Varying frame heights in the green promenade also create opportunities for outdoor sunken spaces and platforms that host a range of activities and art exhibitions. It aims to be a socially and culturally captivating environment that brings meaning, experience and life to the entire street.


▼绿色长廊效果图 Green Promenade Renderings

© ASPECT Studios
© ASPECT Studios



The design responds directly to the complex balance of the environment and human development. Plants within the commercial zone along the promenade exhibit the seasonal changes and attract butterflies and birds that build a small ecological world of their own.


© Lubing
© Lubing


▼活力街道 Dynamic Streetscape

© Lubing
© D.K. Dong



The planter beds embellish a buffer zone between the traffic and the pedestrian street. The streetscape becomes dynamic with walls at various heights, hanging plants, lighting and more. In the evening, the lighting belts create a visual connection with the road.


© Lubing
© Lubing



It was indeed a meaningful move to transform the originally ordinary civil site into one that allows connections and interactions at human scale.


▼天空花园 Sky Garden

© Lubing
© Lubing
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The sky garden provides pleasant spaces with human comfort. Plantings with different textures have defined the entire rooftop and generated many smaller spaces.


▼天空花园效果图 Sky Garden Renderings

© ASPECT Studios
© Lubing



The arrangement acknowledges different user needs, providing semi-public spaces for discussions and gatherings and semi-private enclosed areas for more intimate interactions.


© Lubing
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项目名称: 尚博金融中心
景观设计:ASPECT Studios
景观设计主创:Stephen Buckle (ASPECT Studios工作室总监)
总用地面积: 13,255.2平方米
景观总面积: 13,490平方米
绿地率: 20.73%
开工时间: 2019年9月
竣工时间: 2020年1月

Project name: Sunbow Financial Center
Location: Shanghai
Client: Shanghai Land (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co., China Resources Land Shanghai Ltd. (agent construction)
Client Team:Jinghai Jiang, Chuanfei Sun, Yulong Ye
Landscape Architecture: Stephen Buckle (studio director)
Landscape Architecture Team Member: D.K. Dong, Chenoa He, Melody Lin, Jojo Zhang
Architecture Design: East China Urban Architectural Design & Research Institute
Lighting Design: Gradient Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape LDI: Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Decoration & Landscape Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Interior Design: HPP Architects
Signage Design: Environmental Art Design
Contractor:Shanghai Shangfang Greening Construction Co., Ltd.
Photographer: Lu Bing
Project Land Size: 13, 255.2 square meter
Landscape Size: 13, 490 square meter
Green Ratio: 20.73%
Construction Start Date: 2019.9
Date of Completion: 2020.1


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