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EADG: With the completion of major infrastructure project in Central–Wan Chai Bypass, The Wan Chai promenade landscape designed by EADG from Tamar to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was officially opened to the public in early May 2021.


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The majority area of this newly promenade project of  7,800 square metres is to provide lawn space for public strolling and playing. Relaxation facilities, like pavilions in variable form, sitting-out area and topography landscaping were designed sufficiently and properly, allowing visitors to sit back and relax while enjoying the panoramic view of Victoria Harbour.



总体设计 General Design

维多利亚港是香港独有的天然资源,由于港阔水深,为天然良港,香港亦因而有“东方之珠”、及“世界三大夜景”之美誉 。维多利亚港海岸线很长,但不少海滨路段难以到达,或被建筑物与设施等占用,两岸海滨长廊的连续性与功能性受阻,市民能享用的公共海滨空间非常有限。


The Victoria Harbour lies between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula; as one of the world’s most renowned deep-water harbours, it remains Hong Kong’s greatest natural resource. Hong Kong owes its prosperity and international reputation as one of the major cities of the world to its harbour. The Victoria Harbour has a long coastline, but most of waterfront’s area was inaccessible, attributed to the continuity and functionality of the waterfront promenade on both sides are obstructed. Waterfront space available to the public is limited.

The promenade, located on the reclaimed land from Wan Chai Development Phase II project, by adopting an “incremental approach“, it created a pedestrian walkway with a length of about 560 metres and a width of about 6m, connecting the harbor front area of Central and Wan Chai. It is part of the Victoria Harbour promenade, which has a total length of 5.5 kilometres and is by far the longest promenade in Hong Kong.


▽湾仔海滨长廊范围 Wan Chai Promenade Area


▽实景鸟瞰 Bird’s Eye View of the Site



The project aims to connect the waterfront on both sides of Victoria Harbour and adding a children-friendly green space along the Wan Chai waterfront for appreciating Victoria Harbour. The different structural parts connected multiple open space and landscape, and strengthen the continuity of the waterfront land.


▽节点设计 Node design


“FunScape”-对儿童友好的设计 Children-Friendly Design

靠近添马公园的活动空间以”FunScape”为主题设计。与用固定装置或专用游戏设备为主的传统儿童游乐场不同,”FunScape”探索了一种非常规的方法,”FunScape “的设计方式是通过园艺设计和起伏的草皮护堤,配合色彩缤纷的管道,为即兴游戏或集体活动创造一个自由空间。

The activity space at the end near Tamar Park is designed with a “FunScape” theme. Unlike conventional children’s playgrounds mainly featuring fixtures or proprietary playing equipment, the “FunScape” explores an unconventional approach cultivating a free space for improvised games or group activities by way of horticulture design and undulating grass berms with colourful pipes tunneling through the berms.


▽儿童乐园动图 GIF of Children’s Playground

▽起伏的山丘地形 The Terrain of the Rolling Hills



This open lawn setting not only offers children an inclusive play experience, but it also aims at encouraging children to use their imagination to create their own play space and enjoy a creative play journey at the harbor front. This experimental approach aims to bring new ideas of more innovative children’s play experiences along the waterfront to the future.


▽全龄悠活的场地空间-动图 GIF of Full Age Live Space

▽全龄悠活的场地空间 Full Age Live Space



The promenade creates a viewing deck form, continuous green corridors allow visitors to sit and relax. The open space also be used as a performing or artistic activities space.




Feature Canopy is set around the entrance of “FunScape”, playing with light and shadow, the specially articulated sun screen was designed for sun shading above the seating benches at the two ends of the promenade


▽儿童乐园入口廊架 Feature Canopy at the Entrance of Children’s Playground

▽简约的白色镂空设计 White Feature Canopy


“生物多样性”-对自然友好的设计 “Biodiversity”- Nature- Friendly Design


To maintain and enrich the local biodiversity. wildlife-friendly plan species were included to provide food and shelter as well as to create a favourable habitat in the urban context. Trees and shrubs with seasonal flowers were selected to provide a different palette throughout the year. The species selected includes Crateva, Delonix regia, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Tabebuia rosea and Melia azedarach to create larger and more comfortable habitats for animals to live in happily.


▽场地最大限度种植了180棵树 Efficiently Planted with 180 Trees


▽亦变成了宠物的乐园 A Pet Paradise



For example: Crateva unilocularis can provide food for larvae of Hebomoia glaucippe. Shrubs provide food sources, such as fleshy fruits and nectar for birds and insect pollinators, and facilitate the pollination/seed dispersion of plant species hence enhancing the biodiversity of the area. Two lawn species were adopted aiming to differentiate the green corridor for circulation and the remaining open space for sitting out and play.


▽植物空间设计 Planting Design

▽植物丰富的自然栖息地 A Mature & Rich Habitat with Plants


“低碳策略”-可持续发展的设计理念 “Low-carbon Strategies”- Sustainable Design


Wan Chai promenade has art installations by artists. A number of sustainable elements have been added to the promenade, including a wind-powered lighting system and solar-powered lamps along the footpaths. Use of trees that fell during typhoons and fabricated a set of public art seats. The designs of these facilities are not only practical and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly.


▽露天剧场景观动图 GIF of Open-Air Theatre



The entrance plaza offers seating benches of different configurations for different activities, the space can also be transformed into an amphitheater for mini functions to take place


▽露天剧场 Open-air theatre


▽休憩驿站 Resting Station

▽驿站细节 Details of Resting Station



It is also one of the best places to enjoy sunset views and allowing visitors to sit back and relax while enjoying the panoramic view of Victoria Harbour.


▽剧场夜景 Night View of the Open-air Theatre




Since its opening, the promenade has become one of the most popular walking routes between Central and Wan Chai, as well as a popular place for leisure and sports. The EADG design team aims to create a children-friendly and environmental friendly landscape with considering natural environment of the waterfront.

The geographical environment and the needs of citizens are different in each corridor, the design aims to create a waterfront with multifunctional and distinctive characters. With the help of emphasising the relation with the harbour, the cultural and historical context of Wan Chai District and the surrounding environment is to attract the public for the enjoyment.





设计公司:EADG 泛亚国际

Project name: The Wanchai Promenade, Hong Kong
Project type: Open Public Space
Design: EADG
Website: https://www.ea-dg.com/
Design year:2018-2020
Completion Year: 2021
Project location: Wan Chai District, Hongkong
Area: 7800㎡

Photo credit: Development Bureau – The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ;EADG

Wan Chai Promenade North District:
Clients: Civil Engineering and Development Department – The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Structural & Civil & Electromechanical Consultant : Arthur Yung and Associates Co. Ltd

Wan Chai Promenade Central District:
Clients: Architectural Services Department-The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Landscape Consultant:EADG
Architectural Consultant: PKNG
Electrical Consultant: NV5
Structural Consultant: Arthur Yung and Associates Co. Ltd

Copyright: Development Bureau – The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region ;EADG

Office address:
11th Floor, Cofco Building, 262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
Building 8, Jing ‘an Park, No. 1649, West Nanjing Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai




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