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ArchSD 建筑署:「牛棚艺术公园」位于香港九龙土瓜湾新山道与东九龙走廊交界的牛棚后方,前身为前马头角牲畜检疫站。艺术公园为香港九龙城区的土瓜湾这个人口稠密的住宅区,提供一个休憩空间作康乐用途。

 ArchSD :The Cattle Depot Art Park, is a revitalization project for the Rear Portion of the former Ma Tau Kok Animal Quarantine Depot (Cattle Depot). The new Art Park provides an open space for the heavily populated residential region in To Kwa Wan of Kowloon City District in Hong Kong.


▽项目视频 Video



The Cattle Depot site was built in 1908 as a slaughter house and quarantine base. The Front Portion was renovated and converted into an Artist Village in 2001. The Rear Portion became abandoned since the entire Cattle Depot closed down in 1999. All roof structures of the sheds were demolished with the overall setting of the site, the columns of the sheds and the feeding troughs remained. Since then natural vegetation took over and became well integrated with the remaining structures. A unique place was formed and this spirit behind (transforming with nature) is respected as the guiding concept in designing the Park.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽与周边环境融为一体 Blend in with the surroundings


设计概念 Design Concepts


1.To follow the “Spirit” of the spectacular place of the site by integrating nature and architecture into a holistic entity;
2.To express the “Spirit” of the era by adopting new design and construction technologies;
3.To respect the existing heritage elements and the loci, to make the hidden entities visible again;
4.To stimulate the visitors to appreciate and experience the park environment from different viewpoints.


▽改造后的公园景观 The transformed park landscape


旧元素 新视角 Old elements, new perspectives

很多旧有的特色元素都被妥善保存、修复或活化,如: 旧砖墙、红砖柱、混凝土柱、喂饲槽和铁环,供游客欣赏和诠释。新建的部分透过引入新的视角,例如: 遮阳板,潜望镜,广角镜,穿孔板,特色座椅等,来引起公众对艺术及文物欣赏的兴趣。

Many character-defining elements (CDE) such as brick walls, columns and metal rings which remain in the Cattle Depot are duly preserved or revitalized for appreciation and interpretation. New architecture and park features are designed to enhance the visibility of the heritage setting and CDEs by introducing new angles of vision, such as overhead reflection, periscopic viewers, wide angle lenses, perforated panels, sculptural park furniture, etc.


▽旧元素的活化与诠释 Revitalization and interpretation of old elements


新公园特色 New Park Features


1.Roof Garden: located at the top of the Park Office and in a landscape design where visitors can have panoramic view of the Art Park and its surroundings.
2.Planting Wall: a designed brick wall outside the Park Office, with spaces for growing vegetation which integrates architecture into nature.
3.Tree Shade Arbour & Light and Shadow Shelter: Newly added shelter with seating. The laser-drill leaf pattern of the metal plate covers creates a tree-shaded environment when sunlight filters down.
4.Amenity Lawn: provided at the central area of the Park. Before revitalization, a few sheds with structural concrete columns were present at this area.
5.The Lens Fence: designed as visual openings and installed with convex lenses, to enhance the visual impact of the adjacent relics.
6.Periscopic Wall: simulated the shape of existing low concrete wall and trough with amusing elements. Through reflection, visitors can appreciate bryophytes which originally grow in water troughs from a low-lying angle.
7.Park Hoarding: On some preserved metal plates, cattle patterns were laser-drilled. When sunlight shine through, the silhouette of the cattle would be cast on ground.


▽天台花园 Roof garden


▽植被砖墙 planting brick “wall”


▽树影荫棚 Tree Shade Arbour


▽光影雨亭 Light and Shadow Shelter


▽休憩草坪 Amenity Lawn


▽透镜围墙 lens wall


▽公园围板 Park hoarding




项目面积:6033平方米(地盘面积) 314平方米(建筑面积)
主创设计师: 建筑署
助理署长(建筑设计):Alice YEUNG
总建筑师:M C CHUNG
高级建筑师:Jacen LO
建筑师:Tracy YIU, Jim CHAN
服务对象: 民政事务总署 九龙城民政事务处
合作方:Purcell Asia Pacific Limited
摄影师: 建筑署, iMAGE28

Project name: The Cattle Depot Art Park
Year completed: 2019
Project area: 6,033 square meters (site area)
Location: 39 SAN Shan Road, To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong
Design company: ArchSD Architecture Department
Company website: https://www.archsd.gov.hk/
Contact email: archsd@archsd.gov.hk
Office address: 38 / F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong
Lead designer: Architectural Services Department
Design Team:
Assistant Director  (Architectural) : Alice YEUNG
Chief architect: M C CHUNG
Senior Architect: Jacen LO
Architects: Tracy YIU, Jim CHAN
Clients: Kowloon City District Office, Home Affairs Department
Partner: Purcell Asia Pacific Limited
Main Contractor: Junic construction company limited
Photographer: ArchSD, iMAGE28




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