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奥雅 :首创天禧是一个改造项目,在多年前已经热销,部分落座业主早已全面入住。但当时的室外景观环境已经完全不能与现在定位相匹配,需要重新对空间进行审视和梳理。景观的改造和升级,是对新业主的一份邀约,是对一直居住在这里的业主的一份承诺,也是奥雅设计追求更好的人居生活理念的体现。

L&A:Tianxi palace is a renovation project, which has been selling popular many years ago. Some owners have already moved in completely. However, the outdoor landscape environment at that time was completely unable to match the current positioning, and the space needs to be re-examined and combed. The renovation and upgrading of the landscape is an invitation to the new owners, a promise to the owners who have been living here all the time, and the embodiment of L&A’s design to pursue a better living concept.



总平面图   Master Plan



The location and identity of the project requires designers to give a world-class answer to Beijing. If we used to be able to tell Chinese stories in the context of China, we must now tell stories about Beijing in the context of the world.




Although garden art is a combination of materials, it must transcend the stacking of materials and sublimate into a spiritual carrier. Let’s return to the design of Tianxi Palace, the landscape of tianxi is composed of three gardens:



Oval garden




The first garden is the entrance ” oval garden”. the designer hopes that this simple spatial composition will not only give people a sense of ceremony, but also give people an accident. Because, in Beijing, where everything is square. At the same time, the design of the city near the west 2nd ring road does not allow it to build a large gate. This has resulted in a classic spatial sequence of detouring into the gardens and then being enlightened suddenly.



Surrounded by oval lawns, the designer uses the same size of Liriodendron as the background tree and the same size of cherry blossoms in front of Liriodendron as the foreground tree. A four-season garden was designed under two circles of trees. There were also two ceremonial white jade stools in the garden.


为了给入口空间一个可识别的故事性,设计师在椭圆的中间种植了一颗大树。他们认为这棵树必须具有中国村头的古树与西方田野里大树的双重身份。 这棵树应该是棵村头的神树,同时,是棵可以挂上彩灯的圣诞树。

In order to give the entrance space a recognizable, the designer planted a big tree in the middle of the ellipse. They believe that this tree must have the dual identity of an ancient tree in a Chinese village head and a large tree in a western field. This tree should be a sacred tree at the head of the village, and at the same time, it is a Christmas tree that can be hung with colored lights.




Community living room

The second garden is the community living room. The essence of living is the community. the central landscape designed by L&A always brings people together unconsciously. Therefore, the designer made a Little Square ( community living room ) in the center. In order to attract children to make a mirror waterscape with a depth of 3 – 5mm on the square, it is still a square in winter.



Facing the square is a stage, which has always been an indispensable element in the landscape designed by L&A. Where there is a stage, people are more willing to participate in collective activities and to express their true feelings.



最后一个花园是一个下沉花园。这个花园比较自然,基本上是由块石,瀑布与挺自由与茂盛的植物组成的。 虽说是个花园,但感觉上像避难所。据说花园的本质是激发出人们自由的天性。这种自由的天性必须超越善恶,超越了时空,超越自我,因而它会成为一个人们可以躲在那里沉思、冥想与享受孤独的空间。

Sunken garden

The last garden is a sunken garden. This garden is relatively natural and basically consists of rocks, waterfalls and free and lush plants. Although it is a garden, it feels like a refuge. It is said that the essence of gardens is to inspire people’s free nature. This free nature must surpass good and evil, surpass time and space, surpass oneself, thus it will become a space where people can hide and meditate and enjoy loneliness.




Project name: Tianxi Palace
Project location: Beijing,China
Developer: Beijing Capital Land
Design company : L&A


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