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Interesting Landscape: In the previous articles, we discussed the first four elements of the twelve-dimensional community aesthetics plan from four dimensions: ecology, leisure, vitality, and family, which gained the attention of many friends. Combined with your suggestions, today, we will use a real case of the regional landscape with the design of Che to interpret the contemporary community humanistic aesthetics constructed by the “second nature” mentioned in the first four 12-dimensional community aesthetics.



时间著就,静待归家时刻 Time is up,waiting for home time


People into the scene the scene has theenvironment, the children’s playground, thewalkwavandthelush trees have alreadvappeared, give way to differenthome moving line
become a pleasanthome trip, it also makes everyday life at home as pleasant and relaxing as a vacation.


▽小区实景图 Real estate map




Shoukai Longhu Yunzhu is located in the Xinglong Lake area of Tianfu New District, Chengdu. As a national-level new district under the jurisdiction of Sichuan Province, Tianfu New District strives to build a high-quality park city. The project is adjacent to the west section of Wuhan Road in the north and the west section of Hangzhou Road in the south. There are rich park resources such as Tianfu Park, Xinglong Lake, and Luhu Ecological City within 1.5KM of the surrounding area.




Relying on the establishment of urban public green spaces, the project will connect urban roads, squares, parks and other public spaces, build an urban slow traffic system, form a coherent green network, and improve the quality of the urban environment. The setting of greenways also provides community residents with a convenient basis for urban health and vitality, and bringing green into the community has also become the starting point of our design.





The community is the home of life for the residents, and the establishment of residential life scenes is also an important starting point in our design deduction. When it comes to the setting of life scenes, it is necessary to start from the work and rest rules of the users. We have reserved the most important atrium landscape resources in the planning and layout for the elderly and children who have the highest utilization rate of the garden, and set up two main activity spaces for the elderly and children in the community, one moving and one quiet. Life is both dynamic and static, let us seek the perfect balance between dynamic and static.


▽动静分区平面图 Dynamic and dynamic zoning plan

▽小区实景图 Real estate map




Green is the landscape strategy we paid the most attention to during the design process. Green represents ecology, and human beings need the nourishment of the ecological environment. We have built a “second nature” system with human participation in the community, covering people’s activities in greenery through green design. It also organically links the urban greenway system with the community running system, connects the city and the community with the concept of health, and achieves the purpose of community owners getting close to and embracing nature. Let the owners enjoy a vacation-like experience in the community, thus bringing the aesthetics of the forest system into the community life.


▽小区实景图 Real estate map




Today, due to various reasons, vacation travel has gradually become a luxury that people cannot realize. We hope that through the efforts of designers, the community landscape can meet the vacation needs of the owners to a certain extent. Therefore, we combined functional landscapes such as community entrances, living rooms, forest leisure scenes, and waterscapes with the aesthetics of the forest system, allowing soft and hard landscapes to intersect each other, breaking the rigid boundary, and placing the owner’s activities in the green In, away from the hustle and bustle, get a resort-like community microenvironment.


▽小区实景图 Real estate map




Space is not a single space. When we interpret each space, we need to consider its relationship with the surrounding areas and the internal functional requirements of the space. For a scene, functions are never isolated. For example, children’s activity space should not only consider the functions of children, but also respond to the needs of parents’ care, which adds the content of parents’ care area to the site. Therefore, when we design each area, we need to consider the use of relatively compound, which is the process of building compound life stage.


▽小区实景图 Real estate map




In addition, we put a healthy and vibrant ring through the community. While stimulating the vitality, it can also connect all the buildings and functional scenes through the vitality ring. The owner can walk and jog here, and can also enter the scene of different properties we set up through the secondary road. On the premise of taking into account their respective functional characteristics, these scenes have been implanted with social attributes, so that owners of different ages and hobbies can find their own way to socialize, and establish their own circle of friends system under the new contemporary cultural background.


▽小区实景图 Real estate map



The project took three years, We’re working on the project as much as we canUntilthe finalpresentation of the project.After al!no good thing can be achieved without time.
Let the time for a better future.





Project name: the first, longhu cloud
Project location: Tianfu New District, Chengdu
Project type: Residential
Entrusted unit: Chengdu Shoukai Shengtai Real Estate Co., LTD
Design unit: Chengdu INCH Design
Completion date: October 2022
Photography team: Mirror photography



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