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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: The project is located in Beilong lake, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The competitive styles of the surrounding products tend to be the same. In order to achieve differentiation and meet the expectations of the residents, the project extracts the shape and artistic conception of bamboo to create a changeable light and shadow space experience, so that people can remember the time and give people the temperature care of the community.


▼项目视频 Project Video



Bamboo, because of its toughness and softness, exudes a kind of affinity with nature. It is also because of the spirituality of bamboo in the hearts of Chinese people. Under the impetus of light and shadow, it brings a silent and humanistic atmosphere to the space like a spring rain. The project shapes the community as a whole through the three aspects of bamboo form, scene and artistic conception, and organizes daily nature, art and life from the perspective of landscape, thereby reshaping the spirit of good neighborliness and building a shared community relationship.


▼设计理念 Design Concept



The Bamboo Garden is located in an open city street. In order to reconstruct the atmosphere of the space, the gate breaks the “monolithic” image of ordinary entrances. With a non-traditional “three-dimensional” structure, people can participate in and experience the cloudy and sunny The “container of shanshui” of natural factors such as, wind and rain.




The design difficulty lies in the freehand expression of bamboo language and the innovation of neighborhood lifestyle. For this reason, three design highlights are proposed: modern translation of the overall design language of bamboo forest, artistic flow of gallery modeling and innovative lifestyle under the gallery.




Entering the bamboo garden, the transition of space, people transform from social roles to family roles. From the hustle and bustle of the “big” in the city to the warm and cozy “small” of the community, the space re-organizes people’s emotions.




In the movement of space, “density” will affect the sensory experience, we hope it is not dense or open.




The main entrance passage cleverly takes the natural form of the bamboo forest clusters to create a “perspective” level of space.




When the sun shines, there will be a sense of scene like walking in a bamboo forest, forming a connection between people, space and nature.



▼大门之后是流动的艺术廊架 Behind the gate is a flowing art gallery



The whole corridor adopts bamboo design, which is like a natural form, bringing a light and comfortable look.




With the setting sun going down west, the slightly drowsy space atmosphere allows residents to feel the warmth of time. The winding corridors, the gurgling sound of water, everything is soft, and it makes people return home with a relaxed mind and body.



▼项目平面图 Project Plan




项目名称:郑州建业君邻大院 竹苑

Project Name: The Bamboo Garden
Client: Central China Real Estate Group
Project Location: Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Project Design: 2020.3
Completion: 2020.12
Design Area: 1860㎡
Design Company: Guangzhou S. P. I Design Co., Ltd.
Chief Designer: Sun Hu
Creators: Liu Songmin, TAMMABOOTRONNARIT, Chen Jingwen
Design Team: Xin Kenan, Gao Shibo, Yu Yaoting
Landscape Engineering: Kuang Long, Zeng Tingyuan, Yuan Wei, Guo Wen, Zhou Linzeng
W&E: Peng Gang, Li Xinglin
Planting: Hong Jiaqun, Zhao Xiaohan
Landscape Construction: Henan Houde Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. / Shanghai Weiyang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: Shanghai Shuishi Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd
Landscape Photography: ZOOM
Architectural Photography: GuoMing Architectural Photography



项目中的材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project



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