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GTD:Following the launch of 3 rooms in the first phase in October 2022, it took eight months, and the second phase of the Taxue Jiuli came late. At this point, the Homestay has realized the 7 rooms in the plan, and you can freely invite some friends to come to vacation.



|| 穿越时间的旅行 A journey through time 


Since the first arrival in 2015, the village where the guesthouses are located, the first lot of houses and land were rented in 2016, construction began in 2021, and then in 2023, it is finally completed! Such a long period of time, from far and near, finally close to this dream. Mr Zhang Zhan still clearly remembers that year standing in the center of the cubicle office, made a wish deep in heart, it is a light at the end of a long tunnel, illuminating the direction of life thereafter.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment



The second phase has two buildings (one with loft rooms and one with 3 guest rooms and a shared living room) and a cafe, as well as a small vegetable garden to provide fresh ingredients for its own restaurant.


▽现在的踏雪,看上去比较丰满了 Now the Taxue Jiuli, looks more plump


|| 适合组团包栋的3房1厅独栋 Suitable for group package — 3 rooms plus 1 living room


In order to enhance the sense of vacation, the original plan of 3 rooms on the 2nd floor of Phase II is now adjusted to 2, so as to ensure that each room can reach more than 35 square meters, and contain living space and terrace, more relaxed and comfortable; The room on the 1st floor extends outwards, expanding into a small independent courtyard, where you can sit and relax, relaxed and private.


▽平面布局 Plane layout

▽二楼客房A,45平米 Second floor Room A, 45 square meters

▽二楼客房B,42平米 Second floor Room B, 42 square meters

▽一楼房间自带庭院,35平米 First floor room with courtyard, 35 square meters



The first floor also contains a sharing live room with space up to 50 square meters, sofa, fireplace, dining table, kitchen facilities, plus three rooms, very suitable for 2-3 families to group, both free to help yourself at cooking or just make a meal reservation with the house keeper.


▽一楼的共享客厅与庭院 Shared living room and courtyard on the first floor


|| 私密浪漫的复式独栋 Private romantic duplex detached house


In the second phase, there is a duplex house, a living room on the first floor, a bedroom on the second floor, with a small terrace, especially suitable for seeking privacy for a couple.


▽复式独栋 Duplex detached house


|| 现代版的挖井取水 The modern version of digging a well for water





There’s swimming pool in Taxue, but as located deeply in the mountains, Taxue is in short of water. After the completion of the first phase, Taxue tried to rely on the public water supply system to water the pool, but the village water had soon been in crisis even the poole was not half full, Taxue had to give up.

Then Mr. Zhang Zhan decided to dig a well on his own cost, this process was really twists and turns.

The first time, site selection, excavation, it was estimated that the water could be seen under 100 meters down, and the result was that more than 250 meters were digged, still hard to drill through the rock layer, no water at all.
The second time, changing the address, re-dig, until 270 meters deep, the water finally emerged when confidence had almost to been wiped out. However the water was full of sediment, can only keep pumping upward until the sediment becomes less and the water becomes clear.

This toss, the cost of drilling Wells also climbed from 20,000 to 70,000, but finally realized the freedom of water, it deserves.


▽打井成功,夏日戏水的幸福 Success of Well, the happiness of summer splashing

▽没打井前依赖村里供水的泳池,只能没过小腿肚 The swimming pool that relied on the village’s water supply before the well was drilled could only pass the calf

▽打井过程中的艰辛 Hardships in the process of drilling Wells


|| 自给自足的踏雪小厨房 A small garder supply for Taxue 



In the second phase, a small garden was opened, and melons, fruits and vegetables, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro and spring Onions were planted in season. Whenever the kitchen needs, just come to the field to pick some, absolutely fresh and organic.

The hostess Xiaolong cooked a good dish, chopped chili fish head,boiled beef and spicy chicken, hand-rolled noodles and scallions fried dumplings, firewood stove fireworks to meet the needs of the taste buds, the real mountain life also needs to satisfy the stomach comfortable.


▽踏雪的小菜园,应季种上不同的瓜果蔬菜 Small vegetable garden in Taxue, planting different fruits and vegetables in season

▽山里的日子,烟熏香肠,晾晒笋干,顺应时节就地取材,为来年准备丰盛的物产 & 早起看着阿姨在厨房里擀面,眨眼变出一碗香喷喷的牛肉面,核心是女主人小龙亲手卤制的大块牛肉 The days in the mountains, smoked sausage, dried bamboo shoots, local materials in accordance with the season, prepare rich products for the next year &Get up early and look at the housekeeper in the kitchen rolling noodles, blinking out a bowl of fragrant beef noodles, the core is delicious beef cooked by the hostess Xiaolong


|| 回到乡村,观照自己 Go back to the countryside and observe yourself



Mr. Zhang Zhan said that running a Homestay is always a painful pleasure, just like raising a child, you must pay enough patience, build a strong will, have a critical intelligence, dynamic coping style and constantly learn to grow. People who want to soak in the shallow world of spiritual joy for too long can find their way home here, find the way the countryside should be and the original themselves.

Taxue is not only Mr. Zhang Zhans child, but also the beginning of his craftsman’s life.



▽二期客房一楼平面布局 Ground floor layout

▽二期客房二楼平面布局 Second floor layout




Project name: Taxue Jiuli Rural Vacation Homestay Phase II
Project address: Chengchuikeng Xinchang , Shaoxing, Zhejian
Project area: 2000 square meters (total area of Phase I + Phase II)
Completion date: June 2023
Space design: Hangzhou Guantang Interior Design Co., LTD
Graphic design: Mr. Dong Yurui
Project construction: Taizhou 707 Decoration Co., LTD
Main materials: handmade brick, terrazzo, wood floor, stucco wall, weathered old wood board
Space photo: Heishui, Taxue




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