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UAO Design :In 1929, ethnic industrialist Zhou Cangbai built the “Haiguang Farm” on the west bank of Wuhan’s East Lake at his own expense, and in 1950, he took the initiative to donate the “Haiguang Farm” to the state free of charge, which is the predecessor of the East Lake Scenic Area. Zhou Cangbai is therefore known as the “father of East Lake”.


▽项目视频 Video


缘起与场地 Origin and venue



Zhou Cangbai’s eldest daughter, the famous singer Zhou Xiaoyan, is the world-famous “Chinese Nightingale”, and she also has a name that makes Wuhan people sound more affectionate – the daughter of Donghu.

Zhou Xiaoyan’s second brother, Zhou Deyou, is a patriot; During the Anti-Japanese War, at the age of 19, he sacrificed his life for the country. The Deyou Theater was built to commemorate Zhou Deyou.




Entering from the Huangli Road next to the Provincial Museum of the Second Ring Road, the plane trees cover the sky, drive along the narrow roadway into the Tingtao Scenic Area, along the road are large trees more than 20 meters high, when you quickly reach the East Lake, you see a heavy stone archway, and the four thick characters of “Haiguang Farm” are written on it. Continue on, and on the right side of the end of the road, you will find a lawn amphitheater. This open-air theater is the Deyou Theater, and the surrounding camphor trees are more than a few decades old, and the canopy shades the sky, forming an eye-shaped opening here in the open-air theater.


▽项目与周边环境 Project and surrounding environment


融入与彰显 Integrate and show


This “eye” shaped opening is a natural space enclosed by plants, but it has the divinity of architectural space: standing in the middle of the land, looking up at the opening closed by the canopy, the light pours down from the opening, so design thinking should not let the new design destroy this feeling, but let the newly implanted structure strengthen and echo the form of the site, so in the extension of the tall trees of the site, bend an arc, the overall form of this arc-shaped corridor is like a musical symbol. As the arc travels towards the stage, its width gradually widens and its height gradually increases, naturally forming a wide stage image above the stage, and spiraling down with a spiral staircase at the highest point, which is the end of a magnificent movement. In order to strengthen this musical metaphor, the decorative members on the outside of the curved corridor are made into high and low shapes, forming rhythmic undulations similar to the surface of the audio display. Especially when night falls, the lights light up the promenade, like a circle of torches and bonfires, illuminating the venue.


▽李涛手绘草图 Li Tao sketches by hand

▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽弧形长廊 Curved promenade

▽夜景 Night scene



In terms of detail design, the entire structure is unified with white paint, creating a contrast with the deep green of the site; The floor of the covered bridge is made of gray MMA particles, which adapt to the curved shape. A three-level height difference bench is formed in the venue, which is arranged around the stage and strengthens the arc shape of the corridor.


▽弧形长廊设计 Arc-shaped corridor design



When the project is completed, the four seasons of the year have passed away, and the surrounding deciduous trees are one year old and one withered; The promenade and the alternating scenery of different seasons are well integrated – this is the characteristic of landscape projects, not only the three dimensions of space, but also the dimension of time – this dimension is the most important measure to test the quality of the project.


▽四时之景不同,乐亦无穷 The scenery of four seasons is different, and the joy is infinite

▽场地景观动图 Site landscape GIF


自然与空间 Nature and space


The function of the steel structure corridor is both a stage and a stand; It is not only necessary to enclose the site, but also necessary to strengthen the form of the site; The ingenious implantation makes the promenade seem to coexist with the trees; The new design reinforces the character of the venue itself, while giving the venue a sense of ritual that was not originally present.




The enclosed form of tall trees is the nature of the site, and the new curved gallery frame fits this natural form, strengthening and highlighting the natural spatial beauty; The spiraling and inclinating centripetal and enclosed shapes give the spatial spirit of the place a sense of ritual, which is the poetics of nature and space.


▽设计模型 Design model

▽总平面图 Plan

▽立面图 Elevation





Project Name: The Heart of East Lake, the poetics of nature and space – Deyou Amphitheater
Project address: Wuhan East Lake Tingtao Scenic Area
Project area: Total design area8000㎡, Promenade area 700㎡
Main designer: Li Tao
Team members: Lu Zhou, Fu Yu, Long Kecheng, Jiang Haiyang, Liang Yuexin
Design time: September 2019~November 2021
Completion time: November 2021~April 2022
Main material: Steel structure/White fluorocarbon paint/MMA granules
Photography: Naturespace Architectural photography



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