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MASSIVart:Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco是IvanhoéCambridge投资公司与MIRA公司开发的住宅综合体,是墨西哥城Nuevo Polanco地区未来化的象征。该综合体以流动性、艺术、城市化、设计、效率和社区创造为中心,专注于改善墨西哥城居民的生活质量,它将展出拉丁美洲的首个人工智能艺术作品“墨西哥之眼” ,其由MASSIVart策划和制作,并由国际知名的创意工作室Ouchhh创作。

MASSIVart:The future of the Nuevo Polanco area in Mexico City is Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco, a real estate complex owned by Ivanhoé Cambridge and developed by MIRA. The complex is centered on mobility, art, urbanism, design, efficiency, and community creation. Focused on improving the quality of life of the habitants of Mexico City, the development will house The Eye of Mexico, Latin America’s first Artificial Intelligence work of art, curated and produced by MASSIVart, and created by internationally acclaimed creative studio Ouchhh.


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一个前所未有的多功能综合体 Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco: An unprecedented mixed-use complex

Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco位于首都中心墨西哥城最重要的文化走廊之一,是一个前所未有的多功能综合体,其设计重新定义了社区的概念,对城市居民产生积极的影响。

Strategically located in the heart of the capital, in one of the most important cultural corridors in Mexico City, Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco is an unprecedented mixed-use complex that has been designed to redefine the concept of community, which generates a positive impact on the city’s inhabitants.


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由Ivanhoé Cambridge投资,MIRA开发的Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco是一个城市社区综合体,由街区、街道、林荫大道、广场、公共区域、休闲区和人行道组成,所有这些交织在一起,提供了一个日常生活的生态系统。该项目是为应对墨西哥城新的城市现实需要而诞生的,旨在通过一个综合的、连接的和可行走的城市主义空间,来恢复居民的归属感。它的开发无疑是改变该地区居住动态的一个里程碑。

MIRA首席执行官Roberto Pulido表示:“城市空间的鲜明特征有助于城市的发展,为城市的未来提供保障,并为居住在其中的人们提供高质量的休闲时光,让他们的日常生活变得不凡。”

Owned by Ivanhoé Cambridge, and developed by MIRA, Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco is an urban community composed of blocks, streets, avenues, a plaza, public areas, recreational zones, and crosswalks, all intertwining to offer an ecosystem where daily life transpires. Born in response to Mexico City’s new urban reality, the project seeks to restore a sense of belonging to inhabitants through an integrated, connected, and walkable urbanism. Its development is undoubtedly a milestone in terms of transforming the residential dynamics of the area.

“The distinctive characteristics of our urban spaces contribute to the evolution of cities, guarantee them a future, and offer quality time to those who live in them so that their daily lives are extraordinary,” said Roberto Pulido, CEO of MIRA.


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墨西哥之眼,拉丁美洲首个人工智能公共艺术作品 The Eye of Mexico: The first Artificial Intelligence (AI) public art piece in Latin America

Cuadrante Neuchâtel的核心将是一件前所未有的艺术作品,名为 “墨西哥之眼”,于2022年5月揭幕。在项目设计方面,MIRA与MASSIVart(一家全球创意场所营造、公共艺术咨询和制造公司)合作,通过让艺术更容易理解来创造文化影响,并寻求创造能够在客户和观众之间建立更强、更真实联系的体验。

“Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco是为人们提供可持续的生活、工作、娱乐、购物、饮食等场所的绝佳载体。该项目对寻求更健康的工作与生活平衡的人,以及希望与社区保持联系的人具有吸引力。“我们很高兴能与MIRA合作这个非凡的项目,其核心‘墨西哥之眼’,凸显了它的现代感。”Ivanhoé Cambridge墨西哥公司总经理Jorge Margain说道。

The heart of Cuadrante Neuchâtel will be an unprecedented work of art titled The Eye of Mexico, to be unveiled in May 2022. For this aspect of the project, MIRA has partnered with MASSIVart, a global creative placemaking, public art consulting, and production firm that creates cultural impact by making art more accessible, and which seeks to create experiences that result in stronger, more authentic connections between their clients and audiences.

“Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco is an extraordinary opportunity to provide a sustainable place to live, work, play, shop, eat, and more. The project is attractive to people who seek a healthier work-life balance, and who want to stay connected with their community. We are delighted to collaborate with MIRA on this great project whose heart – “The Eye of Mexico” – highlights its modernity,” said Jorge Margain, Managing Director of Ivanhoé Cambridge Mexico.


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The Eye of Mexico will be the first public artificial intelligence art display in Latin America, and will be located in the central plaza of the quadrant. This installation will express, through audiovisuals, a performance with data referring to the way in which the inhabitants of Mexico City move, conveying to spectators the relationships that exist between art, science, and technology and urbanism and mobility.


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MASSIVart创始合伙人兼创意总监Philippe Demers表示:“墨西哥之眼体现了综合体的活力,暗示着一个引导我们走向未来的入口。我们很自豪能将这个非凡的项目付诸实施。”

Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco无疑将成为Nuevo Polanco地区的标志,并在国家和国际层面上成为流动性、功能性、文化、休闲和城市化的象征。它代表着对未来生活的清晰构想。

“The Eye of Mexico represents the dynamism of the complex and alludes to a portal that directs us towards the future of mobility. We are proud to play a role in bringing this incredible project to life,” said Philippe Demers, Founding Partner and Creative Director of MASSIVart.

Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco will undoubtedly become not only the icon of Nuevo Polanco, but also a symbol of mobility, functionality, culture, leisure, and urbanism at a national and international level. A clear vision for the life of the future.


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地点:墨西哥城  Nuevo Polanco区 Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco
客户:Ivanhoé Cambridge、MIRA、Hines
合作者:HKS、HOK、Beck Group
艺术家:Ouchhh, Ferdi Alici
制造商:NERD light media, Metales GLEZ

Name of the project: “The Eye of Mexico”
Place: Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco, Nuevo Polanco, Mexico City
End date of the project: May 19th, 2022
Clients: Ivanhoé Cambridge, MIRA, Hines
Collaborators: HKS, HOK, Beck Group
Art consulting and production: MASSIVart
Artist: Ouchhh, Ferdi Alici
Fabricators: NERD light media, Metales GLEZ
Screens provider: Specta
Press kit:v2com




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